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  1. Guess I'll join Bryce and update this ghost town. Stuff like Reddit really destroyed message boards. Life updates: I am working on my PhD in math. I began teaching classes two years ago, I love it. Hope you are all doing well!
  2. Good stuff! What are you studying in college?
  3. I went and found this thread on Google because I remembered lying about this and felt bad. I lied right to his face. I didn't know conducive was a word, and I thought my usage of "conductive" was correct. Man, I'm so glad I've become a better person.
  4. Yoda

    Happy birthday! 

  5. Cato


    Yup Reminds me of a story from an article I read
  6. Cato

    Picture Post

    So this happened
  7. Cato

    Is anyone here Bisexual

    Lol @ the poll question.
  8. I tend to be wary with quotes, especially over-the-top ones.

  9. I investigated the quote, and I think you were right.

  10. Cato

    About Donald Trump

    Gary Johnson is my only choice.
  11. Cato

    Popularity in schools

    Popularity in high school is a huge mystery. It makes very little sense in general. Some of the most popular kids from high school are some of the worst off now. Beer belly, still stuck in the hometown, dead end job, not particularly good looking. One guy in particular, when I see him and greet him, looks embarrassed and ashamed. Just ignore it. Be physically fit, be intelligent, be nice. Eventually people will value you for rational reasons.
  12. Cato


    Then you and like-minded people can raise money for Israel on your own. To be clear, I don't support using tax dollars for any type of foreign aid for anyone.
  13. Cato


    Don't care, but definitely don't want tax dollars spent on their behalf.