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    Love God Triune, my family, my friends. I'm very interested in history, politics, religion, and some philosophy. Big hobby: battle reenacting. I love meeting new people and talking with them. I love overcoming challenges, and have big aspirations for my life.
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    God, family, hanging with my friends, talking to yall, xbox 360, music, and Colonial-Civil Wa
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    Christ follower of a Jewish background
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  1. It's basically saying what good is it for someone to have everything in life but not have God's love. There's a toby mac song related to this
  2. heyy
  3. you're stranger than I am, honey.

    1. swampfox


      girl please

    2. Boogles


      Shhhh.... you know i'm right. 


  4. girl bye
  5. the game 

    1. JesusFreak91


      woooowww. this is what you made me sign in for?

  6. hey stranger 

  7. Just realized I'll have been on here for 10 years in November :0. I'm definitely not a teen anymore and am a grad student. Any of my old homies still here? I feel so oooolld with all you newbs
  8. I'm bacccccck. Wassup Yoda
  9. Hey y'all, I'm making my obligatory annual check in on CTF. This was the first place I ever made friends back in November of 07 and I was active for many many years, and made many wonderful friends I plan to talk to for years to come. I just wanted to say hey. Still in grad school up north and working on my masters/eventual PhD in history. I'm going to move back to Charleston I hope in a year or so. I don't think New England is a good fit for me, but other than that, I hope all are well. If you can't find me on here, please feel free to add me on facebook (I'm not sure what forum rules are about adding facebook names on here). Love, Ben
  10. Zabby was my wife at some point
  11. So Hannah and I have met up twice now and I forgot to post pics. First time was battle of Gettysburg reenactment in 2013. I look high I know, but I was just dehydrated and unshowered for 4 days. #Confederatesoldierproblems. Second meet up was in Charleston, my hometown I sadly left recently for New Hampshire. Notice how I look like a serial killer. That's our friends Ian and Oshia we went swing dancing with.
  12. Yuss it should. I wanna get married one day and have little kids that I can turn into my evil minions
  13. hello everyone! add me on teh facebook plezz
  14. Marly weren't you my ctf wife at one point?
  15. This is gross, but it's tradition!