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    Love God Triune, my family, my friends. I'm very interested in history, politics, religion, and some philosophy. Big hobby: battle reenacting. I love meeting new people and talking with them. I love overcoming challenges, and have big aspirations for my life.
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    Chaaaaaaaaahlston Sooth Caroloina
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    God, family, hanging with my friends, talking to yall, xbox 360, music, and Colonial-Civil Wa
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    Tour Guide
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    Christ follower of a Jewish background
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  1. Folks, CTF lives on in our CTF 2.0 chat on facebook. Ask one of us to invte you or add Benjamin Cameron Schaffer on FB (mods please don't delete this) and I'll add you. Just let me know who you are. We are trying to all stay in contact. 

    1. NutterButterLove
    2. NutterButterLove


      Just friended you on FB, my initials are MS :)



      I sent you a friend request. My initials are JO