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    A Minster's kid by trade, a Jesus lover by birth. :P I'm a lover of Jesus and a JC Sellout! I love growing in Him and learning about who He is. I'm going to change the world for Jesus Christ and make His name famous. I love new friends so hit me up and I'll be glad to talk to you. :) *If you pm I'll give you my SN*
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    Theology, sermons, reading, Bible, writing stories, Pro-Wrestling, self help, helping others, and making friends.
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  1. Hi there, I hope your stay here is a fruitful one. God bless.

  2. You have you a good week!

  3. Ah thankyou! Anything you need just gimme a shout! :)

  4. I'm quite well, just enjoying life as JESUS hands it to me. So what's up with you? Anything new, fresh, or exciting?

  5. I am quite well. Just enjoying life as JESUS hands it to me.

  6. I'm good lol how are you?

  7. Oooh girl, I think we've all been there. I'll be sure to fire up some bombs for ya. ;)

  8. Hey I don't think so either. I'm jalisa obviously lol. How are you?

  9. Yeah, its not too bad, I'm struggling to cope with all the work I'm getting though! Prayers would be greatly appreciated! :)

  10. HI! I dont think we've met.

    I'm Haley lol.

  11. jalisa360


    Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor. 5:17 In light of that I just have one question...if you lost your old how can you ever go back to it? It's dead. This begs the notion that if you are 'truly' in Christ and the Spirit bears witness to you, then you are HIS forever. He imparted HIS righteousness to you as a free gift along with grace. Grace says that you get what you didn't deserve...the ability to life in HIM and rise above sin. If you have the ability to sin and yet not live in it? How then can you return to your former ways? Your mind has been renewed as your thoughts and actions. To me that just seems like once in CHRIST there is no way to return or 'leave' the faith, because the faith is in you.
  12. Not too much, just lots of church and school mostly. :) So its all gravy on your end?

  13. I'm not bad thanks, what have you been up to?