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  1. Zabby

    Happy Birthday Tom ^_^

  2. Zme

    United Nations/NWO plans

    I agree, but at least people who put a date on it have the courage of their convictions to actually man up and put their money where their mouth is (in fairness to Craig, he is doing that by saying 'in his lifetime'). Although if they get it wrong and then make a new date then that's cheating (like that Harold Camping chap, who predicted that the world would end in September 1994, then when October disappointingly rolled around just said like, "Nah I was kidding lol" or something, but insisted that, "MAY 21st 2010 IT'S GUNNA HAPPEN!") What. I don't know why anyone should worry about some alleged organisation that 'most people are a part of' even though they don't know it.
  3. Wow. That's... odd. Maybe it's just coincidence? If not, I wonder what the causation is there...
  4. Zme

    Global Warming

    Uhhh, Yves, it's obv the illuminati man. I mean, haven't you tried typing in illuminati backwards, adding .com and pressing enter? That totally proves that the illuminati exist, and they made up global warming in order to keep the population down so they can fulfil some masonic prophecy. Seriously dude keep up, it's a bit embarrassing.
  5. Zme

    United Nations/NWO plans

    I might just be being a bit optimistic here, and I don't think I've ever voiced this thought before (or really thought through it), but I kind of feel like the free market will regulate population levels to the right amount. The concern about population levels is that there won't be enough resources to go around for everyone. But if resources per person starts reducing, prices will go up. That means that having a kid will be more expensive. That means that people will start having fewer children. I mean, although it's true that resources per person will decrease as the population increase, it's also the case that if people's wants/needs increase in resource terms then resources per person will decrease. And that certainly has happened over the past couple of centuries. But we usually don't worry about that, because we recognise that as people want more stuff, prices will go up, and that will regulate them wanting more stuff. I think it might be the same with population. What do you think?
  6. Deeper

    The weirdest thing has happened. I find myself agreeing with you more.

  7. I'm not actually sure what I think on the issue; I'm just playing the devil's advocate in that thread :)

  8. Do you happen to be a soft-determinist/compatiblist?

  9. Yeah, and I wonder if the buyer was more concerned about where the money was going, or the fact that s/he was going to get Beiber's hair...
  10. Zme

    How love is possible in Calvinism

    Contra-causal free will. What do you think free will means?
  11. Zme

    How love is possible in Calvinism

    I'm going to try to help out the Calvinists here. Under compatibilism, humans still have free will, because freedom is contrasted with constraints; if you can do what you will, then you are free. The sort of free will which philosophical libertarians propose involves willing what you don't will.
  12. But some people will be offended without playing it...? I imagine that the relatives of the victims of school shootings will be offended without playing the game. Not that I think it should be illegal, mind. It's just a very very bad thing to make.
  13. It's not safer for the baby.