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  1. Well. . . A guy has told me he will move to Bogota, Colombia if that the only way he will ever see me again. The same guy saw me crying and asked me why and I told him because it was the last day of school and I wont ever see any if my friends again cuz I was moving to south America. So he got my hand and was holding it, then he said I will never leave u. there is more but I don't have much time . . . BYE
  2. <div align='center'>My favorites: 1) RICKEO- He is really honest and caring. I admire him alot!! 2) JAG-plain old cool!!! 3) JOSIAH27-sounds like a really good guy he understands stuff well! I really have not thought about who to chose i don't want to leave anyone out, since i know boy's ar reading this but: I LOVE YA ALL!!!! dont wanna hurt anyones feelings!!</div>
  3. BEGINNING OF YEAR: At my school they had a notebook all the hispanics (not bein racis cause im hispanic too) would pass a notebook that said stuff about other boys: if their cute or ugly and new kids: good or not. At that time i was new so people talked a lot about the new people like me so one day i find the notebook and i look inside. It said a lot of mean things!! about me and others at first i wanted to be their friends since their my own race but later on i felt really mad i acted the same around them though. Just gave the notebook back to them without saying a word about what they wrote in it. NOW IN SCHOOL: Now after some time passed they stopped doin that i guess it gat lame or something but i know i prayed a lot about this since it involved me and a lot of other people.I was happy when they stopped!! Thank God !!!!!
  4. Ok here it goes: Jeszybel Stephanie B. Stefany L. Kevin Bryan Tania Rachel Jose Daniel (cousin) Maria (cousin/friend) Arturo (dad) Santiago (brother) And a LOT MORE!!!!
  5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=mIim2Hvz0sE&feature=related watch this video . . . . this is sorta how im feelin jus the lonely place in my heart.Please pray for me that i can get through this quickly. there's only some parts that are not what im going through i think u can figure out those parts. Thanks in advance :-), Shalom- God is my peace!!!
  6. <div align='center'>I think that the reason girl's flirt is because of the beginning with Adam and Eve: Adam got in trouble because of Eve, she ate the fruit and made Adam eat it. If i was the boy i would honestly blame Eve not that I'm choosing sides but it is my opinion. She would want Adam to trust her again so since she started that i thin k the flirting thing started from there. We girl's mostly want boy's attention and why i sure don't know, i was thinking why i might want a boy's attention but others then just cause i like him, there's no other reason. So wanted to get opinion from girl's on "why you might flirt with a boy" other's then jus cause you like him. I jus want to make sure if maybe some reason's might apply to Adam and Eve somehow THANK U 4 ALL THAT AR GOIN TO REPLY!!! </div>
  7. I think it is wrong i mean why would u do that? people might think u go out with that person and it's never good to use someone in a sexual way or any other way!!! I would never do that!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Myspace Comments @ CommentHaven.com Myspace Comments @ CommentHaven.com I think it is wrong i mean why would u do that? people might think u go out with that person and it's never good to use someone in a sexual way or any other way!!! I would never do that!!
  8. One of my favorite songs is: Forgive me by Rebecca St. James LYRICS: For all the times I've failed You, Lord Forgive me For all the ways I've fallen short Lord, forgive me now God, I'm so in need of grace I fall upon my face Forgive me You see the tears fall down my face Forgive me Take my fear, Lord, take my shame Lord, forgive me now Purify me, make me new Like only You can do Forgive me now Lord, we come to honor You We are forgiven We bring our love and thanks to You We are forgiven now God we praise You for Your grace Before You we are raised Forgiven God we praise You for Your grace Before You we are raised Forgiven Forgiven
  9. i have to wake up at 6:30am and be at the bus stop by 7:00am then i get home at like 3:50pm around there sometime but i ever like waking up it's the worst time for me!!!
  10. wow she should not do that if she wants attention she should look some where else cause if she takes this too far she might just actually do something terrible!!! i am praying a lot for her!!!
  11. I usually start staring but it's not a noticeable thing(sometimes) i don't mean to stare it just comes out there like a habit. And then i usually tell my friends and some how he founds out i like him.
  12. u must be soo excited and happy. CONGRATS!!!!!!
  13. That's why most boy's ar becoming more negative and thhat's why i think that boy's look for phisical things first in a girl than anything!!!Most boy's ar just there staring like no one is going to notice them just standing there!!!
  14. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just some christians fall in the wrong hands of guys and they will do not the greatest thing to enjoy in a relationship (if u know what i mean) that may disobey God.Not everyone but most desperate people.sorry if it sounded a little confusing at first!!