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  1. YO LOGOS, HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK YET? I fully expect to be allowed to purchase it.

    That being said, it'd be a pity for a notoriously private, but somehow exceptionally verbose person to drop off the face of the web after RPGing with you for so long. Are you notoriously private on any other social media sites that aren't as completely dead as this one? 

    (Also ebonyrose says hello, we speculated about your whereabouts this evening, hence the harassment you're receiving right now)

  2. Hi there!  Of course I remember you. :)  It would be kinda fun to get the band back together, so to speak.  Doesn't look like anyone else is using the RPG forum...

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      Hey! That sounds like it'd be fun, but yeah I noticed this place doesn't have a lot of traffic.

      How have you been? What have you been doing over the last few years?

  3. Hi!

    I don't know if you remember me, but we where friends on here several years ago.

    I'm trying to get back in contact with the friends I made on here so if you're ever around send me a message.

    I'd love to get back in contact.

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    Roleplay Discussion

    So...if one of us tries to start an RP, will that scare everybody off?
  5. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    I can be patient.
  6. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    Sorry you couldn't play, Marley. Ada looked like she'd have been a fun character in the game. Anyway, I'm here. Roleplayer roll call for whoever else is still with us.
  7. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    My provisional villain character. Bio is subject to revision depending on Zabby's response to my PM (you did get my PM, didn't you Zabby?) Name: Damarys Vethi'shaan Age: 35 Rank: Imperial Moff Gender: Female Species: Human Appearence: Personality: Damarys is cool and calculating, a brilliant strategist and tactician. She is strong-willed, assertive, and independent. She has a dry wit, and a taste for luxury that contrasts with her strong belief in military culture and discipline. She is deeply suspicious of the Force. An invisible, inexplicable alien power that gives some beings strange paranormal abilities, then pits them against each other in an everlasting struggle between "Light" and "Dark?" What's not to distrust? She is somewhat uneasy with the newly-enthroned Emperor Palpatine and his mysterious right hand, Darth Vader. On the plus side, there are only two of them, and they're ridding the Galaxy of the Jedi. In addition, they've brought order to the Galaxy and organized its governance along military lines, as opposed to the failed "democracy" of the Old Republic. Backstory: Damarys was born into an extremely wealthy and influential Coruscanti family. The Vethi'shaans have maintained dynastic control of Coruscant's Senate seat for generations, and they run a vast interplanetary business empire. As a child, she was a tomboy and troublemaker, constantly getting in fights and causing mischief. She made it a point to strive to be as far away from her parents' concept of a "proper" high-born young lady as she could get away with. As a teenager, she took up swoop bike racing, then starfighter racing and competitive dogfighting. She also developed an interest in military history and started to pursue it as an academic discipline. Her parents indulged her at first, hoping she would grow out of her strange hobbies, become ready to marry well and take her place in the Family empire. Instead, she demonstrated a talent for piloting, and started to climb in the rankings. Deciding that she would turn into a pirate or mercenary fighter pilot if they didn't do something, her father put his foot down and enrolled her into a strict finishing school. Damarys ran away from home for the Outer Rim before he could send her off, and joined the Republic Star Fleet under a fake I.D.. Surprisingly, her rebellious streak did not emerge in boot camp. Instead, she fell in love with the uniforms, the discipline, the sense of purpose and the challenging environment she found there. After graduation, she volunteered for interdiction duty against Outer Rim pirates and criminals. Shortly before her first deployment, she was tracked down by the Family's private investigators. Her ruse exposed, she was brought before a Board of Inquiry. She pleaded for clemency, explaining that she'd used the false identity to avoid the privileged "career officer track" her real name would have slotted her into, so she could join the "real Fleet" and make a difference fighting for the Republic. She appealed to her superiors and the JAG to rule that her enlistment remained legally binding regardless of what name she'd signed up under. Her determination to remain in the Fleet represented a possible political inconvenience for the Family. While the Fleet would have had no objection to her parents pulling strings to get her a discharge if she'd wanted out (one less privileged brat to babysit), she insisted on fighting for her right to serve. After tense argument and negotiation, her parents agreed to let her stay, and raised no objection to the deployment she'd applied for. Perhaps a rough, uncomfortable tour of duty in a remote armpit of the galaxy would finally knock some sense into their stiff-necked daughter. With a little nudge here and there, she could be moved into the bureaucratic track, toward Fleet procurement and a useful role assisting the Family's defense-contract firm. Unfortunately for their plans, Damarys thrived on the edge. She became a fighter Ace against pirates and smugglers, then was promoted to command of a Strike Cruiser, the Vigilant. She hit hard and fast, cutting deep into the profits of organized crime on the Rim. The crime syndicates and pirate fleets in her sector of operation united against her, massing against the heavily-outnumbered Republic task force. So far out from the Core worlds, the Republic fleet was small and poorly funded. Her Fleet Captain dressed her down for getting them into such a mess, and was considering abandoning the sector. "Sir, the Trade Federation blockaded and invaded a Republic world," she said, reminding them of the Naboo affair, "and got away with it. If we start running from pirates and criminal scum, the Fleet will lose all credibility. It'll only cause more trouble in the long run. Give me the Escort Carrier and its fighter compliment. Pull the rest of your ships back to Sector Command. The Base shields and your firepower will hold them off until I can break the siege." When she explained her strategy, the Fleet Captain reluctantly agreed. While the "Criminal Armada" massed against Sector Command, Damarys led her two-ship task force on a lightning raid into hostile territory. She became the pirate, forcing them into the role of defender. She struck their manufacturing and mining facilities, supply depots and other strategic targets chosen to shred their logistics network. The hodge-podge of crime syndicates and pirate gangs was not very good at large scale coordinated logistics to begin with. Damarys exploited their lack of deep unity, dodging into one syndicate's territory to escape the pursuing fleets of a "former" rival. The siege of Sector Command evaporated as syndicates started sending ships back to defend their territories not only against Damarys, but against "incursions" by forces belonging to their "allies." Meanwhile, this miniature war had attracted the attention of Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant. He dispatched two Jedi, a Knight named Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his young Padawan, Anakin Skywalker to join Damarys aboard the Vigilant and resolve the conflict. Damarys found the Jedi and their powers creepy, especially those of the arrogant adolescent Padawan, who liked to show off and exuded a sense of his superiority over mere mortals. Damarys resented having a child aboard her ship, and was extremely disquieted at the fact that the boy followed his master into combat. Nonetheless, the Jedi provided a potent ground attack capability she had previously lacked. Under their combined assault, the "Criminal Armada" fell apart, and order was restored to the sector. To her considerable displeasure, the Jedi were credited in the media with "a successful peacekeeping mission on the Outer Rim." Unbeknownst to her, she had attracted Chancellor Palpatine's interest. She was promoted to Fleet Captain and given command of a Dreadnought as flagship of a task force of three Escort Carriers, five Strike Cruisers, and three Fleet Tenders, and given permission to range far and wide through the Rim taking on pirates and crime syndicates. Then the Clone Wars began, and she was turned loose against the Separatists. Her strategy of a rapid tempo of strikes against key logistical targets far behind Separatist lines prevented them from being able to initiate an unstoppable "replication buildup" (droids build factories that build more droids that build more factories until they could overrun the Republic with sheer numbers), stunting Separatist production enough for the Republic forces to maintain parity. Damarys strongly objected to Jedi being given command of Clone troops. "They're diplomats and peacekeepers! What do they know about fielding combined-arms military forces on the battlefield? Their idea of combat is to charge in with lightsabers swinging. That may work for them, but someone needs to tell them that Clone troops can't deflect blaster shots with swords, and that 'frontal assault against massed firepower' is the worst possible tactic! The only reason we're winning is because Battledroids are even stupider than Jedi!" Chancellor Palpatine decided to let her build and test her theories on military organization and combat, to lay groundwork for the post-Jedi Galaxy he was working toward. During a promotion ceremony, he sounded her out and listened congenially to her complaints about Jedi leadership. "You are of course, correct, but the Jedi are too powerful politically for us to sideline them," he said. "So long as the Senate supports them as the Republic's primary guardians, they will remain in charge of the Grand Army. It was their creation, after all. We do not have the votes to take it away from them." This stoked Damarys' resentment of Jedi, as he intended. Promoted to Admiral and given a battalion of Clones to deploy from her new flagship, the Acclamator Assault Ship Relentless, Damarys eschewed the use of lumbering Walkers, employing heavily armed and armored assault shuttles and gunships in the armor role instead. This gave her the ability to move her forces rapidly across any terrain, outflank enemy strong points and deploy her troops where the enemy was most vulnerable. Since she did not "lead from the front" and get caught up in the din of one part of a battle like a Jedi, she was able to coordinate her forces effectively throughout the entire battlespace, using intricate, coordinated maneuvers and tactics that baffled Separatist Battledroids and their Neimoidian commanders alike. At war's end, Damarys supported Emperor Palpatine and his New Order. From what she could learn about the circumstances, she believed Palpatine's account of an attempted Jedi coup. Had the Jedi not created the Clone army in secret? What might they have used it for, if the Separatist threat had not intervened? Did they not insist on commanding it, despite being so clearly ill-suited for the task? Damarys was promoted to Moff, and given a new mission: hunt down remaining Jedi, wherever they might hide. Weapon Abilities: Damarys has passable marksmanship with a blaster pistol and blaster rifle and basic hand-to-hand combat (part of her military training), but she is truly deadly in a starfighter cockpit.
  8. No, sorry! I've just been very busy. I'll write up the bio for my Moff and PM it to you.

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      Hahaha, I know! I figured it was somethin' like that.

  9. No, sorry! I've just been very busy. I'll write up the bio for my Moff and PM it to you.

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      Shasta Daisy

      I've done that before. Sometimes when you are on the second page of somebody's profile feed and type it in at the top it does not respond as it would if you are on the first page, and posts it in both their feed and the status updates here. Some sort of glitch, I think.

  10. T-T Now I'm afraid I've done something because you never respond to me.

  11. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    My concept for a villain is an Imperial Moff in charge of an Acclamator Class Assault Ship and a force of Clones. A second villain character (not played by me) could be in charge of the Clones. However, this character is a "back-up plan" in case others don't take the villain slots, so whoever has ideas and interest, go for it! Also, as I understand it, Para has agreed to go with the canonical Order 66, so hopefully you'll not be annoyed.
  12. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    Just my opinion (as someone not the GM): While I think we shouldn't be too fussy about 'canon' (as in, "You can't have an XD-OMG droid! Those weren't invented until 13 ABY!"), I think we should stick to the major plot points of the movies. That Darth Vader and the Empire were seeking to wipe out the Jedi (starting with Order 66, a command given to Clone troopers in Revenge of the Sith to turn on their Jedi generals and kill them) was pretty important to the story arc of the movies. It's why Obi-Wan and Yoda (not counting the EU) were the only two Jedi left as far as they knew, and why Luke becoming a Jedi Knight in Return of the Jedi represented...well, the return of the Jedi. Also, if the Empire's forces have standing orders to "kill on sight," it raises the dramatic stakes for our characters. They can't just surrender to the authorities and hope to get a good lawyer. If we want captures and escapes/rescues, there could be bounty hunters out to capture Jedi and turn them over to the Empire for rewards. Thank you. I've edited it to add Talitha's Force powers and lightsaber Forms. BTW, I am also willing to introduce a major villain character, unless someone else wants to be the Big Bad. I think others should have first dibs so I'm not bogarting both the Jedi teacher (if no one else creates an experienced Jedi) and the main villain.
  13. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    Name: Talitha Vadoma Age: 18 Gender: Female Appearance: Personality: Talitha is shy and lacks confidence (especially in combat situations) but she wants very much to be the best Jedi she can be. She is more scholar and mystic than warrior, though she does enjoy the art of the lightsaber as a contemplative practice. She is very intelligent, and talented with a lightsaber, though she has yet to injure or harm a person with her blade. Bio: Talitha was born into a tribe of space nomads who lived aboard an AA-9 Coruscant Freighter, the Vadoma XII. The Vadoma Tribe preferred to haul (often dodgy if not outright smuggled) cargoes along out-of-the-way hyperspace routes. Between cargo runs, they would often take "shore leave" on planets, where they would hold festivals. During these, they offered performances, fortune-telling, gambling, and other dubious entertainments, as well as under-the-table trade. Her childhood included early training in sabacc, pick-pocketing, lock-picking, and fortune-telling using sabacc cards. From a young age, Talitha was strangely unlucky. If a sewage conduit was going to spring a leak and spray all over an important client, it would happen when she walked into the room. If something valuable was to inexplicably fall and break, it would happen when she was being yelled at or punished. Winning sabacc cards would change to rubbish whenever she was near a game. Being a superstitious lot, the Vadomas came to believe that she was cursed. They tried keeping her aboard the Ship during "shore leave," and keeping her away from the passengers. The last straw came when she had been caught talking to Tian Senn, a mysterious and reclusive passenger who had hired them--and paid them well--to take him to various destinations deep in Trade Federation space and wait while he accomplished...whatever he intended at each location. The nine year-old girl protested that he had sought her out, not the other way around, but Talitha's Elders refused to believe her. One of them started to beat her...and nearby lockers began to bang and rattle as if there were creatures pounding on the doors from the inside. A coolant conduit broke, forcing an emergency shut-down of the hyperdrive. Panicking, the Elders were about to shove her out an airlock to save the ship, when a voice said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless you all want to be haunted to your dying day." It was Tian Senn. "Give the child into my custody, and she will cause you no more trouble," he said, subtly waving a hand. Relieved to have a less-extreme way to be rid of her, the Elders agreed, on condition that they drop her and Tian off as soon as possible. Tian paid for passage to Mon Calamari. There, he purchased an MC-18 freighter, the Integrity. As was their custom, the Mon Calamari Shipyards produced the ship as a custom build. Tian asked Talitha her favorite color. Nervously, she said 'Purple,' and he had the ship painted to match. He was a Jedi Knight engaged in deep-cover espionage, keeping tabs on the Trade Federation after the Battle of Naboo. He took her as a Padawan, and she played the role of his daughter on missions while he began her training. When the Clone Wars began, Tian was recalled, and he returned to the Jedi Temple with his Padawan. The Council was dubious about the unorthodox way in which Talitha was found, accepted into the Order, and trained by Tian. With the Order suffering heavy losses in the War, they allowed her to continue her studies in the Temple, while they placed Tian in command of a Clone special ops force and sent him into battle. He lent her the Integrity for personal transportation and deployed with his force from a Republic Light Cruiser. Talitha excelled in her studies, and the Council reluctantly Knighted her. They assigned her to teach Younglings and Padawans at the Temple so they could free up another Jedi Knight for combat duty. She was taking a small group of Padawans on a field trip to the ruins of the ancient Jedi Library on Ossus when Palpatine seized power and issued Order 66... Lightsaber: Lightsaber Forms practiced: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu. Force Powers: Force Sense, Telekinesis/Push/Pull, Jedi Mind Trick, Force Jump, Force Speed. Ship: The Integrity, an MC-18 Light Freighter:
  14. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    We don't have to be too fussy about 'canon,' especially when dealing with new alien species that might have biological reasons for starting later than usual ("But Master Yoda, a Brezhinakh doesn't even hatch until its ten years old, and then it's a sub-sapient predator until its first metamorphosis to nymph stage at around 16"). In Revenge of the Sith, we see Younglings of a number of (humanoid) species (Human, Twi'lek, Togruta, etc.) being trained with lightsabers as small children around 6 to 9 years old or so. IIRC, the Jedi Council questioned whether Anakin was "too old" to begin training at around 8 years old or so. In The Clone Wars, Anakin gets a Padawan (Ahsoka Tano) who is already pretty skilled with a lightsaber, using the Force (Force Push and Force Jump at least, IIRC) at around 12 years old. Later in the series she commands Clone Troops in battle when Anakin and other older Jedi are absent. In the EU (which is no longer canon, so we can ignore it if desired), an Old Republic Youngling needed to be chosen by a Knight or Master as a Padawan before their 13th birthday, or they would be assigned to the Jedi Service Corps, where people who have Force ability but not "the right stuff" to be a regular Jedi could put their talents to use. The JSC was divided into 3 branches, the Agricultural Corps, the Exploration Corps, and the Medical Corps. So in general, and assuming relatively human-like biology: Youngling, ~6 to 12 years old, Padawan, ~12 to Late Teens (?). I don't know of any age deadlines for becoming a Knight, but I'm guessing there weren't a whole lot of 35 year-old Padawans running around. Luke Skywalker began his training at 19 years old, and became a Knight at (IIRC) 23 years old, but he was a very unusual case. His training wouldn't have happened that way if the Jedi Order was intact. I'm planning on my character being a young Knight of 18 or 19 years old.
  15. Logos

    Now you gotta Run

    One of my character concepts is for a young, newly-minted Jedi Knight who is assigned to take a small group of Padawans or Younglings on a "school field trip" to a historic Jedi location (probably someplace like Tython or the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, or maybe the Valley of the Jedi to look for lightsaber crystals). While they're gone, Order 66 goes out, and now the young Knight finds herself responsible for children's lives (she was assigned to this 'mission' in the first place because she wasn't deemed 'good enough' to be put at the head of Clone troops on the battlefront). Does anyone want to be a Padawan or Youngling? If not, it's OK, I have other character ideas I'd be just as happy to play.