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  1. Hey you little fart face

  2. We're still here. We just learned to keep our mouths shut.
  3. Sorry to see you go. You've been a great asset around the community. You will be very very missed. Take care, have a blessed life.
  4. Income inequality - this should make for an interesting discussion I think. Given the political climate here in the US, with people like Bernie Sander's having strong opinions on top 1% of the wealth in the nation - what's your opinion concerning income inequality? Here's a few specific questions on the topic: - Why does income inequality matter to you or people you personally know? - Is income inequality good, bad, or amoral? - Do those who find themselves in high income brackets have a responsibility towards those who are not? - Should corporations be limited by laws on salaries that can be paid out to C-level executives? - If income inequality is a problem, how should that problem be resolved? What steps should be taken in government, in free-will corporate responsibility, or otherwise to reduce it? - Should there be a direct (formula driven) relationship between the wages of an executive and the wages of entry level employees? - What impact would changing the minimum wage have on income inequality? Some related articles I've recently read on the topic: - 10 Solutions to Fight Economic Inequality - Income Inequality - What's So Bad About Income Inequality? I'll post some of my thoughts later as I formulate more concrete ideas on the topic.
  5. The first is protection from governmental tyranny. Obviously, when the constitution was written, that was a real problem that was being addressed, and the only way to address it was through force. So my understanding of this history of why the constitution was written to guarantee personal freedom from government altogether. The right isn't completely about the right to own firearms, it's the right to protect personal freedom. I think, the clever way of putting that into a governing document for a country was via the second amendment. And my thoughts on it are pretty much exactly as you addressed already. So, is the plausibility of overthrowing a government that is actively trying to do something to it's citizens pretty low? Absolutely, it's incredibly implausible that it would ever happen today. And I'm sure most gun owners would agree with the implausibility of it. So why cling to the second amendment so passionately? Because currently that amendment is the strongest protection to legal gun ownership overall. Gun right activists (probably) aren't worried about having to overthrow the government. They are worried about losing access to their guns. Is it disingenuous to argue the point over needing to overthrow the government? Yep, it sure is. However that's really the only leg gun owners are able to stand on right now. There simply aren't other laws (that I'm aware of) that speak so strongly in favor of gun ownership rights. Personally, I'm fine with losing the second amendment, provided something else gets put in its place which specially, in our modern age, addresses a legal right, and legal path to, gun ownership. Because here's the real freedom that needs to be protected: The freedom do do (mostly) whatever you want on your land or in your home, whatever you want. It's corny and its cheesy, but the same argument can be made about a million different things: - Smoking Pot (it's my house I'll do what I want) - Gay marriage (it's my life, I'll love who I want) - Small Business Ownership (it's my business, I'll serve who I want) - Hot Sauce Challenges (it's my mouth, I'll eat what I want) - Seat Belt Laws (It's my head, I'll crack it open if I want to?) Really, except for the dangerous nature of guns in general (I know your heads are exploding, I'll get to you in a second*), I don't see there being much of a difference in terms of the desire to protect my personal right to do what I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone I'll agree; get rid of the second amendment since we can agree its outdated, it doesn't protect us from the likelihood of overthrowing government, and it was written in the context of muskets and cannons instead of semi-automatic assault rifles. But replace that with something modern which does all the necessary things which need to be done to fix the second amendment problem. No political party right now is trying to even correct this at the source. Gun ownership should be something people are allowed to do for a host of reasons: - sport shooting - hunting - protection from wildlife - personal protection / home defense - because I want a gun and this is american darn it And there we go - you already touched on my second line of thinking So yes what about limitations on legal gun ownership and what can be accessed. Personally, I'd just about say (and this is the libertarian in me) that given enough constraints such as background checks, required training, permits, etc.. etc... there's really very little in the way of commercially available firearms that should be completely banned. However, and this is probably what gun right activists would complain about, is that any time government gets involved in these constraints, there are loopholes, there are fees, and there is inconsistency. Firearms aren't necessarily cheap, not for quality ones. Ammunition is also not cheap. So there are barriers to entry for those interested. Now adding in permitting, required trainings, permits and tax stamps and costs will balloon. And more than likely it won't be done as a way to improve overall safety, but rather to simply suck as much money out of gun owners as possible. Gun ownership doesn't get safer, it just gets more expensive with governmental bureaucracy. Think of all the places where the government tries to control quality or consistency, I see nothing but amazing failure. Health insurance website, the IRS, the DMV (how many drivers are truly awful, am I right?!), FDA and food labels, etc.. Government is just terrible at doing these sorts of things. My guess is that reasonable gun owners are concerned about botched implementation of legislation. Not legislation its self. In fact, most NRA members agree that gun control legislation is acceptable to them. -- * no I didn't forget about you. So this needs to be said: I certainly sympathize with the loss of human life and recognize guns have been abused to cause mass losses. I live an hour away from Orlando and so the recent events there probably affect me more than they do you, whoever you are. Rest assured I am not suggesting that the right to "do what I want" should come before the safety of individuals. In fact that would be incredibly un-libertarian of me to think or suggest. Hence why I see a need for carefully examining gun legislation, while being realistic about the failures of government's ability to properly implement certain types of controls, and keeping the freedom of freedom to pursue life and happiness as in-tact as reasonable.
  6. I pretty much agree with everything said here. I dislike Hilary for her actual politics, I dislike Trump because of all the reasons above. That said, I don't understand why people are "scared" of Trump. I don't even understand being scared of Hilary, or Obama even. Presidents don't "frighten" me. I'm not worried about Trump getting his hands on missile launch codes. Heck, those codes are stored on floppy disks for goodness sakes. While he may be commander and chief, I have faith in everyone else involved in presidental decision making to influence / correct course as needed. The same kind of faith I've had in the people surrounding president Obama and his no-doubt poor decision making skills. The same applies to all other facets of Trumps presidential attributes such as immigration. I highly doubt we'll see any sort of wall go up in the near future, I'm completely certain Mexico will never pay for it, IF any sort of wall construction were to begin, Trump would undoubtedly find some source of finance he can tie to Mexican government, but it most certainly won't be them cutting a check. So yeah, I don't fear Trump's policies, because just as Obama was blocked from doing certain things, so Trump would also be blocked. I'm not saying its a good use of anyone's time, but I am saying that there's very little chance of a Trump presidency actually leading to WWIII. People arguing that are just as fear-mongering as Trump is himself. Please don't mistake this as support for Trump, it's not. I too will likely do a write in candidate. But let's all be a bit more realistic about the checks and balances our government has in place to prevent a president from going bat-crap-crazy.
  7. I think its not your place to advise your girlfriend on how to dress. She knows how to go to the beach, what to wear, and what the options are. By suggesting that she wear a certain style you are probably subliminally (certainly not intentionally, I'm sure) suggesting: 1) You're ashamed of her clothing choices and don't want your friends to judge you for how someone else dresses. 2) You're unwilling to allow her to be her. 3) You're actually kind of trying to control her through this. Controlling boyfriends are ex-boyfriends. 4) You're not willing to defend or support her choices as her boyfriend to your friends. Recognize that you're going to the beach; there will be other people in bikinis there anyway. Anyone in your group who is liable to "stumble" due to a bikini will have that struggle by simply being at the beach. Your girlfriend will not be exclusively contributing towards that problem, therefore she cannot exclusively resolve, or be held responsible, for it. Basically unless you talk to everyone going to the beach that day, you're not going to fix this.
  8. This is a great topic idea. I have a bunch, I'll try to list as many as I possibly remember. Alcohol - Before: taught / believed that drinking was immoral. - After: Yummy! Modesty - Before: I used to think it mattered. - After: it has virtually no relevance to the life of any adult. It's time to stop talking about short-shorts and tank tops, and solve real problems. Gay Marriage - Before: believed it should not be legalized. - After: Believe that marriage should not be a government institution period. But since we aren't there yet, legalize it for the multitudes of reasons (love, taxation, proper legal representation, etc..) Socio-Economics - Before: I used to think that poor people simply didn't work hard. - After: I realize that, as much as hard work is a factor, other contributing factors include things like privilege (or lack thereof), and a vicious cycle of circumstances which is extremely difficult for people to escape. - Before: No need for feminism. - After: Certain activism is needed to resolve inequality towards women. There's issues like the gender-wage gap, promotions of men over women for the same performance, men getting to speak more often in group discussions, and an overall "blindness" of men towards seeing or recognizing these problems. While I still have some issues with Feminism (particularly in attitude / tone), until something better comes along, Feminism probably does the best job of drawing attention towards these issues. Evolution - before: young earth creationist - after: Psych! Still a YEC. Legalization of Pot - Before: thought this would be a terrible idea and ruin lives - After: Still not convinced its a good idea, but I accept that it has little to no impact on my life. I'm sure I have more things that have changed but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  9. I've been on CTF for like 10 years now. It's been a long and interesting road. I've not been very active lately; living life and all that. CTF still holds a weird significance in my life though. I've made friends, probably some enemies, and all sorts of things inbetween. I pretty much only talk to a few of you on facebook now and then. It's kind of funny how dramatically people have changed in that time. To sum it all up you're all just hippie liberals now though. Anyway, thanks for making it an interesting time in my life. Cheers
  10. This is the kind of argument my parents made about games like Spin the Bottle or Tarot cards, or movies like Harry Potter. I think line of logic is easily abused by either side just to say something no one can disagree with using other forms of argumentation.
  11. So almost a month into this and I want to say a few things: Food prepping definitely helped me break through a weight loss plateau I was experiencing. I've dropped probably 5 - 6 lbs below my previous plateau by really focusing on the food angle. I had some bad luck and my freezer died on me while I was traveling, meaning In lost a bag of frozen chicken and frozen fish. Its replaced now but I was bummed. I've also decided to do a lot more with turkey than with chicken. I've made turkey meatballs as well as grilled turkey breast strips. Main reason for this is its much lower in calories per gram / ounce. I bought a rice cooker / veggie steamer and I have to say, I am in LOVE with steamed veggies. Things like asparagus and brussel sprouts steam extremely well, retain their integrity and flavor and keep in the fridge for a few days. Easy to re-heat, and steaming usually takes less than 10 minutes. I was making hummus with canned chickpeas. I recently decided to start using chickpeas directly from a bag (which requires overnight soaking and then cooking). It takes longer, but the benefit is than I am reducing sodium intake considerably. Canned chickpeas had like, 420mg of sodium / cup, where as the making it from the dried chickpeas has like, 20mg / cup. I'll be making my first batch of that tonight. Recipes I've used: Hummus: Black Bean Hummus - Freaking awesome Roasting Red Peppers - Use in roasted red pepper hummus Home Made Hummus - I'm obsessed with hummus Sweet Potato Hummus - Because who doesn't love sweet potato Turkey Meatballs - I omitted the cheese and the sauce Grilling Salmon -- Other things I purchased: - Food Scale (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Slimline-Digital-Scale/35854314) - Food Processor (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Oster-Designed-For-Life-14-Cup-Food-Processor/43223456) - Rice Cooker / Veggie Steamer (http://www.amazon.com/Aroma-UNCOOKED-Stainless-Exterior-ARC-914SBD/dp/B007WQ9YNO/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1446138728&sr=1-1&keywords=rice+cooker) *Note: the rice cooker for me was terrible with making rice, great at making steamed veggies. -- Overall I'm satisfied with doing this for the foreseeable future. Its great for diet management, its efficient for grabbing lunch and heading off to work, it satisfies my love of cooking, and it doesn't taste half bad.
  12. Did not know this! I was looking at the calorie count of Quinoa and going "wowwww!". But it is also high in protein so I figured that was just gonna be part of the deal. I'll to see how Couscous does on the protein count. Thanks for this tip.
  13. Hey all So I've recently started getting interested in food prepping. Does anyone else here do it? Here's what I've started off with - I plan to adapt / change things as I learn more: Proteins: i'm pre-cooking some chicken strips in different flavorings. BBQ, marinades, spices etc. I'm going to be adding some ground-turkey based concoctions to that. I'm thinking turkey meatballs / patties and anything else I can come up with. The last thing I've got that I'll be adding is different fish filets. Salmon is what I've got now but I'll also be doing cod and other white-fish. For breakfasts I've got hardboiled eggs which is the easiest / fastest consumable idea I could come up with, but I'd love some alternative ideas for this. Veggies: I'm currently making some veggie-packs with things like raw carrots, celery, cucumbers, and peppers. I've begun making my own hummus as a dip which I'm hoping will help get the veggies down Starches: This is where I have the most trouble idea wise. Currently I've got small sweet potatoes that I can just microwave in like 5 minutes. I've also got some quinoa; which is high in protein, but also high in clalories Unfortunately that's like the extent of my starch selection so I know it needs work. -- So - anyone else doing this? What foods are you using? What have you liked or strongly disliked? Share your experiences on this!