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  1. Hi!

    I don't know if you remember me, but we where friends on here several years ago.

    I'm trying to get back in contact with the friends I made on here so if you're ever around send me a message.

    I'd love to get back in contact.

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    Hi, I haven't been on here in a good 6-7 years. To all the friends I made on here I'm sorry about the sudden disappearance. My abusive mum denied me access to any form of internet or outside communication she didn't approve of for years. Way past the point I was able to afford my own laptop and phone. When I started working I was so busy I really didn't think about this place any more. I'm hoping to reconnect with the friends I made on here. I recently moved out, like July 2018, and I thought it'd be nice to reconnect with some of those friends I made, if they're still around. So please DM me and I can send you my email address so we can catch up. I miss talking to you all. You where my rock until my mother took you all away. Emma
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    Hi! You're still around! And still a staff member! It's good to see you!
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    Oh no. That's actually really disappointing. I was hoping to connect with some of the friends I made while on here. Though I knew it was a long shot as it'd been so long since I was on here or even if they where still around.
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    Best gaming moment

    What is your best gaming moment? Mine is when I defeated the Archdemon in Dragon Age: Origins.
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    Prom OT

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Question about MMORPG

    Can you play MMORPGs without the internet? Or is the internet a requirement to play them?
  8. OnlyLovingHim

    Question about MMORPG

    My mum won't let me play it online because she says it uses all of our internet time. So the only thing that it'll get rid of is the mulitplay aspect of the game? 'Cause if so that mean I can play the Star Wars MMORPG and mum can't yell at me for using all our internet time.
  9. It's just called a Christmas Play. We don't have a name for it.

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    I'm not allowed on Google Chrome. How do you change the resolution?
  11. Me and my youth group are planing on doing a play for church on Sunday. It's a comedie version of Jesus birth.

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    Our monitor is only a year old Sunny Jo. So I don't think it's that because it does the same thing on my friends computer and that's only six months old. I use Internet Explorer if that counts toward anything.
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    Mum cleared cookies a couple of days ago and it still hasn't changed.
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    OT: Are we going to continue this RPG or are we going to let it die again?
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    The problem is in the red circle. http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6692/ctfmainscreen.png And thanks for the help guys.
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    CTF won't let me upload the screen shot and I'm not aloud to have a photobucket account. Know of any other ways I can get the picture on here?
  17. What are you planing on doing for Xmas?

  18. Hello Dear,

    I'm good. How are you?

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    How do you do that?
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    Every time I look at Cleverbot I think it's called cleverbot as in the knife.
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    Sunny Jo while your still here would you be able to fix the options up top they're all squished up together and I can't access the options that allow you to accese your control panel and log out and all that.
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    Period Resolutions

    That's the best advice I've heard so far.
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    Boys VS Girls - The Saga!

    96. THe girls are so gonna win. AGAIN!!!
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    Guardians Unite: Rise of the Shadow Lords

    OT: Sorry I thought Ambassidor was supposed to post next. ~ Mira Mira relaxed when the plants stoped attacking her and helped out to clean the nurses room. "So what now?" Mira asked as she tooka seat on one of the beds.