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  1. Hi Justin! :D how've you been?

  2. Nice! :D And I don't know how. xD But I hope it gets fixed soon!

  3. A big carl of course. Would you come fix my internet?

  4. Awesome possum! What did you get? Church was good. :D

  5. Carl's Jr. How was church?

  6. What are you gonna eat? Today I went to church and now I am just hanging out, haha.

  7. Nah nothing better has come along.

  8. What's wrong with my current one?

  9. Absolutely nothing! How about you? Actually I'm kinda hungry. I might eat today.

  10. Company was all right. I was able to get some cards and stuff from friends, but there was a lot of cooking and cleaning to do. Also, you need a new Phineas and Ferb avatar.

  11. Haha what are you doing today? :D

  12. you have like a million visitor messages I don't know what to do