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    I'm just holding my BeeGee's (God) hand. And we're just walking.
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    BLAH!<br />Okay so I know that before it was all neat and listy stuff but I figured one of my biggest interests is randomness and strange witty or funny things that i say, you know (well actually you may not know, but you can pretend you know, cause pretending is fun! :D ) unusual, not expected sorta things, anywhom.... So basically I like stuff, fun stuff especially, oh especially especially random fun stuff! YAY! I like quotes that say awesome funny stuff, the funny quotes are the awesomest! You know what else is awesome, Pokemon, I was just looking at some pokemon stuff on you-tube, welling talking on the phone with Maia, but that's a minor detail, so I'll move on. (Yes Maia you are a minor detail, but we, okay maybe not all of us, and don't ask who we are because that is classified and I am not under authority to tell you such things, but back on track) Another awesome thing is wordige and ending things in ige, like foodige sounds s much cooler the food, food is so, well blah, same old same old, "Ya I know, I eat it daily." while foodige is like, SWEET, "Hey that sounds new... hmmm... 'll try some!" Again I'm done with that topic because i just sneezed/coughed, I think it was a sneeze and it sounded really funny, but looking now I see what i think is/was (would that be present or past tense?) my spit on the space bar... okay I cleaned it off (with my finger and shirt, yes I know I'm amazingly sanitary). So I just realized this may have a word limit... wouldn't it suck if at the end I said something deep and profound and the computer cut it off because it was too long... yep that would be suckige (see even bad words,( well not swear bad words, ) sound good with ige at the end, so I shall end now and I'll let you decide wether i can be deep and profound or not...<br /><br />here's what I shall end with:<br /><br />Tomorrow will come and then go, it may suck, but you know what, it will come again the next day, and then you can change tomorrow....

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  1. Don't be too enthusiastic now ;)

    But I love you too! SO much!