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    God, piano, my church, music, cooking, shopping, Ireland, Brio magazine, books, swimming, jogging, my iPod, gummy bears, food, videogames, animals, food, CTF, music videos, oh, and did I mention food?
  1. Okay, so, I'm not going to come on at all until next month. I will let you guys know whether or not I will be allowed to (it was because of my mom) come on at all. There's a chance that I may be back and posting regularly, but there is also a chance that I won't come on anymore. At all. Hopefully my mom decides that I can, though She means well, and just wants the best for me. I've been struggling with mild depression these last few days, but I'm feeling much better. She thinks that some time off the internet will do me well, so she is going to keep me from it for a month. Then, next month, she'll decide whether or not she wants me coming on at all. Although I'm doing better, please, PLEASE keep me in your prayers. God bless all of you until next month...when I will let you know what's going on. -Naomi
  2. curlyQ

    CTF Singles

    Lol, good job, Shado XD The creepers'll find ya a CTF wife, friend Guys have been needed around here!
  3. curlyQ

    Ask A Girl.

    Okay so I'm quoting this again...lol. Um, I would sorta get the point, but I hate to get my hopes up when chances are he doesn't actually like me. I don't like to get disappointed, so I tell myself that he probably doesn't like me anyways. Although I would think that there's a chance Yeah, fuzz pretty much covered it
  4. curlyQ

    Perfumes, Body Sprays, Etc.

    I also like "Dancing Rain" by Bath & Body Works. It's fun to be a girl!
  5. curlyQ

    CTF Singles

    Hahaha :roflol: I *married* think *married* I *married* will *married* continue *married* to *married* post *married* in *married* this *married* thread *married* because *married* it *married* is *married* my *married* job *married* to *married* do *married* so *married* as *married* I *married* am *married* a *married* creeper *married*married*married*.
  6. curlyQ

    CTF Marriages

    Lol, it takes me months before I finally get it xP Congratulations, you two!
  7. curlyQ

    Ask A Girl.

  8. curlyQ

    What's Ctf?

    Agreed! I love CTF
  9. curlyQ

    CTF Marriages

    Ohh, I agree! Me? Not much. Welcome back, Rizel
  10. curlyQ

    CTF Marriages

    ^ Same here! It's so delicious. So, what's up?
  11. curlyQ

    Ask A Girl.

    Yeah, I would do the same thing that Rizel would do. Say "Are you sure?" and then if he says yes then I would just take it. Amy, you crack me up XD That's good, though. I'd probably do that instead, lol. Ugh, I know. I hate that! Sure, it's fun to talk about guys for a few minutes, but my life doesn't revolve around them. Nah, not really.
  12. curlyQ

    CTF Marriages

    Really? Lucky. Lol. It usually doesn't effect me...just sometimes. And the side effects are horrible! I love coffee, though
  13. curlyQ

    CTF Marriages

    Oooh, Starbucks Lol, I can't drink caffeine on an empty stomach...I have to eat something before I do. I didn't the day before yesterday, and I was really anxious and shaky and feeling like I was going to throw up It was horrible...I'll still drink caffeine, just not on an empty stomach I LOVE Java Chip! <33
  14. curlyQ

    Turn Offs

    Oh! Did you get that from that one topic in the Men's forum? *coughManLawscough*