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    Finding God slowly through several devestating losses in my life. For that matter, finding myself as well.
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  1. Cwtch

    Smoking Bad

    "Yknow, I'm breathing in your smoke" "Jeez, you're right, I should be chargin' ya!" If smoking was bad for you God wouldn't have made tobacco combustible
  2. Cwtch

    Christopher Hitchens Dead at 62

    Dude outlived my dad at any rate, by eight years no less. I was gutted coz about two weeks before he died I looked him up and was all "yay, he's still alive! Keep fighting, sir, beat this thing!" then I heard he'd died, and it took me at the knees. Not the most entertaining speaker, but the reasons I respect him so much have nothing to do with his beliefs - I admire him because he could keep such pristine cool under aggressive debate, and he questioned everything, which in my opinion is a healthy thing. The world indeed lost a great man
  3. Cwtch

    Friends with non-Christians?

    If a nonchristian friend constantly debates and actively TRIES to turn you away from your faith then you should definitely cut ties, coz that's just not a positive relationship, regardless of faith, if someone is trying to change you all the time there's no respect, thus no friendship, thus no freaking point I'm only now exploring christianity more actively. Before that my closest two friends are christians and their examples inspire me more than any preaching I've had thrown at me in my life. If they shunned me, what would it achieve except me hating christianity that little more for their attitude?
  4. This in the same week as the Chicago gay parade story. As a recent ex atheist I'm quite ashamed and most disheartened. I don't remember christians seiging cinemas that showed The Man Who Sued God
  5. Cwtch


    Tis shameful that so few people have taken the time to welcome you Shameful indeed But we met yesterday it seems a little silly for me to do so now either
  6. Cwtch

    What should I do?

    What Marley said I've wasted years of my life on video games, and still partake on occasion for an hour or two, but it's MUCH less than it was. Volunteering will be productive, while making you and others feel better, and get you more experience to fill your CV (resume?) with. Win all around. Taking long walks will inspire you to appreciate God and the world you live in, give you time to pray, and provide exercise, which is never a bad thing. If you have dogs it'll be a good excuse/opportunity to walk them. If you're used to spending your time wasting your time, the hardest part will be breaking the habit. Here's one tip I find has helped me: stand up. I don't mean just right now (though if you stand up and sit down a bunch of times that'll be good exercise), I mean get rid of whatever chair you sit at your desk at to use the net or game. I find if I'm already standing I'm more likely to wander around, go get a drink when I'm thirsty, and it's easier to break away from the computer because you're not so planted in front of it. Reading is always good, I pimp tai chi to everyone simply because I think it's so enjoyable and relaxing, while making your body do things you never thought it could and barely notice it doing, which brings a certain mindfulness and appreciation to your life. If nothing else, enjoy the peace and quiet. I know some christians think meditation is somehow against God, but just sit quietly and ponder on how you're feeling, listen to your body, get comfortable in your mind, and give thanks that you have a body and a mind to fight against (if you're anything like me you spend most of your time cursing both which is no way to express gratitude for the ability to walk and think lol)
  7. Cwtch


    There are excellent things in this thread, particularly the exercise route, shown to be "at least as effective" as antidepressants at relieving the symptoms of depression. Me, I usually go the opposite direction, to a point. I analyse how I'm feeling, distance myself from it, and essentially ask myself questions a counsellor would, and try to be more rational than emotional. If that doesn't work after a while then it's time to bust out the angry stand up comedy. I'd name names but my favourites aren't family friendly, but if they're angry enough to fit my mood, I don't feel like I'm trying to cheer myself up, but if they're funny too, I cheer up. Dark comedy or pretty much anything Japanese, who so often mix the silly with the profound, works too.
  8. Cwtch

    How to NOT Procrastinate?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAJPnz2Bprg Do I understand the lyrics? Not a bleedin' word. But I can't sit still while this is playing. Allegro by Bond has a similar effect. Best used for something physical like cleaning but I find it helps with anything that needs some kind of organisation (such as sorting your notes), I can't just be sat at thecomputer, is what I mean. Always a good idea to have a room or space set aside for studying, or ask a family member to password block your favourite sites so you can't "just check" Also, take frequent breaks. This won't GET you to stop procrastinating, but it will help prevent you wanting to lol. Some people like to plough into their work until it's done, but studies have shown that it's better to take frequent breaks so the brain never gets burned out. Ten minutes out of the hour is a good start, loike.
  9. Minimise stress, avoid caffeine, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, meditate, laugh more, and get a cat or small dog. All proven to help lower blood pressure
  10. Cwtch

    Why won't God do a miracle in my life?

    Did you wake up this morning? Can you speak? Can you stand? Not to go all Bruce Almighty on you, but those are miracles. Maybe you should work on being grateful for those before you go asking for more.. just as thought You have more power than you realise. We may need to be saved in His grace, but we were still made in His image, and for a lot of what you said, you have the power to change it yourself. Takes courage, it sucks, it's hard, for sure, but it's POSSIBLE. It's OK to take action to make your own life better. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but it's liberating to take action to improve your situation. God is like a crutch when you have a damaged leg - the support is there. He's not like a bionic leg - you still have to walk for yourself. All the best, hope things start to work out for you soon.
  11. Cwtch

    Will God give me what my heart desires?

    You want God to give you a best friend. Did he not give you Jesus? You want to be better at soccer. Do you not have functional legs, a brain, and vision? As for family finding good jobs, I concede that's not easy in this day and age. Maybe you should ask for jobs before you worry about GOOD jobs, just to get them on the ladder If you find this answer annoying, wait till you see what I reply to your other thread about miracles xD
  12. This is a bit late but FWIW here's my humble sick squid that I typed up before realising the last post was a week ago lol. Honestly, it sounds like you're pushing too hard if you're taking every opportunity to talk about it. Tehre are some things in life that you need to EXPERIENCE to learn from. I've been depressed and feeling empty for years, but it took my recent suffering to hit rock bottom and turn back to God for the first time in over ten years. Far as I'm concerned there are two things you can do: Wait and let her learn on her own terms, and set a good example. My friend has been praying for me for years and it's not changed my mind - only finding myself at the bottom of the barrel and going back to church did I FEEL the support and power that comes from prayer. It may seem cruel, but you have to let her learn her own lessons. As the old proverb goes, you're giving her fish instead of letting her learn through trial and error how to fish for herself. If she's empty and hollow, then she's looking for meaning. It will mean far more when she finds it for herself than if you keep pushing it on her. Be patient and trust things will work out, because they will
  13. Cwtch

    Beautiful Message! A Must-See Clip!

    I cried ^.^
  14. What about the way they live their lives upsets you so much? Are they intro drugs or something or is it just because they're not christians?
  15. Saw Shaolin Girl last night. Kung Fu Hustle, which is pretty similar, did it a lot better. Was disappointed at the amount of CGI in the fights :/