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  1. Welcome back... if you're back. :)

  2. AwedbyTruth

    Ask an Eastern Christian

    I used to be a member here a long time ago. The forums crossed my mind the other day and I decided to stop by the forums. If I remember correctly, you used to be Catholic. Why the change?
  3. AwedbyTruth

    Michelle Duggar Miscarries

    Wow, I've been away from CTF for awhile but I am thoroughly disappointed to hear many people's reactions to this. My heart goes out to any woman or family that experiences a miscarriage. I question why people are so interested in whether or not this family chooses to have more children. They are not taking money from the government and seem (though of course I cannot judge nor can any of you) to give more attention to their twenty children than some parents give to their one or two children. If they want to have more children, it's none of our business.
  4. AwedbyTruth

    The Bible vs Traditions

    I believe this as well. Scripture is the Word of God. You seemed to have a problem with Catholic subscribing to Tradition so I was pointing out that all faiths subscribe to some sort of tradition. Your friend that says she "became" Catholic unfortunately does not understand Catholicism. Catholicism is not about meeting God through objects. Does the physical world play a part in our spiritual lives? Absolutely. I mean God became man so it would be ignorant to say the physical world does not play a part. God works through materials because we are spirit and material, body and soul.
  5. AwedbyTruth

    The Bible vs Traditions

    But is the canon of the Bible in the Bible? How do you know what God has decided was in it? My point is just that we all subscribe to some sort of tradition.
  6. Hey, since you're back, you should reformat your signature. :)

  7. Hey! You posted! Does that mean you've come back to frequent our forum?

  8. I am not sure how to answer this because I think the intent of the post is other than how I would read it. I however do not believe that a woman can receive the sacrament of holy orders which would allow her to be a priest. In fact, I believe it is impossible for a woman to become a priest, but priest was not listed as one of the options.
  9. AwedbyTruth

    The Bible vs Traditions

    Ironically enough, the Bible is Tradition. With out Tradition you would not know what belongs in the Bible since the Bible does not say what belongs in it. Tradition is very important to any and every Christian.
  10. Happy Birthday even though you never get on anymore.

  11. Just wondering where youve been these days....Out in the world as I have been I see. Good work(s)!--Mrs P :)

  12. Hi danielle I figured you needed a visitor message so im leaving you one! lol

  13. Right. There's nothing wrong with using another person to make you feel dominance and power.
  14. AwedbyTruth

    Why priests hire male prostitutes

    Those were not doctrines.
  15. AwedbyTruth

    Just Read It because you Wont Believe It.

    You can lust for after your wife/husband just like a youthful kid and it's still wrong. Lust is looking on another person as an object which is just as bad if you are married to someone. Adam and Eve's fear were not in that they were naked but that they had sewn fig leaves together proving that they had eaten from the tree. Verse 7 before the Lord walks in the Garden they have already done this. It's more like, "I hid myself because well... if you saw me you'd wonder why I was covering up my nakedness... yeah.. and well, then you would know I ate from the tree."