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    I like animals, outdoors, computers, and just having fun. i am easy to have a conversation with, and I love God. Message me sometime!
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  1. Kribensis12

    What can I do?

    Thanks for the replies. First off, the only reason I compared the way I deal with family and my girlfriend is because it's the best example I can think of. She and I have talked through this for the last few days. I emailed her and told her all of the reasons why I want to be with her, but at the same time that there are two reasons why I would not want to marry her. One is that we've been fighting a lot recently and it can't continue. I don't want to spend the rest of my life fighting with someone. It's not a good idea. The second reason is that I am very forgetful. I think this may be due to my ADD and not taking medicine for it. I read that it can cause spotty memory. This is bad when your girlfriend is emotional and pays attention to the details that I've forgotten (I tend to forget what I've had for lunch, but yet I can spout of facts like you wouldn't believe). She then asked me if I wanted to end this relationship. I told her no. Not out of any sort of obligation, but because I know that this is NOT how love works. If you don't work for it, it's not love. Love is deeper than any basic idea of being together. Love is looking at a situation like this and realizing that you can take the easy way out and throw the relationship in the crapper, or you can work together to fix what needs to be fixed and talk through what needs to be talked to; and to see what becomes of it. As far as marriage goes: I talked to my dad several months ago about it (he's a retired pastor). He told me the issues he has seen in my relationship (from his point of view). We talked about it and how I am dealing with certain things. He then challenged me to pray for 1 month regarding our relationship. He almost married someone and then prayed about it for a month and 2 weeks later his gf came up to him and ended the relationship. So I prayed something similar to "God, I want to be happy and I want her to be happy and if this requires us to separate then make it clear to me, but if we can both be happy and together, please make it so obvious that I can't miss it". So I prayed for about 2 weeks and then gave up, because I had not received a response. Then a couple days later my girlfriend and I had a emotionally charged, yet organized discussion about our future. After it I realized that my prayer had been answered. That I could have ended the relationship like that, but didn't and decided to take the harder road knowing that it's going to require me and her to work together to make this relationship work, that we are meant for each other. If we aren't willing to face our issues now, we will never be prepared for the future. But the fact that we admit our faults and are willing to pray about them and work on them is a promising prospect, I think. Joshua, can you please be a little more polite? I am content. I feel no need nor have I ever to go out "and enjoy life as a young adult". I have friends, interests, family, and fun that way I am living currently. Since I feel no desire to do any more than that, then what am missing out on? Just because your married doesn't mean you're going to have children, and if you do, right away.
  2. Kribensis12

    What can I do?

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while. I've come to an issue and I don't know what to do. I've been dating a girl for three years now (14th of Jan was the 3 year marker) and we've talked about marriage. I recently talked to my dad and youth pastor regarding it. There is an issue though and I can't ignore it any longer. My girl friend is very dependent on others. She depends on me a lot of the times. I on the other hand am very independent and good to be depended on. That works out. But there is a bigger underlying difference. Being dependent, I've never really been a sharing feelings kind of guy and being away from her for a couple weeks isn't a big deal to me. I know I will see her again, so why worry?If I am gone for 2 weeks she is freaking out missing me. That's just who she is. But she expects me to show emotion. I've really been trying, sometimes more than others, to do this. It might work for a month, but then I revert back to my default of not really being emotional. How can I change this? I don't know what to do anymore. It's not a question of love either. i love my mom, but when I'm off at college I rarely call her and it never occurs to me that I miss her. Sure, it'd be nice for her to be around, but I don't constantly miss her. i've never really missed her, but I love her. i've also never been home sick. EVER. Even as a child. What can I do? I'm hurting her because of my inability to show emotion and we can't get married with something like this being an issue. That's asking for trouble. Can anyone shed some light?
  3. Kribensis12

    Apple co-founder, Chairman Steve Jobs dies

    R.I.P. Steve. Your ingenuity and intelligence almost made you seem invincible, but regardless of our works here on earth we all meet our end. While on earth you did many great things for the world, surely more than I will ever do, for that I admire and respect you, and as a fellow Apple lover, I thank you for your vision that you made a reality.
  4. Kribensis12

    Apple's iPhone 5

    Here is a very trusted overview of the iPhone 5, due to release possibly in September. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/04/18/mass_production_of_apples_a5__qualcomm_powered_iphone_5_rumored_for_sept_.html
  5. Kribensis12

    Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X

    Ever heard of the Mac Mini? Now thats a good deal. Small, powerful, and portable. Plug it right into your PC display.
  6. Kribensis12

    Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X

    I was just saying that those are the reasons that my mac is for me. Why it was a worth while purchase. I may think that OS X rocks, but there are some out there who hate it and prefer W7 and XP (not too many Vista lovers out there). Not to start a debate (which is what I am trying to avoid, Mac vs. Windows debate's can get out of hand).
  7. Kribensis12

    Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X

    You guys are funny. Both Mac's and PC's have their place. My MacBook Pro has a few nifty features: Ability to run FCP and FCE Gigantic glass track pad (I love it) Unibody chiseled aluminium body Long Lasting Battery OS X (destroys W7) Backlight Keyboard (most 700 dollar laptops lack that option) Inability to get most viruses due to OS X iMovie (10000 times better than windows movie maker BTW) all in all, I think that my Mac is better than almost any PC out there. But if all I did was search the web and write documents, I wouldn't mind a PC. Incase you guys didn't notice, there are PC's that cost just as much or more than Macs. It's build quality. I've seen LOADS more old macbooks than old PC's. if anyone wants to debate Mac's and PC's though, this is not the forum. Like I said, they both have their place. To each his/her own.
  8. Kribensis12

    Apple unveils Final Cut Pro X

    So, it seems that people only post depressing things, or things that are somewhat ridiculous nowadays (not hit towards anyone, just a common theme). So I have decided to be the unofficial tech news boy. Anything new or noteworthy in the tech world I will be posting on here. So, here is the first one. Apple unveils the new Final Cut Pro X http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/12/apple-announces-final-cut-pro-x-rebuilt-from-ground-up-with-64/
  9. Huntington University in Huntington, Indiana is a fantastic college. my dad became a pastor from there. my 2 bro's go there, and I and my gf are going to next year. It is VERY Christ based, but not hard-core conservative. The wright brothers went there when it first started. It's also one of the top college in the midwest. It is super affordable.
  10. Kribensis12

    Sex before Marriage

    Well, this is just my thought. Marriage is basically asking God for his blessing on your relationship. At least, that is what I believe it was in the Bible. But, marriage has stemmed far from that and is now a multi-thousand dollar ordeal that has so many customs and bells and whistles that I think that purpose of marriage is not known to most, and is irrelevant to many people any ways. Also, there is a Relient K (my favorite band) song that was a lyric that says something along the lines of "even if you don't do it, the thought is bad enough". So really, we have all lusted before marriage, even if we don't follow through. We lust of the heart and of the flesh.
  11. Kribensis12

    Funny story my grandma told me

    ha! That's quite funny!
  12. Kribensis12

    Two-year-old Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

    It's probably due to smoking. That's just a horrible idea all around. This is how I imagine the conversation: KID: I WANNA SMOKE! DAD: Sure, there is nothing wrong with that MOM: But honey, he could die! DAD: Nonsense, it's not like smoking kills, besides, I catch fish for a living, I can afford it! KID: ANOTHER SMOKE? DAD: Yep, here ya go JR. I don't understand why everyone is upset that you smoke! Your in great health, except that your lungs are coated in tar, you can't run, you can;t play with your friends, and you most likely won't live to the old age of 10! Your set for life! I wish I had made the decision your making right now! .................. 0_0 Yeah, how stupid could you possibly be to let your kid smoke?
  13. Kribensis12

    First human 'infected with computer virus'

    I feel that it a completely unecsesary idea. I wouldn't want a computer chip in me. Last time I checked, I was a living, breathing, human being. I don't need a chip in me that tells anyone and everyone my personal information. We have been getting a long for thousands of years with out it, so why do we need it? It's not like there is any real reason for it, besides convenience.
  14. Kribensis12

    North Korea warns it will meet with all out war

    I feel like the a War with North Korea would do us some good. First off, the people would support the U.S. for it. Considering there is actually a reason for it (Korean war?). Second off, it'd help the economy because our factories could actually do something instead of lay off people. Maybe we can topple a dictator in the process. But on the other hand, Korea may actually be able to bomb us, which would be bad.