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    I grew up in the Piney Woods of East Texas (that's not a joke; our region's name is in fact that incredibly lame) and at first I really hated living in the dead center of nowhere, but I've grown into this area like the kudzu that was draped all over our outdoor storage building. Turns out, I really like living in the country.

    My mom recently died of small cell lung cancer and that's been really hard. She was my entire life and without her I've been sorta lost. But I believe God has a plan for even the darkest things in life and I'm learning to trust him more and more every day.

    In high school I never really thought about the big questions in life and when I did, my answers tended to be pretty right wing. But as I grew up, and moved into college, my views shifted drastically to the left and I even became an atheist-- not a very good atheist, but definitely an angry one. Later, I discovered Christian Universalism and it turned my life around. The belief that every person will be saved is foundational in my theology. The fact that it's considered heresy allows me to open up to other difficult questions about faith, scripture and God.
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    creating, writing, reading, doodling, debating, philosophy, theology
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    Liberal Panentheistic Christian Universalist
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  1. Atlantis

    A Murder of Crows

    I am READY. Well, not really, because I have to make character bios. I'm super tempted to do like, four characters.... But that would be bad. Probably. So maybe I'll just keep it to three? lol EDIT: Also, there are a couple typos in the recap. Under 'Crows and Hawks prepare for battle', it should say ' Samara meets up with Avan and they begin to travel to the Hawk camp (edit in bold) And then later on when it says Zai is dispatched to capture Zai it should say 'capture Shy'
  2. Atlantis

    RPG Fiasco Lounge-ish thing

    ^ I think those of us that were part of the original could include our pasts as though including backstory in the new one. It would be just like reading a book and finding out the juicy backstory along the way!
  3. Atlantis

    RPG Fiasco Lounge-ish thing

    Cassandra and Cullen are pretty cool. And I don't mind Josephine so much. It's just *Vivienne*. Hooray for pictures that totally reveal my age! lol
  4. Atlantis

    RPG Fiasco Lounge-ish thing

    Really? I can't stand Vivienne. Probably because I hate the Circle. I'm all about Solas. <3 But then, I'm Dalish, so.... Anyway... if no one else is interested, I might consider taking up Benaiah. Maybe. I'll have to sleep on it.
  5. Atlantis

    RPG Fiasco Lounge-ish thing

    *wakes up, rubs eyes, looks around* Oh, hi. I... might could cobble together some time for this, especially now Easter's over (Happy Easter, btw, everyone). Also, I was feeling a bit nostalgic for Destined to Kaos (not nostalgic enough for a reboot, or anything, but enough to go back and read a bit). And going over my charrie Markas's posts in that made me want to start a pirate rp.... If anyone would be interested in something like that. Possibly. EDIT: also, Logos, I believe that is Vivienne from DA:Inquisition. Which, in concurrence with the previous two pages, I have to say is Awesome! But like Zabby I am on a slow playthrough of it as well.
  6. Atlantis

    The Crow King

    Avan/Lucien "It doesn't have to be this way," his father coaxed, blocking yet another swing of Avan's axe. "We're flesh and blood; we shouldn't fight one another." To his great surprise, Avan did cease his barrage, but only briefly enough to let out a short bark of a laugh. "Tell that to your King!" he replied sharply. Lucien grimaced, gritted his teeth and swung his shield hard into Avan's shoulder. He'd had quite enough insolence for one day. The blow nearly knocked his son to the ground; having found his rhythm once again, he repeated the action, this time successfully. "Do you still want to know why I did what I did?" he asked gruffly as he looked down at his son. Avan said nothing, just fumed and tried to pull himself back up, but Lucien shoved him back down with one foot. "I did it for you." Satisfaction welled up in him as he saw the effect of his revelation. Avan was completely motionless now, his face pale, hair stuck to his head with sweat. "We could have had everything," Lucien continued. "We could have been happy. Together. All you had to do was follow me. But you were too busy playing hero like a stupid child. Well? Have you saved the day yet?" Avan remained silent, his eyes shifting in every direction except toward his father. Lucien quickly wearied of this game. "Join us," he demanded. "I'll make sure you're given a suitable place in our ranks."
  7. Atlantis

    Returning RPer

    Hi, TJ, nice to meet you. Welcome to the forums. My name's Amanda, I'm also new here. Hopefully I can join a few rps, too. In all seriousness, though, guys, I honestly had intended to be more involved the last few months and then I just... didn't. So, sorry, and hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Y'know, since a few months ago, I was whining and whining about how there were no rps and so on. And then all these rps started and I disappeared. Like a genius.
  8. Atlantis

    The Twin Realms RP (Rough Thread)

    Just so you guys know, I'm in on this deal. And I call dibs on the nerd.
  9. Atlantis

    Roleplay Discussion

    omg, Ashley's back? I was kinda disappointed because I didn't know what to do with my RLSH character without you. Now I guess I have some reading to do to catch up.
  10. Atlantis

    The Crow King

    Lucien The men moved past him like crashing waves seeking shore. Lucien studied the field carefully; though they had lost a few horses and men to traps laid by the enemy early on, he still felt good about this battle. He would take the victory and join the King's forces, maybe even be rewarded-- though he would have to share the glory with Kriess, a fact that brought a grimace to his face. In the chaos ahead, he saw a glint of a familiar red and his heart skipped a beat. He charged forward, not sure of his intent toward his son. Lucien made his way quickly through the battlefield, eyes never leaving his target; halfway through, his horse suffered a grievous arrow wound and he was forced to dismount. He managed to escape without injury, however, and continued on his way. Before he reached the point where he had seen Avan, the edge of a sword flew through the air toward him-- he almost didn't see it in time, so focused was he on his goal. Lucien dodged the attack, turning to see who was wielding the weapon. On the other end of the sword was a face he dimly recognized as being that of Ballack's captured soldier, though he couldn't remember his first name. "Fendras, what are you doing here? I thought they killed you!" he said with surprise, blocking another swipe with his shield. "No," the little Fendras breathed, already exhausted from whatever participation he had done so far. "They told me the truth. About our history, our king... about you! You will never hurt anyone again!" He hurled his blade from over his head, striking Lucien's shield with more power than he looked capable of producing. Lucien was stunned for a moment, unable to comprehend what was happening. As far as he understood it, all of the Fendras boys were completely incompetent, moronic cowards. And yet.... He defended again, this time with his sword and gave a quick riposte, which to his incredulity the little mouse managed to dodge. "I-I've never done anything against you," he sputtered, trying to form some sort of explanation for the little Fendras's sudden, rash behavior. Fendras took another swing at him, this time in a smooth, unhindered arc, which Lucien had to jump swiftly away from. "This isn't for me," he said with a hint of confidence. "It's for Bethany Amelyon." He attacked again, this time their blades meeting between them. The name, Amelyon, rang clearly in his memory and for an instant he was lost, reliving the day he had visited their family farm. Lucien frowned deeply, shaking his head clear. The little Fendras had gotten too presumptuous, that much was certain. He needed to be put down. "So like a boy to let a pretty girl tell him what to believe," he sneered. Fendras made a move to attack him once more, but he was distracted by a sound somewhere nearby. "Maka...?" he whispered, unable to resist turning his head to see what had happened. Lucien took his chance and swiped at Fendras, creating a thin, red line across the boy's chest. Fendras stumbled back a few steps, one hand flying to the wound as his head whipped back around to face his enemy again. Lucien had the upper hand, now, though; he swung his blade at the little Fendras's neck, expecting the connection and the end of this little skirmish. He was surprised, then, when his prey was suddenly pulled out from under him and replaced by an axe. A flash of scarlet and leather appeared as if from nowhere and it took him some time to understand what was happening as he repelled several blows from the same axe. "Avan!" he shouted. "Listen to me." But his son had no ears for him. Novorus "I remember what he taught. Fool. You should have struck from silence, instead of gloating over a battle not yet won," Toma said, advancing on the man like a scorpion that had found its prey. Novorus wasn't worried in the slightest. Despite all his bravado, Toma was still only a shell of a man, having only escaped from prison a short time prior. Novorus was thirsty to prove himself. He would cut off this amateur's head and deliver it to Shadow Blade as a gift. He jerked his dagger rapidly toward Toma, anxious to spill some blood, and tried to find an opening under his right arm. OT: okay, done for now, though I may add an Avanpost later.
  11. Atlantis

    The Crow King

    Locke "You're not the first person to join us today. Here's hoping many more will do the same in the times to come. But know this: even if you are a Crow spy, your best chance of survival rests on the survival of this force. A flight of arrows or a charge of lances doesn't sort out friend from foe. Whether in truth or otherwise, you're with us now." Benaiah took a moment to give the man his best stare-down, then turned to Locke. "Find out what kind of weapon this man uses, and get him one. And keep an eye on him." Locke nodded obediently when Benaiah gave him his orders. He helped the newcomer to his feet and led him to a large tent where spare weapons were being stored. "So, you came from Wylder's forces?" he asked tentatively. When the man nodded, he continued. "You didn't happen to see Maka-- I mean... Madoc or Warren Fendras among them, did you?" The man shook his head. "I don't make a habit of learning the names of men I intend to kill," he replied sternly. "One Crow's just as bad as the other." Locke took offense to this statement, heat rising in his face. "Hey, those are my brothers!" The man gave a chuckle as he perused the weapons available to him, selecting a small waraxe and checking its heft. "You and I have something in common, then." This reaction was nothing close to what Locke had anticipated. He backed down in confusion. "What do you mean?" "When I was younger, I called Lucien Wylder my father." The words rolled off the man's tongue rather easily, as though they held very little significance. Locke stared at him, thunderstruck for several seconds. "Th-the Lucien Wylder?" This was the son, then, the one for whome Bethany's father had spared Locke's former captain. He was beginning to realize that Benaiah had entrusted him into the wrong hands-- if he was anything like his father, Locke would be no match for him. "If you're his son, what are you doing here?" The young Wylder simply shrugged. "Why are any of us here? I want Malphas and all his Crows dead." He took a shield from another table, but apparently found it too cumbersom and replaced it. "Lucien Wylder is a manipulative, money-grabbing fool of a man and I've wanted nothing more than to shove a dagger in his throat for ten years." Locke grabbed at a chair behind him, sitting down nervously. This was the kind of speech he was used to hearing, violent and thirsty for vengeance. He heard Melzekiah's voice in the back of his mind, though, strong and reassuring, and he repeated the words aloud, like a mantra. "Hate cannot overcome anything." "Maybe not," Wylder said, taking it as a response, "but steel can." Locke watched sadly as he selected a dagger and tucked it into his boot. He chose some armor and strapped himself in before nodding to Locke as a signal that he was ready. Outside the tent, they could see the elder Wylder's forces riding up in the distance. It wasn't a large group, but neither was their own. Locke could feel his heart beating in rhythm with that of the horses charging their direction. Young Wylder grabbed his shoulder tightly. "It's time," he said gravely, leaving Locke with the distinct impression that he had done this a few times before. They rejoined Benaiah and took defensive positions, preparing themselves for the onslaught. Madoc His shoulder was still pretty badly injured from his encounter with the Hawks a few days before and as he rode alongside the other men, it ached fiercely. But the wound was the furthest thing from Madoc's mind; first and foremost in his thoughts were his brothers. He was trying to formulate a plan to find them and escape the battle entirely. Warren, he knew, would be marching with the King's men, on the other side of the fight, difficult to reach, certainly, but at least his whereabouts were known. Locke, however, would be trickier. He would have to find the Hawk prisons and search there; that is, he thought bleakly, if they haven't already killed him. Up ahead, the edge of a vast clearing could be seen, filled with various tents and groups of men lined up in formation. From the front of the line, Wylder surveyed the field briefly before giving them the motion to charge. Madoc pulled his horse's reins, drawing his sword as he launched forward with the small band of his fellow soldiers, all of them raising a chorus of shouts that reminded him of the thunderstorms that once rolled over Alluska. Over the din, he could hear Lucien's voice as though in his very ear: "For Aquitas! For our King!" An awful cry arose from the front and Madoc saw several horses tumbling over onto the ground, and then another row stumbling over those until nearly every horse in the first two lines had fallen and half their riders lay trampled to death beside them. He managed to maneuver his own horse beyond his fallen comrades only to be attacked by a pikeman on the other side. Madoc swung at the man's throat, but he was by no means skilled as a cavalryman. The pikeman dodged easily; just as he was about to make a second attack, the horse reared, kicking him in the face and sending Madoc sliding off the back. He landed with a solid thud and immediately ducked to avoid being stamped in the face by another horse. A volley of arrows sailed overhead, unhorsing a fair few men, and killing a few more. Madoc used the chaos to climb back to his feet and continue his charge. He had to at least make it to the Hawk camp, or else he had no hope of finding his brothers at all. As he ran, he began to realize he had very little idea where he was going; the dust was so thick he could hardly breathe, much less see. But up ahead, he heard a distinct voice, one he recognized. "You will never hurt anyone again!" it yelled. He shook his head in disbelief. It couldn't be. And yet it was. It was Locke. Madoc stumbled forward, choking on dust and rubbing it from his eyes until at last he saw what he was hearing: his youngest brother was locked in a battle with Lucien Wylder-- and, even more incredible, he wasn't dead yet. Before he had time to process this highly improbable scene, another voice came from his left. "It's time you learned your place!" This was that of his direct superior, Ballack. He was heading straight for Locke, sword flying through the air. Madoc wasted no time. He flung himself in the space between, blocking Ballack's attack with what little strength he had in his arm. Ballack blinked at him in bewilderment which quickly turned to fury. "I should have dealt with you when I had the chance," he said through gritted teeth. He pressed down on his blade, forcing Madoc back. "Step aside." Madoc slid the edge of his blade along Ballack's directing it elsewhere. "I won't let you hurt my brother," he argued as he lunged forward with a new attack. "Then die along with him," Ballack spat as he batted Madoc's weapon aside with ease and thrust the point of his sword into the arrow wound he had suffered at the hands of a Hawk. White spots blocked Madoc's vision for an instant as the steel pierced all the way through his shoulder. Ballack shoved him backward with his foot and he collapsed on the ground, groaning in pain. As his opponent stood over him, his sword pressing into his throat, a solitary thought passed through Madoc's mind: he had failed miserably. OT: More to come, for Lucien, Novorus, and Warren specifically. But alas, I must sleep for the night.
  12. Atlantis

    The NEW TCK OT Thread

    ^ Woot! I will likely post either tonight or sometime tomorrow. Just haven't found the time yet.
  13. Atlantis

    The NEW TCK OT Thread

    So, I messaged TJ on facebook and he says he approves your posts. ^.^