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  1. rockettofrance


    Here's a topic on it already: http://www.christianteenforums.com/index.p...=42976&st=0
  2. rockettofrance


    This thread is stupid. I hate Andrew with my life.
  3. rockettofrance

    Good Quotes?

    "I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly." -Winston Churchill
  4. rockettofrance

    Another Peaceful Protest

    I did a term paper on Islam (somehow got a 100 on it) and it's a very confusing religion. I don't grasp the concept of it very well. Basically, their main goal is to get to "paradise", or as Christians know it, Heaven. (^That fact actually comes from a book that I used for the term paper, and I'll cite the source if need be) As for the whole peaceful religion thing, I think peace is found within one's self, not as a whole. People have to find peace within themselves before they can rightfully seek to make peace with anyone else.
  5. rockettofrance


    My mom died when I was 3, so I'm only close with my dad. This could be why I get along better with guys than I do girls. The day this topic was started was actually her birthday.
  6. rockettofrance


    Pez is gross..
  7. rockettofrance

    How To Get Rid Of A Girl

    If you would've taken your medicine, nervous breakdowns wouldn't be a problem..
  8. rockettofrance

    Boy/girl Name ABCs

  9. rockettofrance

    How To Get Rid Of A Girl

    Madeline, go take your medicine.
  10. rockettofrance

    How To Get Rid Of A Girl

    By the way, this topic is from last year. And I don't think you used enough smileys.
  11. rockettofrance

    Why Do You Believe

    What this guy said.
  12. rockettofrance

    Black History Month

    lol. Well, what about the French!? I'm French too!
  13. rockettofrance


    I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday at a community college. From 8am until 1:40pm, I go to: Intermediate Algebra (Laugh it up, I suck at math. ) English Comp. 1 Western Civilization 2 Public Speaking Then, on Wednesday nights only, from 6pm til 8:45pm, I have a General Psychology class. AND I take 2 online courses in Art Appreciation, and Intro to Philosophy. I hate school, but I love to learn.
  14. rockettofrance

    Black History Month

    What about Asian history month? And Native American history month? Oh, and don't forget Alaskan/Pacific Islander history month. I demand an Irish history month because of my hardworking, oppressed Irish descendants. Get real.