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    Criminal Minds

    I was just wondering if anyone watches Criminal Minds on CBS. Its one of my fave shows.
  2. Hi there, I hope your stay here is a fruitful one. God bless.

  3. You have you a good week!

  4. I'm quite well, just enjoying life as JESUS hands it to me. So what's up with you? Anything new, fresh, or exciting?

  5. I am quite well. Just enjoying life as JESUS hands it to me.

  6. Oooh girl, I think we've all been there. I'll be sure to fire up some bombs for ya. ;)

  7. Hey I don't think so either. I'm jalisa obviously lol. How are you?

  8. jalisa360


    Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor. 5:17 In light of that I just have one question...if you lost your old how can you ever go back to it? It's dead. This begs the notion that if you are 'truly' in Christ and the Spirit bears witness to you, then you are HIS forever. He imparted HIS righteousness to you as a free gift along with grace. Grace says that you get what you didn't deserve...the ability to life in HIM and rise above sin. If you have the ability to sin and yet not live in it? How then can you return to your former ways? Your mind has been renewed as your thoughts and actions. To me that just seems like once in CHRIST there is no way to return or 'leave' the faith, because the faith is in you.
  9. Not too much, just lots of church and school mostly. :) So its all gravy on your end?

  10. I'm great how about yourself?

  11. jalisa360

    How does one know if he is being called?

    I believe that it will fall right into your lap. Even if it isn't' something you've ever dreamed about, I think that it will be something that as you think about you'll realize that HE created you for this purpose. I think a lot of prayer and worship will ultimately be the source of GOD's revelation for you and your purpose. God bless! I hope this helps!
  12. Ah, well that makes a lot of sense. :) Keeping your options open is never a bad idea. :) Seems very wise.

  13. Yikes! That sounds super tough. :( Mostly science courses? Wow. That's crazy. I commend you, cause I couldn't have done it myself. :P Philosophy? Yeah, I know your pain there, I experience that a great deal in college. People seem to have a very negative view of CHRIST and what HIS people stand for. :( But as for me, I am totally well, I'm looking forward to this weekend, where I'll be serving the LORD on a youth retreat. PRAISE be to GOD in the highest as HE meets us this weekend!

  14. Amen. :) Year one? How cool lol.

  15. jalisa360

    children's ministry

    Try praying to GOD to see if HE'll birth a new vision out of you.
  16. May GOD continually bless you and anoint all that you do. In JESUS' name, I extend blessings and gratitude for your life. Amen.

  17. Hands down it was the most challenging thing that I've ever done in my entire life. It was literally my last two years being consumed in work. Honestly, I think I'm better because of it and a very well prepared for college. The examinations?...whoo, those weren't too bad because we were well prepared by our teachers, but man were they intense. It was literally like a bar examination. We had proctors and people walking around and it was just intense. But on the plus side, you have JESUS to help you every step of the way, so right off the bat you can't do anything worse than what HE wants for you. ;)

  18. Hi there! How are you doing?

  19. It was beastly. Lol, life changing though.

  20. Plans for the day?

  21. I was. Why what'sup?

  22. Welcome! GOD bless you and I hope your day is plentifully abundant. :) Hola.

  23. HW and SLEEP! Praise the LORD!