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    A young woman seeking God with all her heart.
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  1. hi there i am odessa

  2. I had this friend who was very dear to me. We had been friends about two years. She was my accountability partner and she was the main reason that I gave my life to God. She truly exemplified to me what a Christian woman was supposed to me. After dealing with my childish and immature actions she decided that she didn't want to deal with me any longer. She told me I needed to learn to seek God for myself and not depend on her. I have tried to reconcile with her without any luck. My heart is still heavy and empty from the loss of a very dear friend. Can anyone offer me any advice to what I should do?
  3. Amazed

    What college do you attend?

    Really. How do you like Nicholls? I know a former classmate that goes there.
  4. Amazed

    Loss Of A Best Friend Because Of My Own Stupid Mistakes

    I understanding where you are coming from. I am dealing with the same issue. I feel as though I can't make things better for making things worse. I am just going to put it in God's hands and ove on with my life and I encourage you to do the same.
  5. Amazed

    Losing Focus

    I am currently in college and enjoying it. Although, I am loving college I have had am still adjustig to my surroundings. With all of thus new found freedom I have gone astray to my parents teachings and to God. I love God with all my heart, but always seem to fall into each temptation that presents itself to me. I have seen really struggling in my coursework and it is getting close to finals. I really need to do well on all my finals (especially Chemistry) to keep my scholarship. I don't want to have to put the burden upon my parents to pay for my education. I have also lost sight of what I want to do in the future. when I first came to school I was focused on becoming a doctor, but after taaking a science class quickly changed my major to poliical scince. Now I am struggling with wether I want to pursue a degree in law or medicinde. I am so not focused right now. I am asking that you pray for me that I gain sme sense of direction in my life and that I am victorious this semester.
  6. Who here goes to a college are univeristy in Louisiana? If yes, which one.
  7. Amazed

    Ways to Act Around Guys

    So how do you ladies control your hormones around guys? I deal with lust a lot and at times I am arounds guy I get urges to get sexual but don't act. What do you all do when these types of feelings come?
  8. Amazed

    Messed Up Life

    Your are going to get through this by the grace of God.
  9. Amazed

    Almost Done

    I am just about done with hurting God and myself. I have been battling with pornography and the spirits of lust and peversion for quite sometime now. I will go a while without messsing up then an urg omes and t is as though I am right where I beagn. This time I feel as though I am just one sin away from God turning His back on me. I feel as though I am so bound and consumed that I will never be delivered. I have been praying and believing God for deliverance with no answer. It is as though I don't know how to break free from the world. I am saved, but I still like to do worldy things. Even though feel bad when I do these things I continue to do them anyway. I am tired of going to the altar time and time again and walk right out thte church and sin again. Now that I am in college, I want a boyfriend. I know that I still struggle with lust issues which make it even more difficult to become close with someone. Almost everytime I am around a male, I feel that I need to be touched in some ind of way by him. The only way I think that a guy would want me is if I engage in sexual activity wth him. I know that is so not true, but that was what I was introduced to in my last relationship ad that is all am use to. I am a virgin and want to stay that way, but everytime I am tempted to engage in sinful behavior I put my virginity on the line. I have contemplated suicide twice, but couldn't go through with it. I don't want to kill myself. I just want to be free. I want to whole and want to go back to living a normal and happy life. Most of all, I want to be able to forgive myself for what I have done and how I have hurt God. Kind of lengthy. Your help would be much appreciated
  10. Amazed

    My friends and family

    I am also from Louisiana. I go to school in south Louisiana, but left on Friday because of the storm. Please be praying for us thatf God turns this storm around and not let it affect us as bad as Katrina did.
  11. My day of college was great.
  12. Amazed

    Safe Travels and A Good School Year

    Midgey I will be praying for you. This is going to be my first year in college so I ask that everyone pray for me also. Midgey you are going to do great!
  13. Amazed

    What college do you attend?

    I received a full scholarship to the college of my choice. I am going to attend Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Geaux Tigers
  14. This is my first year in college and my friends want be with me. I am kind of a shy person and would rather other people come talk to me. I don't want to get involved with the partying type of group I am use to being around. THis is my time for change in my life and want to start my college years off right. Your advice will be much accepted.
  15. Amazed

    Wow! I done it this time it is real!

    That is awesome. I hope that with God you conquer pornography and masturbation. I know how it feels to deal with those things, because I am dealing with them right now. Just know God will put no more on you than you can bare. Good Luck