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  1. GIR

    Roleplay Discussion

    If a new one is not wanted, then I won't create one. I'll just stick to my other sites. I am thinking of a fantasy (high: Elves, trolls, orcs, etc.) Zombie apocalypse RPG.
  2. My username is derived from an old television show which is called Invader Zim.
  3. Why do you want to know how Capture the Flag was originated? I might find a wikipedia link if I look.
  4. GIR

    *cough* hi *cough*

    There's someone I haven't seen in ages!
  5. GIR

    Roleplay Discussion

    I'm going to make a roleplay and would like to see what people would want to do on here? So, what kind of RPs you guys want?
  6. Does it get much better?
    1. Saffron


      Apparently I can't PM you, theres an 'error' :(

  7. .dn buıɥʇǝɯos pǝssǝɯ ı ʞuıɥʇ ı

    1. Buoyancy


      ¿ʞo 'ǝɔᴉʌpɐ ʎɯ ǝʞɐʇ ǝɯᴉʇ ʇxǝN ˙uǝʇsᴉl ʇ,upᴉp noʎ ooooooou ʇnq 'ƃuᴉlᴉǝɔ ǝɥʇ uo ɹǝʇndɯoɔ ɹnoʎ ƃuᴉsn doʇs oʇ noʎ ploʇ ᴉ 'ǝpnp

    2. Buoyancy


      ¡snɔıbɐɯ ouǝǝɹbouɐǝq ɯɐɹbɐʇuǝd ןıʌǝ uɐbɐd 999 uɐʇɐs ןıqǝ ןıqǝ ןıqǝp ןıqǝp

      There. I just cursed you using mah madddd witchcraft skeeolz. Everything you eat will turn into carob covered lima beans until your 39th birthday. :D

    3. SoulRocker



  8. Most teens aren't too bad. The hard part is finding people super willing to talk to you. The chat is dead and there aren't a lot of places to post to just talk with people, in my experience. You could go to the bored sections, but that is nothing but a cesspool of spam and villiany.
  9. Well, this forum isn't... I'm trying to find a polite way to say this, the forum is great and the people are cool. It's just not a highly active forum, and a lot of the people here are younger than 18.
  10. GIR

    So, It's Kind of That Time

    Awwww, well I regret not ever getting the chance to know you. I hope your life works out well.
  11. GIR

    A New Member....

    Get on the chat!