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  1. Look past the actor, and consider another factor!

    The avatar presents, a character you're bound to resent

    So I appeal to your sensibility if you have such ability!

  2. There was a time when I made my posts rhyme

    And to this effect I expect readers to detect

    That for entertainment's sake, rhyming posts I will make!

  3. I was going to ask you what part of Westchester you moved to before CTF started collapsing in extreme lag! But as it is, on your profile page, I couldn't help seeing the comments below me, and I am both dismayed and offended that many of the users who commented are oblivious to the identity and context of the individual in your profile picture...now, if you'll excuse me, I have to return some video tapes.

  4. L is a character from the anime "Deathnote"

  5. why thank you sir!

  6. Second biggest change? Catalyst? If I should be flattered, I am indeed! I've returned btw

  7. Your wish has been granted

  8. You know what's funny, I saw your comment last night, and as I was thinking about that picture I look at my tv, and THAT SAME ACTRESS WAS ON MY TV SCREEN! it was the Sabrina the teenage witch tv show lol. But my commitment to sparkle motion cannot be doubted, im their biggest patron.

  9. Oh fine, I changed it just for u xD I suppose ur right anyway that off purple color did not fit the green, i dont know what i was thinking. but I must say, your floor boards look rather rosy, fitting with the redness of your profile, whether it was a conscious decision or not; well done.

  10. CAT <3 you are too kind! but I must say your pic is far better, and features an incomparably prettier individual =p

    Happy Easter btw!

  11. Yesh I do, and I lurve it

  12. Radical Edward, our short conversation the other day about Sansa Stark inspired me to watch the entire Game of Thrones series which I did. I am enthralled with the show, and my feelings regarding sansa seemed to be akin to yours, I couldn't stand her at first for her treachery regarding her sister and geoffrey, but I have come to sympathize with her. Fantastic show and I can't wait for next season!

  13. welcome to ctf i love your avatar!

  14. my comment was too long so i sent you a pm xD. But I'd just say, I don't believe Paul's social policy is social darwinist at all; I think that is all too often a caricature of advocates for limited, decentralizated government. I think he sees society as more than just government, and it is in the society as a whole and not just the government where collective responsibility needs to take place.

  15. Not only does he have a heart, but he has a brain as well! I think wanting to end american imperialism, refocus on the constitution as the rule of law, and restore our individual liberties are just a few of the splendid ideas Dr. Paul brings to the table not to mention he is perhaps one of the few members of congress who is intellectually honest enough to take his oath of office and live up to it. ;)

  16. Ron Paul has won the Equestria caucusseseses! can't you tell? :P

  17. well we spoke today!!! unfortunately mudding mudded the conversation beyond all attempt to unmud that which was mudded...muddegorically speaking.

  18. May the elmo woman graze in 70s themed dance parties for all time! Did you notice that you and I are not friends on here? beaver dam shame it is.

  19. you have an interesting username, welcome to CTF!

  20. Are you referring to my old chimp avy? or my current Karl Pilkington as an orange avy? lol