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    I'm Delaney, but call me Della or something of the sorts.<br /><br />I'm interested primarily in music, writing, reading, et cetera.<br /><br />Send me a PM or leave a comment. New friendships are win.
  1. Delaney

    What does it mean to be pure?

    Some Christians I've talked to believe that it means abstaining from solely sexual intercourse, others believe otherwise. What do you think it means? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum!
  2. Delaney

    Why we should dress modestly

    Okay, I know this is my first post on here in a long, long while, but I got back from a youth trip on Monday and learned so, so many things to strengthen my relationship with Christ. And one of the things I learned I really feel like I should relay onto all my female friends, you guys included, regardless of the fact you don't know who I am. (: We caravanned to Ohio for this trip, and my youth minister was driving the van with me and four of my friends in it. Since it's a 6 - 8 hour drive, depending on traffic, sometimes we were goofing off, sometimes we were silent, sometimes we were having crazy intense conversations. Not really sure which category this fits into, but I just wanted to give you all some back up info. My youth minister is young. She's 24, and when she was a teenager she wasn't religious. This led her to not really care about how covered up she was wherever she went. She figured she should flaunt what she had. When she went to a Catholic college, she inevitably met many guys she befriended. Once, she was talking to one of them about the issue of dressing modestly. He asked her, "Do you love your guy friends?" She was taken aback by being asked such a thing. "Of course! I'd give my life for them!" "Then why would you tempt them towards Satan?" That question alone made her want to change her ways, and she did. I know we all know the whole lust story, but I felt like this makes it even more obvious what damage we alone can do with our clothing choice, aside from degrading ourselves. God bless!
  3. Delaney

    Make up?

    Oh gosh. I seriously can't leave the house without makeup. I feel naked without it. Not that I overuse it or anything, though. Generally, I do concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and a little lipstick. It sounds like a lot, but it's just basic stuff.
  4. Delaney

    What do you do?

    Honestly, I just try and distract myself from it, haha. I only take medicine if I feel like I'm gonna pass out or something -- I'd rather tough it out. Chocolate works too. :]
  5. Delaney

    Ncyc 2009

    I'm going Can't wait either!
  6. Delaney

    That Time Of The Month...

    I get cramps, headaches, and I'm easily irritable, haha. I don't do much for it, though... I just down a lot of tea and complain a lot.
  7. Delaney

    My Friend Barbara!

    I'm not really sure what you're saying... Are you saying that babies die young because they were born bad, and born to die? If so, though there's no proven answer, I'd think that faith alone could show you otherwise. All human beings are born with a soul. God has a reason for taking babies and young children, though we may not know the reason. Plus, I don't believe in a person being born "bad". God gave us all free will, and generally, a baby or young child is too young to make decisions, whether they be bad or good, unless you call an infant choosing to poop their pants or barf on their mom a bad decision. Some might say it was a good thing that God took a baby early on. If this happens, you can pretty much be certain that they went to heaven and are now with God safely.
  8. Delaney

    Long Bus Rides

    Sleeping's always good, haha. :] At my old school, people would bring their Nintendo DS's and get on the PictoChat and keep changing their names on it to make people get irritated until they figure out who the person really was. Then other people would launch various hard candies across the bus to see who screamed... Good times. Oh, there's also those stupid car games, like looking out the window and looking for every letter of the alphabet on signs in the correct order. People get very, erm, violent in those games though if they lose. Truth or dare's always fun, too.
  9. Delaney

    106-year-old nun to vote for Obama.

    Sorry if this makes me a completely horrible person, but what happens if a young girl gets pregnant? If her body is incapable of giving birth safely, which is most likely the case with a young teenager, she and her baby could very well both die. I don't support Obama or McCain because, well, being thirteen, I don't exactly have to. I'm pro-life for the most part, except in situations like that. I'm not posting this to start an argument, I'm truly curious what makes Obama a bad person if he keeps things like this in mind when being pro-choice.
  10. While a song or poem would be romantic if she liked you back, if she didn't, it would be EXTREMELY awkward and you'd look EXTREMELY stupid. So yeah, unless you're 99% sure she likes you too, I'd just tell her.
  11. Delaney

    Favorite Class

    Oh gosh. I'd have to say PE and Bio, because the teachers are HILARIOUS. I love them both to death. The gym teacher actually started this whole argument today over how tight the Jonas Brothers' pants are.
  12. Delaney

    Cold showers.

    When I'm all sweaty and stuff, I put my water in the shower on freezing at first but then make it hot about 30 seconds after I turn the shower on.
  13. Delaney

    Over protective fathers!

    I'm not really gonna scold you for rebelling against your parents because, ahem, that's what I kind of have to do whenever I date or do anything that slightly resembles being a teenager. Primarily the dating thing though, only I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't care, I just don't bother asking. Asking your boyfriend to dinner at your house to meet your parents might not be such a bad idea, though. Oh my lanta, my dad is ANYTHING but protective. I mean, I guess he'd kind of "attempt" to play the protective father role and demand a brief description of any guy I date, but he wouldn't actually care unless I go and get pregnant or something. Then he might be a smidgen irritated. Oh well. My mom already said that when I get a steady boyfriend we're not telling my dad.
  14. Delaney

    We can be frinds with guys and not fancy them...

    I 100% agree. I actually find it easier to talk to my guy friends than it is my girl friends. Don't really know why. I guess it's because on AIM most of my girl friends use chatspeak and double letters and it drives me insane. Plus, I'm not really into the whole "Ohmygoshness I love him but he loves her this calls for drama!" scene. I admit that at times I've had crushes on most of my guy friends, or vice versa, but I'd much rather stay friends with my close guy friends than date them and ruin a perfectly good friendship.
  15. Palin Says Daughter, 17, is Pregnant If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, it basically says that Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate, has a daughter named Bristol who, at seventeen years old, is five months pregnant. Palin, strongly opposing abortion, is very proud that her daughter is going through with the birth. Bristol also plans on marrying Levi, the father of her child. Do you think this is going to affect the election? I don't think it will cause any major differences, except for maybe the borderline people who could find this enough to trigger the event of them supporting Obama instead. Some might also argue that Bristol's pregnancy says enough about Palin's mothering skills, who knows what could happen with her as a vice president, but seeing as though I honestly doubt a thought of their parents' opinions runs through their head when a teenager is having sex, I don't think that this reflects Sarah Palin's ability to be a vice president in any way. By the way: Picture 11 kind of made me laugh. The bear on her couch and the crab look incredibly photoshopped.