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    I am actually 20 years old, but I cant change my funky date here. I'm an artist in training for life
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    I will find anything interesting if you talk about it in a funny voice.
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    Office assistant...I know I sound incredibly interesting.

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  1. Aristi_Greco

    This is soooo gross.

    http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/women/reproductive/vaginal/194.html Hope this helps
  2. Aristi_Greco

    About those boots...

    I personally dont like the look of them at all, but a few people I know can pull them off Because they dont wear the whole ensemble which goes: Black hair patterned scarf Bangle bracelets Large sweatshirt Black leggings Uggs Mtl is teeming with girls that all wear the exact same thing, they're like zebras - cant pick one out of the crowd.
  3. Aristi should go on skype!

  4. The killer-of-curves sweater and pj bottoms. Just the hottest look around.
  5. Aristi_Greco


    I nearly had a blow-out, last stretching. I try every once and a while to go 2 sizes up, but my ears wont have it - they tear so easily. Some people like it, some dont. I have had only a few people tell me they are gross...but eh, my choice.
  6. Aristi_Greco

    A thread that is not about boys.

    I can live off of these, no question : http://www.leclerc.ca/fr/produits.php?cat=biscuits&type=quattro&id_product=26 candy candy-wise, Swedish berries are my all time favorites, alongside fuzzy peaches. The only thing that will never get passed my lips is black licorice, that stuff is nasty as hool.
  7. Aristi_Greco

    Films in 3D

    3D films are a complete waste of time, in my opinion. They dont add anything substantial to the watching experience, I actually find it cheapens it...while costing me more.
  8. Aristi_Greco

    could he be the one

    You're way too young. I say keep him as a friend and dont even think of marriage at this point. I'm 20 and no thought of possible marriage has hit me.
  9. I just explained in the chatbox.

    You're a warm fellow, arent you.

  10. Hello. Why did you call be baboon?

  11. There are no messages on your wall.

    Now there is.

    I hope you have a fantastic rest-of-the-night, baboon.

  12. Aristi_Greco

    Opinions on dating non Christian guys

    Noone, no matter the religion or lack of a religion, should go into a relationship thinking "Well maybe he/she will change!" If you're thinking this, obviously you want this change to occur and when it doesmt, where will you be? I don't think anyone here is saying Christian+Christian= perfection. What you believe and what you follow is the core of you - If two people have different core beliefs, the things that help them decide actions/choices on a daily basis are different, issues will arise. Both my parents are Christians, but they disagreed on a whole bunch of things in regards to raising me and my sisters - but their core was the same and they worked together for a happy medium. Now Im not saying this wont happen if you marry a non-christian, they work all the time - but its much more difficult.
  13. Aristi_Greco

    That guy you just cant get off your mind

    After seeing my friends obsess over guys ( to the extent that I was creeped out FOR the guys) I've made it a point not to. Though for the past 2 years (about), I havent been attracted to any guys I know...:/ I want to- but there arent any prospects