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    I'm from....Somewhere in this vast universe.. on a little planet called earth, on an ever smaller dot called USA...the rest would be a little creeperish if you knew right?
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  1. haven't been on in a long time...

  2. Valechka


    Which law school are you planning on attending? Depending on which law school they have scholarships, some even have full ride scholarships!! I'm hopefully by the grace of God will attend NYU Law and they have a public interest full ride scholarships that they offer, and other type of full ride scholarships! So depending on the law school they have different scholarship opportunities and loan repayment programs! But yeah Fastwebs, and scholarships.com are the only websites I can think of.
  3. hmmm. all i want to say is a phrase we've all probably heard... you don't date to save.. it never works out.. you need to learn to be an example to her outside of relationship...not when you're in one. it just doesn't work that way
  4. No


    None...No lie, no conjured

    up spirits, no witchcraft,

    no curse, no evil thought,

    no backstab, no mischief,

    no haters of good, no job,

    no depression, no illness,

    no low self esteem, no

    death, no rejection, no

    misunderstanding, no

    financial hardship, no

    poverty, no storm, no lack

    therof, no man, no

    woman, no child, no

    family, no nothing....No

    Weapon Formed against

    you will prosper...~You're

    the child of the Most

    High~Look up.....Claim


  5. Valechka

    Yes or no?

    beach in a week, WOOOOT... Do you have a stalker?
  6. Valechka

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    I wish guys knew that after explaining why you're all blah for the 2000th time gets annoying, can't u ever learn? When i barely have any time, yes i do want you to stop the game and talk to me.. you have the rest of the day to play...
  7. Hey!!! we haven't spoken in a while! i'm alright and how are you?

  8. Valechka


    out of all of the things i can tell you, i can't tell you this, i just can't, call me selfish, but when you know somethings bad but you do it anyway, and especially when i'm wanting to talk to you, all i have to do is look at you, and it kinda hurts, i think i've been made selfish cause when i'm with you, i want all of yr attention to myself, and when i'm actually free and i still don't got yr attention well, you know it's like ack i wall goes up, i wish i could tell you, but apparently you've already given up so much to just spend time with me, why can't i treasure that i don't know? maybe since you've given up so much it makes me want to h ave all of your time. sorry for being so selfish, but meh it hurts to be ignored. :/ oh. and the fact that, i feel like when i want to talk to you, and yr doing that other thing, when i tell you something that really intersetst me or something that i find amazing it's as if when yr doing that other thing you just don't care! when i want you to you know actually think about what i said or take in what i said you don't. and at times you do. and argh. i'm frustrated by you when it comes to that. and i just want to be al asdlkajsdlkajsdlkajdljalkjaldkjalskjdalkjdlkajslkjdalkjdklajdlkajdlkajslkdjalkdjalksj at you. cause i don't even know wht to say. kasjflajlkafjalksjf. blah.
  9. Hi Valley. Hows u?

  10. Valechka

    Overcoming Fear/Anxiety

    i just listened to a great sermon about overcoming the spirit of fear http://media.sermonindex.net/4/SID4180.mp3 you should listen to it!!
  11. UMM, one thing, my family went through exactly this, except my sister was 18 and he was the age of my father, erm old. ! let's just say, i didn't see my sister for 2 years, and they had a kid, and now she's divorced him, and happily married to a guy, much much younger like 3 years older than her. These type of relationships in my opinon are very very wrong. It's practically like dating your father I wouldn't want anyone to go through what my family went through.. Seriosly, that guy needs to be kicked out of church because she's not even 18!!! ( hecouldn't have waited?!) no offense but a normal 35 year old man, woudlnt go after a 16 year old, especially a christian!! the guy that went after my sister pretended to be a christian too. now he doesnt' even go to church! There is just way too much hurt involved in such things, break it up before it breaks your family up.
  12. Valechka


    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BOREDDDD! i haven't been on here in a while!! i missed yall
  13. Valechka


    Hey hey hey bored! Haven't been on you in a while.