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    *anime, manga: I read some manga if I can't get a hold of the anime or if I am still obsessing over an anime I have finished. My fav types of animes are probably shoujo and fighting and a little mix of male-harem (note: I do not care for naruto and I don't care for Ouran Host club/high school or whatever) <br />*video games: (mostly fighting and rpgs, some tactical games) however I don't really care for shooters. Honestly, I'm not too much of a mainstream fan... <br />*I have a Pomeranian puppy who's bday is one day before my own and I love her like my daughter. <br />* I like to write and read some (I'm really picky though about what I read probably cuz I just don't have as much patience as I use to, it has to be fantasy though, sci-fi is okay too) <br />*I also like to draw anime some, I'm not the greatest but I'm learning ^^ (i have a deviantart account so I put up when I can)<br />*what else? I'm an anime con goer and i go to cons around my area and dress up as characters from anime or video games. My room is filled with anime garbage all over, it's a mess ^^; <br />*I'm a Roman Catholic but I like to be broad and talk to all kinds of Christians cuz I believe we are all children of Christ so we should have no problem getting along despite silly little differences.
  1. If you logon/see this message... happy birthday? :) 

  2. I must have made a mistake. I moved in with my sister and life was great. Recently however, she's been the biggest drama queen of my life...ever! Just when it seems the day is going great; she ends up running into her boyfriend's arms (out of nowhere) and crying like life is horrible. She complains about the same things. Work is stressful and because she works too much she is falling behind in school. She won't hear of cutting back on her hours at work because she thinks she needs the money. She just won't listen. She also won't talk to me when i wanna help her. I don't get it? I don't understand? Every time i try to ask how can i help; she shuns me or tells me she doesn't want to talk about it cuz there's nothing i can do. I want you to all know, she is been diagnosed with bi-po depression and she doesn't take her meds AT ALL! i can't distance myself from her due to we now are on a appt lease and to break it before a year is up cost about 1000dollars. Not to mention, i love the other people i am living with and being around...it's just her. Why does she think everyone's out to get her? Why does she think i make things worse when i ask her what's wrong? A long time ago i did stop asking what was wrong and distanced myself from her, come to find out way later she was telling everyone i knew that i cut ties with her and that i had something bad to say about everyone. so in the end, i can't win no matter what. If i distance myself from her, she tells horrible things to my friends. If i put up with her, i gotta keep my mouth shut and take her drama. What do i do? My head is swimming and i have no one to go to. Did i mention when things get really bad, she winds up puking (force puking) and has a panic attack? This especially happens when i tell her that i don't wanna hear her drama or what's going on. It's like...i never know how she's gonna react and what days it's okay to talk to her about this stuff and what days she might wind up getting into a shouting fight and storming out the door barefoot in the snow. Basically, anytime it looks to be i'm in the right or trying to get logic out of the situation OR even just trying to separate myself from her; she tries something stupid to hurt herself (even suicide has been encountered, but that has been a while and hopefully will stay that way). This woman is nuts! I hate to say this about her but what can i do? I don't wanna move back home because all of my friends are here. problem is, they are also her friends. I don't wanna be alone. i love living with my friends i just wish she would grow up already! It's not fair for me and it's not fair for her boyfriend (I don't know how he puts up with it) and it's not fair for everyone around us. What do i do? What do I do??? D:
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ap_on_re_us/us_seaworld_death Shamoo! How could you??? T_T
  4. how i miss writing! I was sooo into it, i even was fortunate enough to have some of my stuff published! I just wish i had the time like i used to. But yeah, my fav to write is fantasy (but the stuff i get noticed for is poetry) I have been working on my Dal Riata series lately but only when i get extra time and it's been going for years (just the gathering of ideas part) i wanna make it good ^^
  5. i can't deal with this anymore. I feel like i'm always being put down by her, she's always 'supervising' me and just won't back off. Lately i've been hanging out with some of her friends OUTSIDE her crew (which of course, means they have now become my friends) and she has been very angry at me for this. It really REALLY hurts cuz in all honesty, i don't have too many friends. I don't know why she is mad about it but she has this way where she starts to make you feel guilty about stuff you shouldn't be feeling guilty about (form of control) and i don't know how to handle it. To top it off, she's bipolar and ever since she moved out; she refuses to take her medicine claiming she 'doesn't need it' . What do i do? How do i handle this? (btw, this sister is 3 years younger than me, so it's not one of those older sibling type things)
  6. http://www.romenews-tribune.com/pages/full...&id=5340509 bad idea if you ask me... D:
  7. http://www.ketv.com/news/21988171/detail.html didn't know it was possible...luckily I didn't feel it where i'm at. XP
  8. I agree, it was stupid of the school. Although, I really hate when people put the 'racism' card into play...race has nothing to do with this and I think this would have happened regardless of what ethnicity or whatever the kid was.
  9. I HAVE experienced paranormal activity before. Quite scary (no joke, I could tell you stories that would have you near vomiting that are pure fact and I have witnessed) anyways, you feel very empty and cold from it. However, I do not believe in ghosts... (yes, you read that right, I have experienced it but don't believe in ghosts) I think that paranormal activity is pretty much (if not fake) done by the work of demons/evil spirits. I know that sounds ludicrous; but from what i've experienced, studied, and seen, it just seems to be the truth.
  10. http://video.foxnews.com/12543848/bloodsuckers-101 I know I sure wouldn't pay money to take a course on this...talk about LAME... D:
  11. there's a difference??? nah, seriously though, I'd probably say star wars cuz I'm more familar with it; I do have some books on my shelf about obi-wan that I used to be into for a while...
  12. dude, did you know you could die from allergies? Is it really wise to KEEP the cat? O.o anyways, I usually go for napkins, toilet paper, or paper towels. If none of those are available I either re-use or... wait for it... wipe with the back of my hand or with my shirt...yeah, I'm just that gross... (I do wash my hands or change my shirt though afterward so I guess it's not so bad...)
  13. that's our doctors for ya...too 'busy' to do there own job and not notice what is really going on. D:
  14. if you haven't lost faith in humanity yet; here's another one to add to your list: http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged...deogame/1376577 Talk about creepy fanboy...I wonder how the creator of the game feels about this... D:
  15. http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local-...6052.html?yhp=1 one of those stupid, unfair things....