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  1. Thanks! :D I haven't been on much because I'm just getting back from my summer missionary internship and a week at Glorieta for Collegiate Week!

  2. Then email me! It's been forever!

  3. All very awesome! PM me! Let's try to catch up some.

  4. Without writing a novel, good. Ups and downs. God has DEFINITELY done a great deal of work in my life since I've last been on here! How are you?

  5. If by some change you ever get this, I was thinking of you. I miss you! Remember me?

  6. Hey! Remember me?

  7. So much to catch up on!

  8. Ever get on here anymore?

  9. I miss you! Something brought me back here. For a while, I felt like everyone I talked to was gone. I'm noticing a lot of familiar names here, tonight, though! Thanks for the birthday wishes, no matter how late I am!