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    I grew up in the Piney Woods of East Texas (that's not a joke; our region's name is in fact that incredibly lame) and at first I really hated living in the dead center of nowhere, but I've grown into this area like the kudzu that was draped all over our outdoor storage building. Turns out, I really like living in the country.

    My mom recently died of small cell lung cancer and that's been really hard. She was my entire life and without her I've been sorta lost. But I believe God has a plan for even the darkest things in life and I'm learning to trust him more and more every day.

    In high school I never really thought about the big questions in life and when I did, my answers tended to be pretty right wing. But as I grew up, and moved into college, my views shifted drastically to the left and I even became an atheist-- not a very good atheist, but definitely an angry one. Later, I discovered Christian Universalism and it turned my life around. The belief that every person will be saved is foundational in my theology. The fact that it's considered heresy allows me to open up to other difficult questions about faith, scripture and God.
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    creating, writing, reading, doodling, debating, philosophy, theology
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    Liberal Panentheistic Christian Universalist
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