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  1. CTF, I have journeyed long on this site

    But now the time has come to take my flight

    I intend to leave not for a short period of time

    but for good, sealed with this rhyme

    CTF has been here through pain and plight

    as I have fallen and risen closer to the Light

    But as the passage of time will always show

    When we are struck low, God will provide another way to go

    I dreamed a dream some time in the past

    And now I feel that dream is starting to come true at last

    At the end of the day, I am compelled to say

    That I must be gone, I can no longer stay

    I must escape now from this world, the world of this site

    And it is time for me to journey along on the path that is right

    I am thankful to all I have met herein

    But now, another story must begin!


    Have I wronged anyone on this site, you have my sincerest apologies. I am sorry for any rudeness or wrongdoing of any kind directed at those on or off this site.

    Any possible errors in my posts I submit to the correction of the Catholic Church when applicable. Any such confusion should be resolved by looking at Catholic teaching on any applicable issue.

    Moderators please delete my second account under the name “Lawliet” created in CTF’s transfer some years back where this account was temporarily inaccessible for reasons I can’t recall.

    Those who wish to contact me otherwise, ask around, I don't use facebook anymore, and don't log on skype as much but there are ways to find me besides heading for the second star to the right and straight on till morning, don't feel shy.

  2. If we were all to meet

    That in itself would be a feat

    I spose I'd stand in the corner

    Frown on my face akin to a mourner

    When approached, a conversation I would strike

    If the subject was surely nothing to like

    If the talk was as empty as the chat

    I'd scurry off, slipping away like a rat

    Return I would to my makeshift lair

    Lamenting that such meetings were ever so rare

  3. My experience in the city

    has filled my heart with pity

    For I wish that the poor

    Would rise and suffer no more

    Not to mention the cost of a lease

    If you cannot pay, it may mean the police

    And so it is property that I'd prefer to own

    And leave the monthly payments for a phone

    The crowds are an element to avoid

    And resist the appeal of the local tabloid

    To escape the noise would be my gain

    To live in tranquility bereft of strain

  4. I disagree. There are two types of wine in the Bible. Fermented & unfermented. Both were called wine, one was the equivalent of grape juice because it didn't have alcohol. Wine is grape juice that has alcohol in it, the Bible said Jesus drunk wine, however Jesus didn't drink alcohol, therefore Jesus drank the equivalent of grape juice.

    But where are you getting that the wine was non-alcoholic? Jews who celebrate passover even today use alcoholic wine in their passover observance, and it certainly is not grape juice, it is slightly different from the wine people normally drink in that it is Kosher wine which involves certain peculiarities in the process of making it and under the supervision of a Rabbi, but at the end of the day it is still wine with alcohol.

  5. In theory you can be legally drafted by the US government to kill and be killed at age 18, but you can't buy alcohol, this is absolutely ridiculous. The age to purchase alcohol ought to be lowered to 18, the drinking age isn't an inflexible 21 as many think, certain states have exceptions to the law such as if you are consuming alcohol with parental consent in their presence, this is legal to do so under 21 at least in New York.

    Keeping the law at 21 helps no one in my opinion, kids still drink, and the taboo of drinking perpetuated by the law only adds to America's problem of binge drinking. America has a horrendous cultural problem when it comes to binge drinking, other countries like Italy which have no drinking age have far less of an alcohol problem than America, and I think this is because the "forbidden fruit" syndrome takes hold in America because of what the law forbids, and it makes people, young people especially to want to break the law and binge drink rather than drink in moderation which is what would be going on if alcohol wasn't given this distinction as a notorious substance; if we just had a culture that didn't celebrate drunkenness and carousing then we'd see America's alcohol problem greatly diminished.

  6. Yes, premarital sex is sinful. This is the case because it naturally flows from God's plan for marriage and the family. Secular society has done its best to distort what the purpose of sex is. Sex has two core purposes, the procreative and the unitive. Secular society has all but erased the procreative purpose from the public consciousness and instead has sought to replace it with sex as a recreational activity.

    When you see procreation as intimately connected to sex as one of its core purposes, the only context sex should be taking place is between a married couple; it is better for the society and for the partners. We see what harm is done by out of wedlock pregnancies, women are often abandoned and left to raise their children on their own, what's more is that such children will never have the benefit of an unbroken home. Single mothers are among the most noble of people out there for what they do, but life shouldn't have to be like that in cases where the father has abandoned them and their child. It is nature's way, and nature's God's way for children to ideally have two parents present to raise them. This two parent form of mother and father is best accomplished through marriage, and premarital sex undermines this plan for social cohesion by distorting God's plan for human sexuality and the family.

    Now I can foresee certain objections and certains reasons people may cite for saying that premarital sex is not wrong; they might say that sex is an extremely important part of married life and that two partners ought to see if they are sexually compatible before they get married.

    To this I would respond that married life holds in store a plethora of unknowns for both of the partners; but this doesn't mean you should engage in aspects of married life to test your prospective partner out to see if they're up to your standards. No couple who is dating has any idea what it is like to be parents, and yet they wouldn't use the same reasoning for sex as they do for child rearing; they wouldn't dare say that they ought to adopt a baby to see if they would be good parents or if their parenting styles are compatible. Ideally they wouldn't being living together for years to see if they have the compatibility to live together for their marriage, when this attitude is taken to it's extreme, it essentially wants the married experience without the vows. People may want to have sex before they're married, live together before they're married, have children before they are married, at the end of the day they are doing their best to turn marriage misconstrue marriage as a formality. I say that we should leave what belongs in marriage within marriage even if you have to take a leap of faith and trust in your partner and believe that you two will be just fine in all aspects of your married life without having shared experiences such as sex, living together, and child rearing prior to the actual marriage.

    Secondly, consider the private nature of sex, it is something that should only be known to the two partners and no one else; no third party should be involved. Ideally none of us would be having sex with anyone other than our spouse, for someone to have wrongly shared such an intimate experience with someone other than their spouse is a distortion of God's plan for the family and human sexuality. It would be real unfortunate for two people seeking to get married (where one of the partners or both had already had sex with others) to be in a situation where they are unable to keep that intimate experience exclusive to them and their spouse because it is something that had been shared with one or more others prior to marriage.

    Now going back to what I started on about; does anyone really think society, that is the human community, is better off when premarital sex is accepted? I don't see how it is, a society that doesn't accept premarital sex isn't repressive, it is properly expressive in my view at least in that regard. It is better socially for people to not have had children with multiple partners to whom they have made no commitment, it is better socially for people to not share that intimate sexual experience to people to whom they have made no commitment, and the commitment I'm talking about here is more than just wanting to be boyfriend and girlfriend. If people merely reserved their sexuality for their spouse, a myriad of problems would be solved. We would see sexually transmitted diseases become less and less frequent, one of the reasons they are spreading is because people keep having sex with multiple partners and they eventually have the misfortune of contracting a disease from one of them.

  7. From the awards I received, I wish to be relieved

    I resent the fact, that these accolades lacked tact

    And if it were up to me, of these awards I'd be free

    For though some may see me lazy, I certainly am not crazy

    And no awkward joke ever comes from this bloke

    Neither am I random, for my thoughts always flow in tandem

  8. My New Years Resolution is to escape from this world I've been living in, and to start a new life in a new home. I will retain very little and seek even less; giving to all who need and needing to give to all. Today is the day, it is time for us all to decide who we are, are we just one grain of sand on the beach, or are we the pearl in the bag of marbles? You only live once, and your life could end at any moment, so make every moment a high note and your life will end on such a note; God willing you will have lived without regret and without wondering what could have been. Am I content to waste away my hours, my days, my years doing the inane? By no means!

    I reject this world and all its empty promises, and yet for far too long I have been living in its shadow, but now it is time to escape and find that liberation that can only be found by walking completely into the Light! I'm 21 years old and i have discovered things it takes a lifetime of experience to learn, not something to my credit, but perhaps rather lamentable that I have grown old without ever having been young, but such is life! Some people are young and never grow old, others grow old without being young, and others are deprived of growth all together. It takes a special strength to consider your place in life, where life has taken you, and in spite of how disagreeable it is, it takes a unique strength to accept it and move ahead. Was I born just to be ordinary? I doubt it; truly none of us were, so let's stop acting like it just because it may be convenient and agreeable with the prevailing notions of our society. None of us exist to waste ourselves on pointless pursuits; the body is for more than clothes, the brain is for more than entertainment, the heart is for more than romance, and the will is about more than doing what you want to do, it is about doing what you are called to do.

    It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff in our own lives, I have begun this work insofar as I can, and in short my new year's resolution is to continue down this path full speed ahead until its completion, may God be with me in this. Amen!

  9. Les Misérables!

    Twas fantastic, Daniel Huttlestone was so cute as Gavroche; Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne, and Anne Hathaway were exceptional. Russell Crowe wasn't as bad as people say as Javert, I thought he really captured the heart of stone, face of flint nature of the character although his inability to hit high notes was highly noteworthy. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter brought some good laughs to what is otherwise a very serious story, I had to restrain tears of sadness and joy, especially at the end. The ending touched my heart.

  10. Our Christmas tradition is to go to Christmas Mass on Christmas eve in the evening then head over to my Grandparents house where we have an enormous party where around 50 people show up, it's great fun. There is so much food, most of which I do not eat, my grandmother keeps with the Italian Catholic tradition of the 7 different type of fish Christmas eve meal (I don't eat fish 'cept shrimp n' lobster), but there is a lot of other food to speak of. Needless to say no one goes home hungry or empty handed as far as left overs are concerned.

    I spent last night fending off attacks from my little cousins, instructing them on the differences in generations when it comes to gift giving, they demand ipods at age 7 while I was content with action figures and vhs tapes at the same age, what is the world coming to!? We also exchange gifts with each other among my first cousins anyways, and we of course have an ensemble of Christmas tunes playing along with A Christmas Story playing on one of the TVs.

  11. To think I'd type about the program called skype

    it sure is good for talking yet aint much good for stalking

    Leave that to the facebook, that's the path the creepers took

    I'd give out my name if everyone seemed tame

    yet for me to trust you all, would require my guard to fall

    Yet I will give out my name to the individual, so I don't leave evidence classified as residual.

  12. Writing something silly, doesn't happen willy-nilly

    But if I were to make this a venture and escape a censure

    I'd be compelled to write, but not out of spite

    And it's drama I prefer, while at comedies I defer

    For the one who laughs last, finds his laugh in the past