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  1. I know no one really checks these things, but Happy Birthday Emily! I hope it went well.

  2. LemonShower

    Happy Birthday Emily

    Thank you very much everyone! Sorry I am not on here as much as I used to be; I've been very busy with university recently. Yay . Awh, thank you very much! I HAVE THAT TEA SET!! YES. See you!!
  3. LemonShower

    The first move.......

    If anyone's considering options 3 and/or 4, then they're not ready for a relationship . I can't say which I prefer; the way I've been lucky enough to enjoy it has been friends first, and then you both sort of know... and it happens ....
  4. LemonShower

    Its ok because I think it is...

    No one knows for certain what the true intended meaning is, so there's no need for anyone to sit on their high horse and point the finger at anyone who happens to have different ideas. Other opinions are not always due to bad intention, you know. You're not the only one trying to do things right. And I think a lot of people assume others hold other opinions for wrong or incorrect intentions, just so they can feel better about their own opinions. People aren't stupid for having other opinions. Issues are almost never clear cut. People can have good and honest intentions for something and disagree with you.
  5. LemonShower

    Words You Hate

    I always have a small panic when people open up conversations with "Sup" to me over IM. What's up? What do you think I am doing and what's it to you anyway ? "Sup" indeed. I think it is actually a real word with a different meaning anyway, which now I think of it a VERY annoying word. Grrr!
  6. LemonShower

    Birth Control

    Is any type of birth control freely available to anyone in America? Do you have to pay for it?
  7. LemonShower

    Its ok because I think it is...

    They might just interpret something different to you? Whatever it is, I do think there is something to be said for people thinking for themselves. If someone's put honest thought and solid reasoning into a [moral] decision they make, then I think that deserves respect, even if I disagree with them. When someone says they 'think something is okay', they're not necessarily just saying it on a whim.
  8. LemonShower

    Words You Hate

    Huw says that. There are definitely words that annoy me, but I only know when I hear them .
  9. LemonShower

    When is it okay to break a promise?

    Done ! And moved back to polls.
  10. LemonShower

    Picture Post

    They are adorable! I especially love the way the one second from left seems to be looking at me. I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed ) them!
  11. LemonShower

    When is it okay to break a promise?

    What would you like the question(s) and answers to be?
  12. LemonShower

    When is it okay to break a promise?

    I've moved this since there isn't a poll, but if you want one added I can do that .
  13. LemonShower

    Picture Post

    Thank you . Oh, please do! So long as they're yummy .