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  1. krissy1992

    urgent prayer

    apparently one of the coolest teachers eva got fired from school :/ so yeh we need prayer cuz he started a lot of stuff and we really would like to cont it and we're supposed to have a sub for rest of semester until they can get someone.... and the reason he was fired doesn't really make that much sense unless its soemthin else
  2. You kno i always hated bein young and sometimes i felt like i had adult situations in my hands and i wish i was back in 3rd grade when nothin mattered where life was carefree...but its not...i've heard of homeschooled kids feelin the same way and in fact private school kids feel the same way so i'm glad tht i left private school and went to public school in 4th grade because I got to see what the real world was like :Hardship and everything else...but there are those times you are happy never want to grow up too fast...last yr i was a freshman it wasn't tht hard cuz there had been a new high school built so nothin was tht bad but i turned into someone who cussed a lot and it took awhile to get rid of cussin (reason i started cussin is cuz i was tired of feelin younger in the group of friends...most cussed and some were a yr older but i was the the "2nd - 3rd oldest" in our age as in 15 for the friends...Don't try to grow up you'll make too many mistakes and you can't go back and change them
  3. krissy1992

    everyone's sick...

    so everyone needs prayer here... my brother was sick almost all weekend they took him to the doctor sunday and they said he's contagious and that his astmas flarin up...well he didn't go to school yesterday and he went today then came home early... then my mom's sayin she doesn't feel good... and i have a friend who went home sick and i know others who are sick...so yeh they need prayer... also prayer for me cuz once someone gets sick usually i'm the next one to get it cuz i get stuff thts contagious really quick so plz pray 4 me also i'm like helpin with 3 plays rite now all at once so its not goin to help me any all tho only 1 i have speakin role 1 i'm helpin manage and have some blockin and then another one i have blockin to still accomplish so thanks for prayers
  4. krissy1992

    Need some prayer....

    1) brothers contagious 2) having doubts that i am saved at times i feel that i am saved and at others i feel that i just got saved so my parents would shut up abt religion...but idk So plz pray...and mayb i'll discover some truths... Thanks
  5. krissy1992

    Some Good Books for Girls

    I actually just got the book by melody carlson today the becoming me bk...my church did the whole purpose driven series a while back but school got in the way so my book's prolly around here somewhere i need to find it i've been meanin to find it and read it again
  6. krissy1992

    need help with life....

    i'm going to try to make this simple...everything in my life this yr is well screwed up. I'm constantly sick or somethings wrong...2 weeks ago i went to the eye doctor and they said i had an eye infection and i should be able to put contacts back in within 1 week...well the week passed my eyes felt better i put the contacts in...3 days later my eyes started bothering me i continued wearing contact cuz i didn't think that much about it cuz they weren't that bad...well this past fri. we went to see a diff. eye doctor cuz mine wasn't in apparently i had a relapse and so they put me back on the med. until tues and then to go see my eye doctor to see if mayb its the contacts...so tht needs prayer... Then church...it suddenly feels like a lot of youth are tryin to get me involved after like 2 yrs of off and on of goin to church...and its weird...cuz our yp left a couple of weeks ago and idk...And now my friend's not too happy with her church...the church tht i'd rather b at...so idk what's goin to happen cuz our church is tryin to get youth too involved :/ Then there's spiritual gifts...which i'm still lost...my parents know nothing abt them...and id feel comfortable telling them... And i'm stayin away from dating for now cuz the last two guys i've dated i've broken up with early...cuz its just weird its like just being around them reminds me of everything i've done wrong in my life...well spiritual gift wise...and idk... So i just need a lot of prayer...thanks
  7. krissy1992


    I feel like literally breaking down crying right now And I have no clue why... I feel like screaming, crying anythin I feel like right now i should just slip back into the state of depression where nothing mattered to me... everything's GOING wrong!!! my church is actually tryin to b nice to me!!! gah my church is tryin to piece everything together again since we have no yp or secretary... and all of a sudden i have so much stress a major headache the past two days and my eye's have started bothering me.... Also i have never ever wanted to do drugs but once i got out of depression for some reason i just all of a sudden wanted to try a smoke or try some kind of alcohol once i got graduated and out of this house...but gah... Rite now i'm starting to think of tryin to pierce my ears again... I have SO much stress and i just feel like breakin down plz pray.... thanks :/
  8. krissy1992

    Denominations (Mod-Classified Christian Topic)

    no offense but i think honestly the catholic church has changed a lot since it was way back when Jesus lived...i know lots of people who've switched to other "denominations" faith is knowing what you cannot see...as in just havin faith that something exists...as in sharing faith that God exists...if everyone would just agree on that 1 thing and go away from all these denominations thts why u have non christians who says the Bible contradicts itself cuz every denomination can back itself up with scripture and some is exact opposite...don't ask me for examples cuz i couldn't point them out off the top of my head but i've seen them.... i know people whose strayed from the catholic faith...i know people whose 3 diff religions...b/c they don't know whats true and theirs a common ground btw 3...b/c of all the denominations they settle with one and go with 2 complete diff. religions...so there's not just the basic denominations anymore people are putting it with hinduism,buddhism and wiccan...i know some friends who actually do that...cuz they couldn't find a common ground with any denomination
  9. krissy1992

    Denominations (Mod-Classified Christian Topic)

    Agreed...actually i was talkin to a friend earlier this week and last week cuz i went to her church and they were discussin the church and it was in 2 Tim. something id remember the exact verses rite now but it was about how deacons and pastors were only to be men with wives...and i've noticed that her church is diff. from mine but their both baptist... but her deacons are all men mine aren't i just found that interesting and how their choir doesn't have robes but ours does and their choir doesn't stay up there the whole time and mine does...its just weird how their both baptist and practice diff. things...and how the Bible can be argued so many diff. ways for ex. one week in sunday school we were talking abt creation of earth and the yp shared his view...and someone went home found the exact verse to prove he was wrong...idk too me i hate all the denominations it just confuses me in what to believe
  10. krissy1992

    Denominations (Mod-Classified Christian Topic)

    Here's my opinion it should just be about faith go to one church who has diff. denominations and just worship the lord...cuz we were talkin at my friends church one sunday about how the church was built and this 1 verse hers and my church are baptist except they practice diff. stuff...and its just confusin cuz to me it feels like my church is teaching false doctrines and whatev else
  11. At lunch the other day we had this debate abt how the world's already separated enough why split up religion too??? and why have all the denominations we have... why not just make it one religion... and all that matters is faith... That's what we talked about one day at lunch this week...what's ya'lls opinions on this...about how the world's already divided enough and why make more denominations cuz all that matters is faith? do u agree?
  12. krissy1992

    Eye In fection

    sux... i got up this morning put contacts in and couldn't keep my eyes open they were in so much pain i went to the eye doctor and they said eye infection so i have to wear glasses all week and put these drops in so maybe my eyes will quit hurting plus i have a red spot on my left eye...its a small spot but its there so plz pray this yr if its not one problem its another and i'd really like to go to school and stop having probs.
  13. krissy1992

    Patience is gettin thin

    gah...okay so tomm is my mom's school vs my school gah kill me now everyone in my fam is goin for my mom's school and i'm by myself i've done been called stupid and the fact i need to go to my mom's school gah i dk what to do 2ndly: i really need church and id need the campground i've got to go to this weekend it needs to leave my life literally its makin me fall from everything in the process of me not goin to church I HATE CAMPIN ever since i got in middle school its took me away from church and everyone wonders why i went thro what i did gah if there was some way to get out of it i would 3rd: idk what to do abt church i need to talk to a friend who is complete diff denominations and i need to figure out something 4th: i hate doctors and i think thts why i got grounded for my report cards which really makes me mad. my friends think its stupid and i agree 3 of my grades were just less than 3 pts from and A then i had an A and i'm grounded because those tht were just less than 3 pts from an A i could've of done ec to have an A when i've been busy with other stuff i haven't had time to do stuff tht doesn't count against u for extra credit 5th my life's pretty much stable wed got me back on the rite track but idk if it will stay on tht track
  14. krissy1992

    If you had the choice to die today, would you?

    i honestly haven't been asked that question and i don't think anyone knows what their honest answer would be unless they were faced with that question because it depends where you are in your life and what's going on...Like if you were depressed you wouldn't care anything about religion you would want to die right then where as if your a strong christian you would want to live to share to others the good news of christ!!! That's my opinion
  15. krissy1992

    A baptist Church

    gah this is really bugging me i've been wanting out of my church for a while... to go to my friends church both are baptist... well i was at her church yesterday to hear her sing. Well in sunday school we were talking about the church. and in 2 Timothy 3 the youth pastor said that women cannot be deacons nor preachers according to the chapter but women can do other stuff in the church. My q is the fact that its rite there in scripture but does that mean my church is false... cuz he was saying if your in a church thats not following scripture than u need to get out whether or not your followin it at that church or not opinions?