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    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Time for a new one Dream On-Areosmith
  2. ShieldOfFaith

    Post the Mood of the person above you

    Title says it all.. Ready? Go
  3. Rules are simple Add up the numbers in the persons post count above you For example I have 20,098 add 2+0+0+9+8=19 fun yes?
  4. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/access-hollywood-gloria-stuart.html She died in her sleep at age 100. Old Rose also died in her sleep at age 100. Ironic much?
  5. ShieldOfFaith

    Name Mixer

    I saw this on another forum hopefully people will like it. Mix your username with the user above you. You mix your username with the user above you. Lets Say Bob posted before me I could say Bobshield ShieldBob BobFaith FaithBob or something like that just make sure you use your name and the person above you
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    CTF Prayer Network v.2

    Here's the New Prayer Network Thread. Zabby is still in charge. If you are Interested in Having a Prayer Partner for each month post here or PM Zabby
  7. ShieldOfFaith

    Pray for Evan (ShieldOfFaith)

    Hi gauise ive gota bad infection on a valve in me heart and as you know I have heart problems and if your know me well enough this is a transplanted heart if the antibiotics dont work I might need surgery. Unfortunately I will be here here through Christmas -Evan
  8. ShieldOfFaith

    Pray for Evan (ShieldOfFaith)

    Hi gauise still here got a buncha stuff in me and im tired I would be doomed without the hospital wi-fi im tired so im not gonna be on much prayers still needed. -Evan
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    not that many people know what Codebearer is I mean I never even heard of it til I met you
  10. ShieldOfFaith


    Chad I think she means the settings is gone like talked about in this thread http://www.christianteenforums.com/showthread.php?77824-%BFDonde-es-mi-quot-settings-quot-bot%F3n
  11. ShieldOfFaith

    Would You Rather

    No Ben
  12. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    oh well I wouldnt do that
  13. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    I dun like being annoyededed
  14. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    yea and its off topic so lets drop it
  15. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    ugh I never went for that stupid twlight loving freak
  16. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    I never liked that twilight loving freak who started out as a girl in love with Edward, Now its suddenly a boy picking up single CTFers
  17. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    no its just a way for Abi to use her "other" account
  18. ShieldOfFaith

    CTF Marriages

    Abi stop trying to throw your gender swapping twilight loving puppet at people
  19. ShieldOfFaith

    Guess the movie quote

    Title says it all. Post a movie quote and the next person guesses
  20. ShieldOfFaith


    Im with Zabby on this one What the Heck???
  21. ShieldOfFaith

    Michelle Duggar Miscarries

    This was bound to happen one of these days. She had said that she will keep having kids until God tells her to stop. Her 19th child has some problems from being born too early and now this. I think God is telling her to it's time to stop. I will be praying for their family
  22. ShieldOfFaith