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    I love Jesus, music, and Taco Bell. =]
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  1. "Autumn?" With a single eyebrow raised, the teacher assessed the young man's appearance. The boy was staring down at his paper in utter confusion, his mind searching fleetingly for the answer he had come to last night. It was such a simple question, and yet here he was, terrified and searching, always searching. Autumn's eyes quickly scanned the page in tune with his brain's ticking, his mind reaching for what he had come to a conclusion of last night. But he couldn't find the answer. And before he could continue his search, the teacher interrupted again. "Well perhaps someone else decided to do their homework?" The class laughed. Embarrassed, Autumn brought a shaky hand to the back of his head and rubbed through his hair. He felt foolish, and sure enough, the answer came suddenly, pitching him into an amount of frustration that he hadn't felt in a long time. He sighed as a student gave the correct answer, and silently shook his head as he focused on the teacher. Just another day he couldn't get it straight. He felt like his memory was slowly going. It was strange, to feel such a way. He let his eyes wander to the windows, gray searching out answers in nature. But there were none outside, at least not today. He sighed again and tried to focus in on class.... It was going to be a long day. ============================== When the bell rang, he went outside, and started studying under a tree. It was in vain, but he knew that he needed to at least try and pour over the books. With a yawn he opened them and looked around real quick before getting to work. He secretly hoped that his day would be interrupted. But somethings never changed.
  2. I saw that an old friend brought this roleplay back to life. I hope no one minds me jumping in. Name: Autumn Age: 18 Ability: Explosai: The ability to create surges of power that can be directed towards opponents in an offensive fashion. Incredibly powerful, the energy created must come from his life force, and can only be used for a time before he must recharge. Weakness in this ability is that it destroys his life force slowly, killing him. Intense Speed: With the ability to move at insane speeds, Autumn can outmove and outperform his opponents. Coupled with his Sword, this is a deadly technique. It almost can seem as if he teleports, as he is unseen by human eye, however he can easily be stopped, if one can percieve his direction. Personality: Autumn is incredibly shy and awkward, a perplexing case of social paradox. Unable to hide behind those around him, Autumn is as powerful as he is attractive. With this said, his personality seems to flow towards an uneasy set of motions, often finding him stuttering and stumbling over his words. In the instances where we do find him at ease, he is alone, or in battle. Otherwise you will see the goofy Autumn that astounds even the brightest at school. Autumn is not your typical nerd. Bio(History): Autumn's past is as brutal as it is short. At an early age he killed his parents with his own powers. Due to his age, and the simple fact that he couldn't control himself, he does not blame himself, but he has adapted to being alone. He grew up in a foster home, where he accidentally nearly destroyed his 'home' of the time. Unable to control his powers, he was picked up by the school. Since then, Autumn can be seen stumbling over everything possible. Though his grades are good, and his powers unique, we still find the young man unable to adapt to a more social atmosphere. Description: Tight clothes, converse, and a sword are what he rolls with. He wears a large watch, and a bracelet on the other arm. His hair is short and brown, and his eyes are a slight grey/hazel. He is a handsome young man, with a good build, and a nice smile. ====================================== Just for the record, I won't post until approved.
  3. Proverbs 31. Check it out. It might provide some insight. It's what I personally look for in a woman.
  4. Sweetheart, When I first sat here and wondered what I would write to you, I realized I was in the most unfortunate of positions... You see dear, I am not a romantic. I have no poetic prose, my creative verbage ending with simple sarcasm and facial expressions. In these next words, I can only pray that you hear what I'm saying, and not how I say it. This simpleton is doing his best to express, but again, I'm not too great at it. I'm sorry. I figured it was only appropriate to apologize to you, as I'm sure you're as wonderful as I've ever imagined. Your bright smile, those loving eyes, yes.... I can picture even the most delicate of details from your composition. I know that I am beyond lucky to have you, to be able to wake up and see your face. To share the joy of our children with you. To share the Light of our lives together. I'm sure you're as kind, loving, and as beautiful as everything I could ever want in a woman. A flower in a field of nails... everything I could ever ask for in a Wife. So why be sorry? Because my Love, you ended up with someone like me. Someone who is impatient... with his life, and with people around him. With a man who fears to love someone as much as you love me because he can't bear thinking he's capable of such emotion. To think that I could ever care for someone so much... it's a frightening place indeed. And yet I know you're there. Patient, willing, and loving for eternity. I don't know how you could do it. How can you love someone so much, beautiful? What drives you to care for me enough that you would choose me above all others? It's certainly not my looks, or my money, as I have none of those things. What makes me your choice of a husband? Is it my Faith? Oh love, my Faith is so small, I doubt you could've seen it in the first place. So what is it? This question has plagued me my whole life darling, etched into my heart like a knife on a wooden door. It breaks me into a plunge of desperation, to understand who could love me... who's selfless, delusional mind could hope to be with me? And then there you are. The most beautiful of people that God has created. Specifically designed for me. Someone I'll hold hands with for an eternity. What have I done to deserve you? And is this your punishment? Surely that is it. Cause you know I'd never admit to be worth chasing. You must be damaged, or have hurt God in some way, to be pitted with me. I'm sorry to tell you you'll have ugly kids. You'll probably never be able to brag your husband's cooking skills off, or his music, or his job. You'll have to be content with someone who is losing. Wow that sucks... But let me tell you, my dear. Despite my selfesteem issues, and besides what I might think a woman desires.... I know I will love you regardless of circumstance, experience. I know that my love for you is deeper than emotion, it is a choice to follow you, as a guardian of a princess. As your husband. I will never forsake you to money, another woman, my own problems. And I will continue serving you when my feeble hands are to tired to lift, when my dusty heart finally gives out, I will go on loving you. Yes my dear, there will be a place in my lap for you always, even when it's hard for me to show. Even when I'm struggling. Because holding you, the woman God has placed in my life, will be the thing that holds me together. There will be a time when our kids will look at us, and see the way I look at you, and they will be able to say without fault that their father loved their mother. And they will be right. Because I love you. So before I bore you anymore with my careless writing, know that each and every day I strive to be a man of God. And I pray that when we finally meet, you will be as on fire for Jesus as I'm trying to be. And that when we meet, in that coffeeshop, or Church, or wherever, you'll see what God's done in my life. And as I put out one of my trembling hands, and speak softly words of introduction, a careful hello... That you'll know that the God of this Earth has designed a man just for you. With Love, Tyler. Missing the Mark.
  5. Hey there. It's Autumn again. Time for another lengthy post. I've been workin lately. Like, on my life. Trying to find out who I belong to. Sometimes, that's a lot harder to figure out than we give it credit for. You see, I'm in the military. It feels weird to say that, and before you think anything good about it, I've never done anything for my country but sign a contract. I'm currently in training, for a job that will benifit communications in America's Air Force. Right now I reside on a base in Mississippi, happily enjoying a comfortable dorm room with reasonable internet connection, and a Starbucks and Taco Bell close by. I've been here about two months now, and I've had quite a bit of freedom, as compared to when I first joined and went to basic training. In the Air Force, we learn a lot about being a wingman, and belonging to the Air Force. Sounds great and all, and it gets you fired up. Gives you a sense of belonging. Makes you valuable, knowing you're doing something grand. I'm also in charge of the Worship band for contemporary service on base. It's an honour, one I can't believe I've recieved hold of. In other words, I have a lot of different places taking 'ownership' of me. And it's awesome to know that I'm wanted, needed by organizations that I have whispered about since I was young. Yet despite all of this, I still wake up every morning with careful eyes, hiding even the faintest shadows of sorrow. I find myself empty, when there's so much to pursue here, whether it be a girlfriend, rank, or money. And it's even easier to forget. Cause I joined the Air Force to further my God's Kingdom. To be a missionary among those who fight for America. I joined cause it gave me a way to branch out, to minister to those around me, people I never thought in a million years I'd meet or get to talk to. And though it is a wonderful and rewarding experience, I've still found my selfish laziness and desires creep in, deforming my purpose, my mentality. But there is a Man who fell long ago for one like me, and I recall asking Him to take my life one day as a just payment. That I would die if He would be fulfilled, happy. But then He dazzled my dreams, destroyed my expectations: He asked me to live for Him. I belong to Christ Jesus. I am His Brother, His Family. Oh to think of what that does to this trembling body, this weak heart. To know that the Son of God sees me as his Family. Praise be to Him. And to think he took this broken young man, a boy who's desires lead him to destruction, a candle with barely enough bright to escape the dark....... And he uses me to light a Lighthouse. What a mystery. What a consideration. I pray that you find yourself these days searching for Christ, that you allow your little flame to light up something inspirational. Because God uses small people to do incredible things. And you never know, the place you might be going to could be filled with the most intimidating of darkness. Just remember that there are those in prayer everyday for these particles of light. For us. And there is a God who's hand can strengthen the most weary of flames. God Bless, Missin the Mark.
  6. What a lovely post..... It took me quite a while to read through this. I'll confess this is one of the harder things a person has to read during times of conviction. As one who has struggled with loving everyone with no bias, no barter, I'll confess, this rang truer than many of the words I hear from even the most wise. So let me take a few moments, though I'm sure you're long gone, and express the simple truth that I could barely bare to read what you wrote. I've racked up a list of excuses, tried to find every back alley out of what you called out on all of us. And I found that I hadn't loved those around me near like I should. Like Christ would. In truth, it's easy to forget those who disarm us, their carefully placed words hurting even the strongest of fortresses, destroying the strongest of walls. Yes, those who hurt us the most. Oh how I forgot. The people who refuse to be loved, cared for by anyone, confident in their own path. Struggling to find their own. And those who we simply let slip through our lives like water down a ledge, pouring over and dissapearing into some form of eternity we can't even seem to find again. Yeah, Hannah (if you don't mind me calling you that) I know what you're saying. And while I sat here, and tried to find words to destroy your post, kill off the breaking of my own heart, the heart of this punk....well I found Truth. And so why I try and contemplate all that which you have placed before us, a simple post in itself, I find nothing but the Love of a Father written across this laptop screen. Everything I feel from this generation, from the Church speaks against you my dear. What you have just said should be laughed off, as a simple wind. You are a joke, to this world, and mentality that's developed among even the most 'Holy' of people. You have asked us to Love. Now I truly doubt that was what you were thinking when you wrote this post, typing away with nothing more than your heart. I hardly think you were meaning to bring this worthless boy to his knees. But you have. Remind me to thank you for that one of these days. For now I encourage you to find that love that you speak of. To remember that for all of those out there, Jesus loved the hands that nailed Him to the tree the most. That the love you speak of is a love worth pursuing, and that the mystery of such a thing is attainable and worthwhile. That God will reveal to you what that love is. Thanks again. Sorry if I've rambled off, but as a man searching for the same, I couldn't help but speak out. God Bless Hannah, Missing the Mark.
  7. I'm down as well. =O
  8. Wonder what they fight about? Man "I told you too cook! And you just fell asleep right there on the floor! I don't care how tired you are! I need food!" Woman -Unable to communicate with words, due to the fact she is a Video Game Character.- Hm.......
  9. I love you dude! haha. The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack, A Fine Frenzy
  10. Getting past the Mayans, and how this was the biggest load of crap in the world, I went and saw the movie with DancinDragon. We thought it was pretty sweet. Lot's of action. Death, torment, that kind of thing. It's obvious they have no truth in it, but so do the other 'fiction' movies you watch. So we can all just get over it x D It was an enjoyable music. Not to mention. John Cusack = <3 and yes. I'm a guy. And I still think he's the greatest actor ever. Period.
  11. RL - Don't sit here and point the finger at me like I did something to you. Betrayal is black and white, and you fit the mark perfectly. I don't miss you, and I don't want an apology. Frankly, I hope you end up happy. But, old friend, you are a jerk. Get over yourself. - I'm really going to miss you. You make my life so much better, and there are things I'm never going to be able to say to you. Forgive me for being me okay? I'm trying to end up a little bit better. - Man I miss you. I remember when you passed away holding my hand. Felt like you took part of me with you. These days it seems like I've missed the mark for so long, I don't know what I was aiming at. And I was waiting, let me tell you, for some kind of sign that you were proud of me. Truthfully, I got so caught up in myself I forgot to care that you had my back, even after you were gone. I love you so much. Be with me always alright? Cause I miss you. CTF - We got to meet up yesterday. You were phenomenal. Haven't stopped thinking about you. But seriously, you're still a nerd. And you poke like a beast. - Where have you gotten off to? Following Jesus is serving, not pushing. Sorry bro, but I really don't like you anymore. I'll love you, but crap man. You really jacked that one up.
  12. OOC: Sorry for the late post. -Grins- Wanted to see where everyone is first, BIC: How it had been a long day. Interrogation had gone well, and now, authorities were on route to take captive another sanctuary for the Gifted. Sky had done the interrogation, and had done a marvelous job of it. Through screams and sobs he had decifered the location, and had reported it. It wasn't pretty, but it was his job. So he did it. He was now in an armored vehicle, on his way to the Facility. Apparently, things were not going so well. The Gifted were showing startingly resistant attitudes to the employees, and more importantly, figuring out ways to dilute the affect of drugs. It was now Sky's responsibility to find out how. And to put down the constant rebellion of the Gifted. The armored vehicle's arrival was abrupt, ending in him walking briskly through the door talking to one of the head scientists. The man spoke to him obviously in fear. Sky was an enigma. He had been immune to the torture, to the drugs, and had openly asked to help the Facility. After proving his loyalty, he had been assigned tasks. Most were killing rogues, but occasionally, he would obtain a special duty. Such as the one before him now. "We have done countless tests, but the drugs just don't seem to be holding up. We are honestly at a loss. If we could just get a bit more ti-" The man paused as Sky looked at him with a frown on your face. "That's why I'm here. And I'll gladly buy you the time you need, but even I expect progress. The last thing I want to do is remove some of you from this Facility." (Sky had done that before, with one quick stroke of his blade.) The man gulped and nodded. Sky looked off to the left. Yeah, long day...
  13. The Blood Brothers! Or Rob Thomas/Matchbox20 =O
  14. Welcome!
  15. I just cried. That hurt me deep. -Sips on Mocha Frap-