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  1. happy Birthday!

  2. heather99

    Hello Everyone ^_^

    Hey there! Welcome to CTF. Nice to meet you (Oh, and cool name, by the way)
  3. heather99

    Hello everyone ;)

    Hi there! Welcome to CTF. Nice to meet you
  4. heather99

    1001th Post

    Congratulations Here's to many more posts to come!
  5. heather99

    High School Adoption?

    Uh, no. Haven't seen that at my school. I have kind of adopted my little sister's friends, though. All her friends are friends with all my friends, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.
  6. heather99

    what time is it where you are?

    7:14 PM
  7. heather99

    Is this camping?

    Nope. Not unless that hotel is more of a tent than a hotel.
  8. His wife should adopt a boy, and then throw a bucket of soapy water on him before he can object. At the very least, they should stock up on deodorant and gas masks.
  9. heather99

    someone please enlighten me.

    I don't own a pair, and I've never tried them. Don't see the point. I mean, I'm barely conscious at the point in the morning when I stick my undies on, and I certainly don't remember which pair I'm wearing, let alone think about them during the day. Undies are undies, and the more comfy, the better.
  10. There are medical conditions where someone's hair can never grow to more than a few centimetres to a few inches long, not to mention girls regrowing hair lost in chemo. If anyone wants, I'm happy to pull out my bible and find verses to back up my point, so long as someone can find the original verses being referred to. As far as I know, the verses referred to in the initial post are all in the old testament, and are part of the old covenant with God held by the Jews. I personally have extremely long hair, about waist length, and love it. I just like having long hair. There's so much you can do with it =D I've also got one piercing in each earlobe, though I rarely remember to put in earrings. I'm lucky that my piercings don't tend to close up, regardless of how long I leave the earrings out. I only tend to put them in when I'm dressing up.
  11. heather99

    What Are you Listening to VIII

  12. heather99

    The CTRL-V Thread

  13. heather99

    Height Difference

    Nope. I mean, statistically, he's likely to be taller than me, since guys are taller, but I really don't care. He can be all of a metre tall and I won't mind. It's all down to who they are, not their height.
  14. Never. My spider sense doesn't work on crushes.
  15. heather99

    What's worse?

    Fingernail dirt, for sure. I have hearing aids. The fact that I have to clean them means I'm pretty much over any aversion to earwax.