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  1. Thanks! :D I haven't been on much because I'm just getting back from my summer missionary internship and a week at Glorieta for Collegiate Week!

  2. samantha_c

    Jeans? Dress Pants?

    Haha, I'm definitely more of a dress/skirt kind of girl! But I was told not to bring just dresses. Well, the only pants I own are jeans, pajama pants, and sweats. Thank God for the extra money raised... xD
  3. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    Nah, God is so GREAT!
  4. samantha_c

    Jeans? Dress Pants?

    I always considered blue jeans, worn with the proper blouse, to be considered dress pants. According to my dress code for my ministry work this summer, they are not. What are your thoughts? Clearly torn up jeans aren't dressy. But what about nice jeans? When worn with nice, dress shirts?
  5. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    Well, if I've done the math correctly, none. I should have enough, plus some money to go toward personal expenses for the trip. Such as dress pants. Who knew jeans weren't considered dress pants. ^.^
  6. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    You guys, thanks so, so much for the prayers!!! The grand total (after I threw in $0.66) from this weekend? $500.00!
  7. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    Here is a link to my blog about my summer mission trip. In the first post (the one all the way at the bottom) you'll find a description of the trip. The second post, "Fundraising, Day 1: Matt teaches Matt, is how today went. The third post is simply pictures and whatnot. Thanks so, so much for the prayers, you guys! If I did the math right, I have about $200 left to raise! And there's still the sale continued tomorrow! http://beautifulfeet2012.tumblr.com/
  8. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    Just another update and request for prayer. I have six days left to raise $488.00. The yard/bake sale is scheduled for this Friday and Saturday. I've started collected through PayPal as well. I know that God will provide according to His will. I've been in tight spots financially most of last semester, and He always, always proved to be faithful. I especially find myself believing that He will most definitely take care of His children when they step out in obedience. And yet, I'm finding myself so often the past few days praying, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief."
  9. samantha_c

    The Good Morning Thread

    _1c933448-2653-4254-bd56-75ed1f73d7c7.jpg] I just wanted to wish you a good morning, even though its actually 2:58PM as I type this.
  10. Our local paper's headline once read something about "pubic funds." Or something like that. For the first time ever, we actually had all of the kids at the high school picking up a paper... Haha
  11. samantha_c

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning, beautiful! Smile! Last night may not have been the greatest, but you know what? Today's a new day! Forget about it. Don't even stop to think about the things you aren't happy about. Will it matter a year from now? Nah. Get up and do something great! =)
  12. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    I have $588.00 left to raise. I'm about half way through. It's so awesome to watch how active and at work the Lord is! In other news, ten days left until my summer as a servant begins! =)
  13. samantha_c

    Please pray for dad who shot his daughter by accident

    That's terrible! I am most definitely praying that God will use this as an opportunity to pour out His love and forgiveness and peace and comfort into this man and his family's life. I can't imagine having to deal with that. I'll also be praying for South Africa and those living there! That's such a scary thought!
  14. samantha_c

    Funds for Summer Missions

    Just an update. I've collected a total of $410.00 through my church. I'm $688.00 short. I still have the yard/bake/art/coffee sale at the end of this week. I also have a few more people who want to give, I'm just not sure of the amounts yet. Thanks for the prayers!