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    Nebraska...WE GOT COWS!
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    *anime, manga: I read some manga if I can't get a hold of the anime or if I am still obsessing over an anime I have finished. My fav types of animes are probably shoujo and fighting and a little mix of male-harem (note: I do not care for naruto and I don't care for Ouran Host club/high school or whatever) <br />*video games: (mostly fighting and rpgs, some tactical games) however I don't really care for shooters. Honestly, I'm not too much of a mainstream fan... <br />*I have a Pomeranian puppy who's bday is one day before my own and I love her like my daughter. <br />* I like to write and read some (I'm really picky though about what I read probably cuz I just don't have as much patience as I use to, it has to be fantasy though, sci-fi is okay too) <br />*I also like to draw anime some, I'm not the greatest but I'm learning ^^ (i have a deviantart account so I put up when I can)<br />*what else? I'm an anime con goer and i go to cons around my area and dress up as characters from anime or video games. My room is filled with anime garbage all over, it's a mess ^^; <br />*I'm a Roman Catholic but I like to be broad and talk to all kinds of Christians cuz I believe we are all children of Christ so we should have no problem getting along despite silly little differences.
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