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  1. Hi!! I just noticed you didn't have any comments on your wall, so hi!!!

  2. Pureblood

    Shower or Bath?

    Shower almost always unless my muscles are sore or i want to relax
  3. Pureblood

    Rate the Above song

    I say 3 out of 10 not my type of style of music.
  4. Pureblood

    Right or Left

    left but right handed....
  5. Tomorrow is my last first day of school. Its kinda bittersweet.
  6. Pureblood

    Snap On vs. Craftsman

    I never heard of snap on eaither
  7. Pureblood

    My mom

    Thanks guys and girls... She was paid in one big lump sum but some labor thing is sueing for interest on the back pay. To help make out what was taken out on taxes.
  8. Pureblood

    My mom

    My mom works for the state of PA. And our Governor is a crack head and didn't pass the budget in July. So my mom hasn't received a penny for her work this month yet. So she went all July with out a pay check and now a week into august but i think he FINALLY passed a temporary budget. But I'm worried they will give the money to her into a big lump sum and then take a big lump sum of taxes out of it. I just want you guys to pray that she gets her checks soon. I know it may not be a big deal but do you think your parents would want to work for "free" for a month.
  9. Pureblood


    I live about 20 miles from the north east one... It is near Mount Union... I never went but my sister has....
  10. Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion.. WASHINGTON – Health care legislation before Congress would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions, a decision that would affect millions of women and recast federal policy on the divisive issue. Read rest of article here... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_health_care_overhaul_abortion I don't think tax payers money should be used for abortions. Unless of coarse the women was raped... or could harm her.
  11. Pureblood

    Picture Post

    We are no professional but these were my favorite pictures that we took. I think they are good enough. Not bad for doing my senior pictures myself. I hope my mom likes them cause i really don't want to go out somewhere and have to have someone else take them. I hate getting my picture taking.
  12. Pureblood

    Favorite internet browser

    I use firefox most of the time... I use chrome sometimes. And I use safari sometimes IE only once in a great while. Opera on my linux computer. Man why do i have so many browsers.
  13. Pureblood

    Random Questions

    I was born in USA... but went to Canada. I have went skinny dipping. Slept under the stars. Climbed a Mountain Fell in love I felt broken hearted I learned to play an instrument.
  14. Pureblood

    Facebook and Google

    Oh yeah... i forgot about another site that used to be really big. It was called Xanaga.... it was big before myspace. Myspace wasn't always for 12 years old thats just what happened. Facebook will be the same way when they seen all these older people using it they will think it is cool. Thats what happened to myspace. But to answer your question i dont think things come back. Xanaga was big and died. Its still around but not big...I don't see it ever coming back.