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    I'm not altogether certain of who I am anymore.

    If you had asked me a year ago, I could have told you who I was, but the time has come where I don't know who I am. I'm not entirely sure of my character, my personality, my thoughts, my faith, my thought process, my intelligence, my friends...anything.

    I'm friendly enough if I don't know you, but I'm not sure how patient I am anymore. I'm becoming more and more blunt, and growing out of my silliness that I developed in high school.

    I try not to come across as an egotistical prick, and I try not to seem like I know everything.

    Um...I guess that's about all I feel like posting. If you want to know me, get to know me. I has skype. :D However, you can't contain a person within a box.
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    Lost in a box.
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    I like photography, drawing, writing, reading, browsing the interwebs, taking walks by the creek, socializing, staring at the sky, watching movies, dancing (swing dancing, waltzing...more classical dances I guess), driving, debating...I think that's about it. I also like to collect keychains and magnets, but I'm not altogether certain that really belongs here.
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    First Evangelical Free
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    Guess! :D
  1. Mabinogi

    my dad says i'm fat

    You can't handle the truth. Put down the twinkie.
  2. Mabinogi

    CTF Official Weight Loss Thread

    You all need a good workout. Best way to get rid of the bulge.
  3. Mabinogi

    Is heaven exclusive?

    It's a secret club. It's the club for dead Christians.
  4. Mabinogi

    Crud, he's taken.

    You're a horrible person. How can you live with yourself? Your conscience should eat you alive.
  5. Mabinogi

    Cursive or print?

    I use print, but I connect the letters like in cursive. It makes my writing look better.
  6. Mabinogi

    I like a girl

    Obviously, you need to call her your "babe" and inform her as often as possible that you have chosen her as the mother of your future children.
  7. Mabinogi

    Is wearing jewelry a sin?

    Yes. Anyone who wears jewelry is immoral. It is obviously wrong.
  8. Mabinogi

    New Law Gives Christians Liscence to Bully

    Did anyone actually read it? =/ It isn't saying that "oh, this is the reason"...it's just THERE. And that means that they really ARE allowing for selective bullying. They don't define the limits on it. It also shouldn't matter what a court ruling will say. You should WANT a law to be as understandable (not quite the right word...) as possible before being put into law to avoid that confusion of involving a court. I'm not a fan of this.
  9. Mabinogi

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Shout It Out--Prodigal