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  1. You used to be "Affogato" :P

  2. Just saw your last message....I don't remember changing my name...hmm...

  3. Hmm.. not much I guess. I noticed you changed your name as well...

  4. Hey hey, what's going on, sorry I didn't get your message three months ago :P just thought of CTF, thought I'd check out what's been going on.

  5. Forrest, what's up man??? yeah I remember you, how ya' been?

  6. Mark? Dude do you remember me? It's Forrest!

  7. That is good bro! :)

    Glad He has been using you in great ways!

  8. my leaving is?????

    lol, but no really, I haven't been around at all, by choice. God did a lot in me while I was here, and He used me for a lot on here, but then He said it was time to move on, and so I have, to other ministries.

  9. Haha that is a GOOD thing! :D

  10. ...and hello Tuesday!

    This is the most I've logged onto CTF since leaving in December.

  11. Yep!

    I am sorry that happened to you, I am sure that stunk, but I had homework to do as well.. :(

    Finishing it up now and will be off to bed soon!

  12. sounds awesome! I won't tell you I spent my day working on a paper :/

    I just finished everything (well, for tonight at least) so, just wrapping up and gonna get some sleep now. I just hope tomorrow is as easy of a school day as I am expecting, guess I'll find out!

  13. Haha yea, glad you have been well. School yes I know the feeling VERY well haha.

    I have been great as of lately. Spent a whole day out with two GREAT friends and loved it!