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    Ont. Canada
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    -Getting to know God more and more through prayer<br />-Listening to music<br />-Developping my writing skills<br />-Reading the talents of my fellow writers<br />-Chilling here at CTF! :D
  1. ... *Sob* I came so close to death the other day!! D=!! Gotta be more careful!!
  2. Probably According to him by Orianthi or Hey Hey by Superchick. =)
  3. Memories

    Where Do You Work?

    I currently work part-time in a little library. I place book on their shelves, check out some books, and do some odd jobs here and there. It's fantastic. lol. I've worked there since this summer. Yes, I quit the deli. Praise God.
  4. Haha, a lot of my fellow Canadians jump up to post their countries. I love it!<3
  5. Memories

    Best Friend

    Haha! *Cough* PUN!!! <3
  6. Hey, to every lady getting married, all my congratulations! <3 I'm sure it'll be fine! Be sure to post pictures of your wedding; I know I'm not the only girl here who'd love to see them!
  7. Memories

    True Or False!

    True. In ten minutes. T/F: you've been playing my/this game since the beginning.
  8. Well I saw a Campus for Christ (C4C) organization at uOttawa. I went to their barbecue in the beginning to get to know them, but because of my schedule / transportation, I can never attend their bible studies at night. :/ But I made some friends.
  9. Memories

    I hate writing essays

    Fantastic, so I'm not the only one to do this! As an English major, I'm always writing essays, so I think I've grown immune to boring essays lol! But I do agree, it's a pain. I usually give myself privileges. "If I do these next 200 words, I'll get a cookie..." and so on lol.
  10. Memories

    Final Grades

    You guys got your grades already? o.O wow. I only received one, and it's because our prof was crazy about correcting. I ended with 76 in my Latin class, which gives me a B+ or 3+. The GPA is different here in Canada, so I'll get back to you on that one after I get my other grades.
  11. uOttawa's the place for me! *Proud student* Canada's university, baby! Biggest North American bilingual university!
  12. Memories

    Best Friend

    My best friend's a girl. She's also on this site. ^.^
  13. Memories

    display pictures

    My avatar is apparently an epic picture of Link from Legend of Zelda. XD <3 My personal picture is of me. It's old, though, I need to update it.
  14. Memories

    Confessions of a CTF Addict

    I come to bring hope! Hi, my name is Jue, and I am an undercover CTF addict. I came on CTF about a year and a half ago, but I don't even have 1k of posts to put under my belt. The only thing that's keeping me from being a complete addict is the fact that with dialup, this website loads sloooowly. XD So I only come to lurk, hence the "undercover" title. Fortunately, curing myself from a CTF addiction isn't something I want to do!
  15. Memories

    Friends, Romans, Gentrymen?

    Congratz my fellow Ontarian!