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    Born Again Christian
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    Joselyn or Josie
  1. That's good to hear. Yeah a lot of people have left CTF on the count of so many changes. I'm doing good thanks! We should catch up it's been forever sense we've spoken maybe on facebook if that's easier for ya? :) Have you been real busy?

  2. I'm doing pretty good. I haven't been on CTF in a long while. How are you?

  3. Hey Stephen, How are you?? It's been awhile since we've talked watz been up bro?? :P

  4. Hey Cam, How are you?? It's been awhile since we've spoken so I thought I'd drop in an say hi :)

  5. Hey Jennel, How are you?? Thanks for the comment :) I added you to my friend list I hope that's alright with you. It's so cool both our names start with a J I just love it when that happens,Lol... <3

  6. Proverbs 31:26.... (NKJV)

    She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of Kindness.

    Nice is fine but Kindness is divine. (Beth Moore) <3

  7. hannahmontana17

    Creation Festival 2010!

    My fav part I would have to say seeing my fav band play live Tenth Avenue North it was the greatest feelin not to mention I met them an got signings eeeepppppp!!!! <3
  8. hannahmontana17

    Your Beauty Mistakes

    Oh man this one is just embaressing,Lol..I was about 6 or 7 an well I love curly hair still do but thats besides the point. I had my mom put sleeping rollers I called them in my hair before I went to bed well when she took them out in the morning,I was so mad an embaressed. We were to be goin to church an my hair looked like a afro an on a white person with freckles just aint right,haha!!
  9. hannahmontana17

    Creation Festival 2010!

    Well guys I went to Creation Festival Northeast an all I gotta say is AWESOME!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! I WAS TRUELY BLESSED WITH THIS EXPERIENCE!!!! Praise God!!!!
  10. hannahmontana17

    Creation Festival 2010!

    Yeah it is not to long not to short,Lol.... I really hope so,the last huge event I went to I met no one everyone kinda sectioned off and made you feel like the nerd.. know what I mean? Not cool enough anyways,well I love hugs so this should definately be good,hahahaha! Oooo ouchy,Lol..sorry to laugh but it made me chuckle... Yes thanks for the reminder on that one. hey being thoughtful an given tips I'll take it,haha! Oh I know whats thats like I once got heat exhaustion or whatever you call it was bad. Alrighty will do I shall put that on my list....this is all very helpful information thank you so much! Oooo I'm on it I love smoothy's and banana/strawberry I'm there,Lol.... Oh I'm ready and willin I love hugs seriously I do, haha! Ooo awesome saves you money and you get a awesome time all rolled into one sweet. I'm sure your right I so pray for it
  11. hannahmontana17

    Creation Festival 2010!

    Hahaha sounds great !!! I really am excited about these bands so I'll be lookin past the other I hope,Lol.... I'm only goin for 3 days an were driving there oh joy:P I'm hopin to meet new people...an to have a good time my sister is comin with me. So I shall see.... but the sunburn only happens with out sunscreen an a hat an so on well I'm a fan of the bands no idea about any of the speakers so this should be interestin. Lol... Thanks for the imput this helps me alot.haha!
  12. I've been wondering who all here has heard of the Creation Festival 2010 in the States? I'm goin at the end of June with my church and was wondering who all know's about it? And if you've ever been what was it like? I'm gonna get to see some of my favorite christian musicians... I'm so stoked!!! http://www.creationfest.com/ne/index.php There is the site check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. hannahmontana17

    My TobyMac inspired poem/rap/thing.

    Yeah Awesome I liked the words it was almost like I could hear the music for it You should totally add some more words to make it complete dude
  14. hannahmontana17

    Lecrae Fans?

    Yeah I love his Rebel album best. Ooo I haven't heard those well looks like it's youtube time,Lol!
  15. hannahmontana17

    What Hurts The Most!

    I completely agree with you your right I need a man on fire for God just like me or were unevenly yoked.