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  1. Happy birthday! 

  2. You shouldn't have to police the whole forum by yourself, anyway.
  3. Well, yeah. All of the lifeblood of the forum was essentially booted by the admin who took the stance "I am the admin, so this place is going to be what I say it is."
  4. Yup Reminds me of a story from an article I read
  5. So this happened
  6. Lol @ the poll question.
  7. Gary Johnson is my only choice.
  8. Popularity in high school is a huge mystery. It makes very little sense in general. Some of the most popular kids from high school are some of the worst off now. Beer belly, still stuck in the hometown, dead end job, not particularly good looking. One guy in particular, when I see him and greet him, looks embarrassed and ashamed. Just ignore it. Be physically fit, be intelligent, be nice. Eventually people will value you for rational reasons.
  9. Then you and like-minded people can raise money for Israel on your own. To be clear, I don't support using tax dollars for any type of foreign aid for anyone.
  10. Don't care, but definitely don't want tax dollars spent on their behalf.
  11. Gearhead in real life: Atheist adult: "Hello miss. Nice day, isn't it?" Gearhead: "Y-Y-You t-t-ooo"
  12. I've been meaning to buy a poster, it almost brought me to tears!
  13. I used to be pro-choice, but now I am pro-life. I've changed my mind about other things, but that one is the most interesting recent one (within 2 years).