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    Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.
  1. thesilent


    I dislike all flies. Not because I find them gross or creepy, just downright annoying. And horseflies, deerflies and their ilk . . . I have scars on my back, shoulders and arms from being bitten. Often through a t-shirt. My poor horses are absolutely miserable this year, the biting flies are so bad. It's crazy, walking up and seeing how much blood is one them every day. All the abominable creatures like flies, ticks and mosquitoes are pretty rough right now.
  2. thesilent

    What is the attraction?

    I joined because Jeb invited me so we could chat on a site that wasn't so crazy restrictive. (No photos of yourself, no religion, no politics, etcetera) and at that point I considered myself Christian. I did leave for a little while because the site lost its appeal, I was busy, and I was exploring religion more and wasn't sure I wanted to come on one day and suddenly say I wasn't Christian anymore. But I have thoroughly reading the different viewpoints here, and like Rave I need to feel like I'm interacting with people, so now that I'm sick and largely stuck at home it seemed like as good a time as any to come back and poke around.
  3. thesilent


    I think long hair is gorgeous, straight, wavy or curly. I also adore well-kept dreadlocks. I have really thick brown hair that gets wavy when it's long. I like the way it looks shoulder-length, but I hate dealing with it, so I am all for boy cuts, I just have to find ones that work with my thick hair and the heart-shaped cowlick in the middle of my hairline. No full bangs for me, but sideswept ones have to be below my eyebrows, or there's not enough length to keep them down. Fauxhawk-capable cuts are awesome though, so I think I'll go back to that soon.
  4. thesilent

    Swimsuit help

    It's pretty easy to find swimsuit patterns online. (: But wow, I didn't even think about swimsuits having latex. My mom and two sisters have mild allergies, but they're getting worse, so I'll definitely mention it to them.
  5. thesilent

    Rspect for police?

    I respect them as human beings, maybe marginally higher. But I'm not really in awe of them just because of their job. I need more information. I have pretty mixed feelings about the majority of cops in my area. The rest of them, I like a little more.
  6. thesilent


    I have five "normal" siblings, of which I am the second oldest. In addition, I sort of have DID/MPD which adds a lot of other people that I call siblings as well. We get along sometimes. My older brother and I have very similar interests, are fairly close in age and in general are pretty close. The two sisters below me are okay, we don't fight, but at times they can really annoy me. The youngest two are just kids, and I don't like dealing with rowdy kids, so while they're pretty fun when they're behaving they get under my skin a lot. The "head siblings" are mostly cool; there's a couple that are really bad to deal with but the rest of us are incredibly close. Literally, hahah. It definitely affects how you grow up! Can't deny it. I would not be who I am were it not for all of my siblings, for better and for worse.
  7. thesilent

    Picture Post

    Aw, thank you Trinity Raine! You're too sweet. And I am in love with your piercing. Once I move out (the 'rents don't like facial piercings that much) I'm seriously considering a nose piercing or a snakebite. Or possibly both, I think I'd be pushing it, hahah. Jessica, I totally laughed at that image. But in a good, "This girl is so adorable" kind of way.
  8. I am on a cooking kick right now (I guess that's my coping mechanism since I'm sick and can't eat?) so this is really, really awesome. Thank you for sharing with us! Just in time for making a meal for my dad and granddad on Father's Day. ))
  9. Does anyone here like tending to plants? My family loves animals, enjoys nature and the outdoors. We have tried over the years to keep flowers, and we have a few nice flowering shrubs but nothing else has done well, indoors or outdoors. Not even flowering cacti! Aloe vera has done quite well although we don't have any at the moment. Mom was given a potted vine type thing that has thrived inside with low light but I haven't searched very much to find out what it is, even though we've had it for years. Lately I have been researching different plants and finally bought some of my own, a dragon tree (Dracaena marginata) and lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana). They're doing fine so far. Mom and I trying herbs now. I forgot what all we have, but for the most part it's all right. The past two years a little strawberry plant of ours has done great and year before last we had some peppers and cucumbers that were okay, but I think between animals and heavy rain, they're done for. Still it's nice to have a little more green life in and around the house and hopefully it will all continue to thrive!
  10. thesilent

    Knowing what you're meant to do

    Are you just asking for us to talk about our personal experiences? 'Cause this is an issue where it's going to vary for everyone and you just have to go with your gut and where you feel lead, which is very subjective.
  11. thesilent

    Another Faith

    When I was still calling myself Christian/sort of Christian I thought it would be Buddhism. Now I'm no longer identifying as Christian (had a lot of soul-searching to separate what I really believe from what I merely claimed to for a variety of reasons and realized saying I was even sort of Christian was deceitful) I'm actually labeling myself Pagan/no organized religious affiliation. And I still think Buddhism is the next best thing as far as organized religions go. It influences me a lot, as does Christianity, I'm just not totally devoted to either one. That was a little more info than was wanted, I'm sure.
  12. thesilent

    Is Glowstick a little person?

    I am incapable of viewing anyone who is one year+ or one grade+ below me as not little, regardless of how old they are or the fact that I at that grade/age may have believed myself to be huge and mighty. So yes, to me you are little, but I'm probably little to the majority of people on this board for the same reason, and in addition am ridiculously weak and somewhat small in stature.
  13. thesilent

    Picture Post

    She is gorgeous. What happened? Hello folks. My last post was . . . December 27th. So for fun because I'm having severe RLS and insomnia right now, here's a comparison! Christmas week and early January: Wednesday of this week: (I do still wear glasses, just not on that day) Green streaks for Lyme disease awareness. I need a better photo; my brown hair looks kind of gross colored here and I'm re-dying the green next week so it will be more vibrant.
  14. thesilent

    Dear CTF

    I haven't been here in a while and don't really know what the issues here were. But I wanted to say congratulations, as odd as it sounds. A very close friend of mine has a past that I'm guessing was vaguely similar to yours, and for a long time they went about life being very defensive. They got turned around in a tough way and changing their life outlook was really hard, but she made it through. I was witness to everything, so even though I don't know you I think I can empathize a little and I'm happy for you. ))
  15. thesilent

    The First Annual Census on Sexuality

    Uh, unless I and the group of pansexuals I know are quite mistaken, no. Pansexuality is a term that as far as I have understood it accounts for those who reject the gender binary. You have people who identify as nothing, androgynous, third-gendered, uncertain or just plain queer. Since the terms for sexuality are kind of flimsy (are we talking about gender identity or biological sex, do we mean only sexual attraction or is non-sexual emotional attraction included too, etcetera) in the sense that I am familiar with the term pansexual it means they user either believes in binary gender and is ignoring it because they are attracted with no regard to gender whatsoever or they reject the gender binary. Bisexual then implies that there are two genders, and to some people also that while they can be attracted to both the gender actually makes a difference. So yes, it does have to do with gender identity, but also with sexual attraction. And if you poke around you can probably find articles explaining it way better than I just did.