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  1. Unconservative Christian

    Samantha-Crazed "Sex And The City" Fan Sleeps With 1,000 Men

    I use other people to show my dominance and power-(or at least try too... ). Except I do it in the ring. Some guys/girls prefer to do it in bed. As long as everything is consensual. It's all good, IMO.
  2. Unconservative Christian

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Jay-Z is awesome. Good Morning- Chamillionaire
  3. Unconservative Christian

    Samantha-Crazed "Sex And The City" Fan Sleeps With 1,000 Men

    Yeah, it's empowerment... I got a male friend who has slept with WELL in excess of 1000 women and he is only 24-(all the dude does is go to gym and sleep with beautiful women). I went to a club with him once, and he went to the bathroom with 3 seperate girls at the club over a 6-hour period. I didn't understand it till he told me "It's just my way of proving I am the dominant male. I get no real enjoyment from it. I just love the feeling of power and dominance within myself afterwards. You're a fighter, so you should understand that" Hey, who are we to judge? At least they're doing something with their lives, I guess. And we all have different ways to feel good within ourselves. And then you got guys like Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee who would have slept with probly more like 3000 women. So, 1000 is nothing. Haha
  4. Unconservative Christian

    Big metal things that are noisy and go fast

    Datsun 1600. Nothing says success and chick magnet like a Datsun 1600.
  5. Unconservative Christian

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Nookie- Limp Bizkit Haha from Clint Mansell to Fred Durst. xD
  6. Unconservative Christian

    What's your most politically incorrect idea?

    Only attractive and in shape women should wear short shorts and/or low-cut tops. No sane individual wants to see a 250-pound woman walking around in a pair of tight Daisy Dukes. It just isn't right, America.
  7. Afflicition and Tapout T-Shirts/Singlets. I love them so much. And I'll normally just wear jeans under that.
  8. Unconservative Christian

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Requiem For A Dream- Clint Mansell Man, this song gives me uncontrollable and extreme chills.
  9. Unconservative Christian

    Christian vs Secular Music

    Yes. Anything that I don't like is not good for anybody. And I am going to let everyone know about it!!!one1!! Because only I am right. And everyone else is wrong. So there.
  10. Unconservative Christian

    Christian vs Secular Music

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You find me a Christian rapper who can motivate and inspire me like Eminem can. A christian rock group who can make me rock out like AC/DC A Christian singer that can give me the same chills as Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour can. Then I might listen to Christian music. But to keep up the appeal for people such as yourself, Liz. Christian music, is controlled, boring and mundane music. That goes for all Christian music. Enjoy your close-minded and somewhat disturbing paranoia that you clearly are suffering.
  11. Unconservative Christian

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Bionic- Christina Aguilera. My girlfriend has no taste in music.
  12. Unconservative Christian

    How often do you do something to help others?

    Depends if there's anything it for me. I do nothing for free. Unless it is for a woman I find attractive. Hey, at least I'm honest.
  13. Unconservative Christian

    Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T

    Anyone seen Mr T's Oven infomercial? "I pity the fool who doesn't have a Flavorwave Oven." HAhahaha. For the informerical, Mr T gets my vote.