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    Ohio girl!!! =D
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    Talking on CTF, God,hanging with friends, talking on my cell, getting on the computer, watching tv, uk the works hehehehe
  1. mya09

    500 POSTS!

    woot woot congrats
  2. mya09

    This or that

    Walmart quiet or loud
  3. mya09

    This or that

    Glass video games or board games??
  4. mya09

    The Sleep Poll!

    usually like 7-9 hours depends on the day.
  5. mya09

    Caribbean or Caribbean?

    It depends on where u live on which it is pronounced
  6. mya09

    Online college?

    I couldnt do it i like the being around people and so on.
  7. mya09

    Coffee or Tea?

    I like tea way better
  8. mya09


    why are you doing this to me?? what do u want??? i will help take care of her but me and you are no more!!
  9. mya09

    ban the person above me

    Banned because i have nothing better to do than ban you.
  10. mya09

    This or that

    Beaver Flower or Tree??
  11. mya09

    'You're Welcome'

    Most of the time I do.
  12. mya09

    The CTRL-V Thread

    if u had to describe me in three words what words would u pick?
  13. mya09

    1000 POSTS!

    wow thats awesome.... im slowly getting there lol.
  14. mya09

    This or that

    freezed. highschool or college??
  15. mya09

    This or that

    Car Ipod or Mp3