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    Drawing, annoying people, cooking/baking, and sleeping.

    I'm terribly dull.
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  1. *gaaassp!*

    RITA! I know you haven't been on here in forever! But happy birthday anyway! :D

    I miss you. You were crazy fun. xD

  2. Happy birthday,I love you. :3

  3. crazyrita

    How to get rid of a creeper.

    straight up tell him you're not interested creeper guys will not stop bothering you if they think there is even a sliver of a chance if all else fails get your dad to talk to him
  4. crazyrita

    Skinny pants banned at Texas schools

    O__O are they serious? no one is going to follow that rule XD they'll probably lose a lot of students for this
  5. crazyrita

    Your height?

    I'm 5' 7"! and mars was totally made by the government e__o
  6. crazyrita


    I'M GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT!!! so watch YOUR back! XD
  7. crazyrita

    Birthday Party!

    happy birthday!! *bakes the cake of doomne- ...happiness!*
  8. crazyrita

    CTF Marriages

    eew public displays of affection... *dies of all warm and fuzzy insideness*
  9. crazyrita

    CTF Marriages

    i don't think anyone wants to marry a rumored psychopath weirdo... <__< T__T i'll be alone forever!!! DX no i'm kidding... sollitude is fun!
  10. crazyrita


    shoes do have to match your outfit! D= but um yeah all the guys in the city i live in would go insane if a girls outfit didn't match or coordinate... <__< they raise 'um crazy in virginia... :bangin:
  11. crazyrita

    Uuh... Random Poll 2? E___o

    HELLO CTF!! i made another one... because Miko wanted another chance at CTF greatness... :angel2: IFAIL because i agreed to it... I'm sorry CTF... she's very persuasive! :bangin: *is shot*
  12. crazyrita

    Random Poll... O__o

    daddle you are the amazing-est! weebee you stay away from my big sister!! XD <<< hates her sister...
  13. crazyrita

    Random Poll... O__o

    you guys are so crazy... XD THANKS FOR PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!! D:>
  14. crazyrita

    Random Poll... O__o

    soooo... YEAH! just thought i'd make a poll! i have no life and my favorite webcomic hasn't been updated yet... O__O *dies*
  15. AMEN TO THAT! i think i'm soy sauce... :I i'm not sure...