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  1. Semper Fi bro :)

  2. Hello Layne! Just dropping by to say hi :)


  3. Yeah, being in debt is not good. I am not for it anyway lol. But if that is what you want to do, start taking small steps towards it. If you know someone who is a chef or loves cooking, apprentice yourself under them and start looking for equipment. Every step is a great one :)

  4. Well my work is on and off...I am a grant writer so I get paid hourly. So when there is no work, there is no money lol. And I am starting my own photography business. So that is unpaid right now, as well.

  5. LOL! I am so glad you are pretty awesome! I am doing just fine. Workin' away :)

  6. Hehe! Gracias deary! How are you?

  7. *ahem* Deary, I see that we are not friends on here. How on earth can that be?

  8. nice to meet you Logan, I am Victoria. :)

  9. Hello! Welcome to CTF!

  10. Heh...thanks...

  11. VGrace

    Oh gracias Matt! How have you been?

  12. You are so welcome! :) And let me double check and get back to you about that. Have a great weekend!

  13. VGrace

    Haha. Yeah. War is nice. My bro loves War. I prefer Stress though :P

  14. VGrace

    Haha poker face! Yes! I want to learn how to play poker....

  15. VGrace

    Yes, indeed it is! And the new photo is awesome lol! You look so different with sunglasses on.

  16. VGrace

    Haha! Indeed! We definitely are on to something. Or it could be that we both appreciate the classic look of black and white. Black and white photography happens to be my absolute favorite.

  17. VGrace

    Your hat is pure win.

  18. lol not much. you?

  19. Hi Mercy! Thanks for the friend request. I hope you have been enjoying the forum.

  20. VGrace

    Got the reports back in from the blood work. Everything is completely normal! It still leaves me questioning why certain things are happening, but at least I don't have any cancer cells, praise God.

  21. Got the reports back. Everything is completely normal! Praise God!

    And yes, I kind of do have a reading plan. I am reading two books of the Bible currently: 2 Peter and Hosea. After getting up and doing my morning things, I usually sit down and read and pray for a while. There are things that have to be done right away, but I do make sure to get some reading in. And if I can't...I will pray as I do my things. I used to be stressed about having the 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of praying everyday. I became very legalistic when it pertained to those two things. But God isn't worried about my works and how "religious" I appear to others. He is concerned about my heart.