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    Backsliding & Depression

    I haven't been doing so good. It seems I "forget" about God, and it makes me angry that I do so. My depression doesn't help. I have no idea what to do about my faith anymore.
  2. The Catalyst

    Remember my depression...?

    Yeah, I am still afflicted with it. It's starting to let up. But I'm glad yours is gone.
  3. The Catalyst

    Who am I becoming?

    That's awesome! I love that story. It should be published. And publicized. Publishcized.
  4. The Catalyst

    Music in Games

    Legend Of Dragoon: Four discs of orchestral goodness Final Fantasy VIII: That Balamb Garden theme still plays in my head all the time. Sometimes the chimes kick in, too. Haha. Oblivion: Yeah. Morrowind: Even better than Oblivion's in my opinion. The themes for just exploring are great but the opening theme owns.
  5. The Catalyst

    Girls and Gaming

    The story's pretty intense sci-fi. I don't know if that would work or not, but Yamikochan's suggestion is worth a try.
  6. The Catalyst

    Best invention ever created?

    I'm gonna be somewhat stereotypical and go with the internet. Sure, some of its uses aren't the most admirable (and some are just plain awful), but information can spread so much faster, and more accurately on the internet.
  7. The Catalyst

    CTF Official Christian Music Debate

    I listen to 85% secular music. I find much of the Christian genre to be very cliche. Except bands like Underøath. And very few others.
  8. The Catalyst


    What did they say in a concert?
  9. The Catalyst

    RAP =/

    They're not really classified as Christian, but I listen to a lot of Arrested Development. Good stuff.
  10. The Catalyst


    I've been listening to a lot of UnderØath recently, and I wondered if anyone else does. Apparently, there's a new album coming this year.
  11. The Catalyst


    I find Switchfoot to be good, but Oh! Gravity was a bit disappointing compared to the Beautiful Letdown in my opinion.
  12. The Catalyst


    Decemberunderground was good, Sing the Sorrow was good, but the best yet are Art of Drowning and Answer That And Stay Fashionable.
  13. The Catalyst

    Favourite Movie Quotes?

    Oh God, Oh man, Oh God, Oh man. I saw that on Sci-Fi once.
  14. The Catalyst


    I play a lot, but I'm not too good.
  15. The Catalyst


    I find their early stuff to be really repetitive, but their new material is astounding. I hope they make a new album soon.