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  1. hey. I love you.

  2. Reianna

    A song I wrote last year

    that is so amazing!
  3. yep, he's awesome

  4. pretty good, got a boyfriend which is amazing :)

  5. Hey! Just wanted to stop by <3 love you!

  6. that sucks... rewrote my sig today cause the pic is no longer a pic, so i just wrote

  7. hey! how are you? it's been so long!

  8. thanks, still trying to fix it all from the site change :)

  9. maia! i miss you oodles!

  10. sissy! CTF is so different! I wanna talk to you sometime, I miss you, sorry i never come online

  11. hey you still on here often?

  12. Reianna

    Peace Out

    have fun sissy. i miss you. <3
  13. Reianna

    Possibly Moving Overseas

    WHAT!!!!!!!! ARE YOU ACTUALLY LEAVING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Reianna

    alternative abbreviations

    Controlled parachutes reverse an acronym Tarsilver and I created.... it's really long btw: ASTBBCSDAHKIOWHK
  15. Reianna

    Remember Love.

    yay for love <3
  16. Reianna


    TJ, that's beautiful, and makes perfect sense to me. Reminds me of a fair amount if stuff. You have so much skill in your writing, it's beautiful and real. Makes me think, not just about what ifs, but about reality. Good job, and thank you.
  17. Reianna

    I'm Sorry

    Dear CTF, I'm sorry. I've been somewhat of a hypocrite. I said I just wanted to love people. I said I didn't like to state stuff or argue without facts. But guess what... I did. I hurt someone. I did the one thing I hate most. I messed up. And for that I am sorry. I feel terrible. I want to apologize. I want you to know, I messed up and know it. You don't have to forgive me. I'm not asking you to. I'm just saying sorry. I messed up. ~Rei
  18. Reianna

    I am leaving

    bye bye God Bless remember you are beloved
  19. Reianna


    Other You don't know everything about him I assume. There could be a reason he acts like a jerk. Maybe some major insecurities. My opinion, see how things go. If he asks you to prom or does something really frustrating, confront him. Ask him straight out what is up with it all. If he's a jerk, he'll act like one, and that'll be it. If he's a sweetheart who just struggles with stuff, he may admit it. God will be there to help things play out that's all I got
  20. Sorry, the world that slips from lips to air so often. So powerful, and so pathetic. The small word once meant the world, but now is just a shoved off apology, a half-hearted phrase. The world, so dark, so pointless, so painful, a half-hearted land, a careless place, with little hope and joy truly remaining. We stand, we live, we speak, but when do we mean, when do we feel, we do we share, who we are with the rest? Quite we stand, afraid, empty, alone... and yet, God stays, love stays, hope stays, life stays, until the end, until the end... so keep believing, until the end... until the light is bright once more...
  21. Reianna

    im newww

    welcome i love Barlowgirl and Tobymac! (the others you listed are decent, but not my favs so that don't get a shout out ) anywhom.... WELCOME =)
  22. Reianna

    Guess Who is kinda back.

    wow you've returned... again So, I'm not gunna freak out, rather I'll just ask, how's your life.
  23. Reianna

    Dear CTF...

    you've never really even talked to me, but I just wanted to say how beautiful this post is thank you
  24. Reianna

    Favorite translations?

    I love the Message and use it the most often, yes I know it's just a paraphrase, but I just connect to it a lot more, so that's my reasoning
  25. Reianna

    having sex is sinning!

    I'm sorry to say, I don't necessarily know for sure, but part of me thinks deep down, that man will have hr forever part of his soul, I don't know about her side of things, but I do not believe your sister is in anyway in debt to this man. I'd say seeing how it was not mutual, he made a commitment to her, she neer made the same commitment to him. But hey, that's just my interpretation