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  1. Message me your email if you can. I can't message you, so who knows if you can.

  2. Sounds about the same as I'd do. My days of debating kids is behind me.

  3. So you're still around.

  4. What, did Wesker get banned already?

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    2. Zabby


      Wesker's never even been threatened with banning, and the moderation has been this way for at least half a year now if not more.

    3. Wesker


      Why do you think I was banned Bryce?

    4. AquinasD


      It wouldn't let me send you a message.

  5. This looks different from last time.

    1. Zabby


      Yup, that's what happens when you get a new owner.

    2. Crescentheart



      can i be the new owner?

    3. Foofer


      I'm actually used to this setup, it's the same as VinylCollective. I'm all over dis.

  6. It's an essay that is a book. It's really good, one of the greatest texts in English. Up there with Shakespeare, Tolkien, and Yeats.

  7. This is why I suggested Newman. You really ought to give his Essay a read.

  8. But certainly there is research you do outside of CTF.

  9. Sorry to be abrasive, but well, that's just the kind of person I am. I'll never back down on what I believe is the truth. Still friends?

  10. If you know it, then explain. For one who has the answers, you deflect an awful lot.

  11. You seem to be stipulating conditions of love. Ergo, "It's love!" does not prove that it is actually love.

  12. Your rhetorical move was equivalent to a suicide bombing. "Well you can't win because our words don't mean anything." I'm sorry, I just can't stand for that. People who would defend anything like that deserve to die.

  13. I'm doing just splendidly. What are you doing in life? Are you living up to your potential as a genius theologian type?

  14. That would make it hard to try on clothes with your favorite pony.

  15. Sort of like that. You, you have your high maintenance pony, I don't think you could keep up. Sparkle is much more realistic and fun.

  16. Noooo don't ruin the image. I was thinking like... Foreign librarian. With magic powers. And a nice... tail.

  17. I'm sorry you feel that way, I hope you get better soon. Sparkle's... knowledge... is so very sexy.

  18. Are you sure? We've had the niches pretty well filled out. Which niche do you fill?

  19. I know I probably am, but I can incorporate new bands only so fast. Let me share you something I recently found. Sleep Party People. In honor of you, I'll bump up Modest Mouse and see if I can like them. I probably will, they're folksy right?

  20. Twilight Sparkle is the best, I would like to do many things with her. Like read books. She likes reading books.

  21. Knowledge ≠ appreciation.

  22. Eating Papists? Why not eat a Pope?

  23. Of course, Fluttershy is also cute beyond words, but I've always been a Twilight Sparkle guy.