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    I chase various theories... and although I like to try to expand my intelligence, I also like to remain simple. I like weird subjects, theology, philosophy, science...
  1. HlMelody

    Meaning of life...

    That's another subject, though.
  2. HlMelody

    Meaning of life...

    I was actually trying to completely avoid making the "to you" statement, because you end up with the same problem that you mentioned. That is why I was having some problems with making my question sound "correct". The "become apparent" statement was general.
  3. HlMelody

    Meaning of life...

    Changed "aware" to "apparent".
  4. HlMelody

    Meaning of life...

    I think you read that incorrectly...
  5. HlMelody

    Meaning of life...

    Assuming that there is a meaning of life, does the meaning of life become apparent during your existence, or after?
  6. HlMelody

    Listening to people...

    Without absolutes, truth is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. HlMelody

    Listening to people...

    What determines the quality of whether or not a person is worth listening to?
  8. You tell me, since you seem to know.
  9. HlMelody

    Atheism; A religion?

    Yet your debate points usually are your own reasoning. If there are five plausible theories, and you choose one of those five, that doesn't mean that when you take it and spread it around as the truth, that it isn't your own reasoning. I'd be surprised if many smart atheists disagreed with me.
  10. HlMelody

    Weakening faith...

    That's a (somewhat) tough question. There is some sort of human need for the former and my weakness as a human would probably be inclined to that, despite the fact that the latter seems more logical and convenient. However, should I not let emotions decide my choice (which I probably would)... I might choose the latter. It not only depends on the circumstances, but will probably also turn into a question of morales.
  11. HlMelody

    Where Do I Go From Here?

    Well, I guess you can start with the Bible...
  12. HlMelody

    Faith in the Bible

    Well Solija, you and I both don't wish to be religious fanatics, which means that we'll probably stick to trying to use more than just faith for our beliefs. That's all I can say. In what manner?
  13. HlMelody

    CTF Official Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Debate

    In what regard? Someone could avoid getting hit by a bus by staying at a coffee shop drinking coffee. Um, me. I thought about it.
  14. HlMelody

    Liberal/Progressionist board or sub-forum?

    Well, I really don't understand how it would take away. Other than that the conservative Christians will probably have less people to try to convert to Bible fundamentalism, whom they wouldn't be able to convert anyway. Picture it like sitting at a table trying to discuss serious subjects with 10 people... subjects of science, logic, various theories, etc. That's really great and all, but then add a bunch of preachers with Bible in hand screaming about the end-times or salvation. It's really not fun to be preached to by people who probably don't know the Bible any better than you do, just because you aren't adhering to fundamentalist ideas.
  15. HlMelody

    Liberal/Progressionist board or sub-forum?

    While I see what you mean, I'll try to define. A liberal would probably: Not necessarily follow all the beliefs of their denomination. Possibly believe in evolution. Accept science and logic when dealing with problems. Be open-minded to ideas of the world which contradict the Bible. Possibly be open to theories which try to redefine reality. A conservative on the other hand would: Generally follow theological beliefs from a few hundred years or more ago in a dogmatic manner. Believe that the Bible is the best guide to solving the world's problems. Probably be a Creationist/YEC. However generally I think people will be able to get an idea or have a pretty accurate self-assessment of themselves. Although I could be wrong. And part of the problem would probably be eliminated in that it would probably also be fit for neutralists to some degree.