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  1. Oh my goodness Tiff! don't tell me my evil twin Lawliet came to you pretending he was me! =P

    anyways its me, Matt, your distant relation, my password has been recovered and all systems are a go!

    ps: I do not look like johnny depp! My hair is not nearly as long anymore! XD altho im quite flattered. xP

  2. im sorry, thats just not accurate! johnny depp is a stretch, and i dont even know what a jaw line is. You are safer going with josh hartnett but even then id be flattering myself XP, soo whas going on in the life of tiff?

  3. first things first tiff, matt contains two T's!!! not one! XD Depp is indeed a good actor but i think Daniel day lewis is the best!

    well you seem to be studying an awful lot lol, im just sittin here watching baseball in need of something to do lol so that is why i am pestering you and others =P

  4. you are in need of a comment, so i take pleasure in being your first commenter!

  5. oh hey, were officially friends on the new ctf! and im ur first visiting messenger. =D

  6. Indeed I did. I havent talked to you in forever! whats going on madame prep? xP

  7. Hi danielle I figured you needed a visitor message so im leaving you one! lol

  8. welcome to CTF jack!

  9. welcome to CTF!!!

  10. Thank you rachita, but i must admit i am past blue steel and am on my way to.....magnum XD

  11. what a sweet and unexpected message from tiff lol

    ill surely remember that saying, considering my methods of response would be somewhat...weird XD thus continuing the downward spiral of my weirdity :P

    and remember my way of thinking! when you see a fork in the road, bring into question the motivation certain individuals apparently had for attending some sort of ill conceived meal arrangement in the midst of a public way of transportation! xD

  12. aly aly aly, of course im alive! ive been working so i never come on like before 5pm, but work is over now and i have 3 weeks to lounge, decompress, decompose, you name it. but i havent seen you around at all lol come on more often


  13. Well look at who's no longer a teenager!

    HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!!

    You didn't think I'd forget your birthday now did ya? ;D

  14. Miss spaulding, when you say you like old movies, are we talking Nosferatu old? or Casablanca old? or perhaps even farther back o_o lol.

  15. Thank you Jordan, much appreciated!

  16. I am glad to have your endorsement :P

  17. welcome to CTF dude!

  18. welcome to CTf Amy jo!!!

  19. you survived another revolution of the earth around the sun; this makes 18. I commend you for your survival skills. (happy birthday in layman's terms )

  20. welcome to CTF paigey! im matt


  22. Thank you for the nice message Mrs. P I just got back from confession, and it went very well =]. and thanks for the birthday wishes!