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  1. I see a spectrum of color o_o

  2. fraid not, however cute he may be he does not count as a pet! I must say tho, I adore that green comment font you used.

  3. oh look, kellie left me a nice well mannered comment! Well, up north things could be better, but I am marching onward and upward, metaphorically speaking. I trust things down south are doing well? but you know, asking questions like that seem so.. typical, so instead I'll ask you: Do you have any pets? and if so are they healthy?

  4. youtube.com/mattyandthejets

  5. ur welcome! but please, that was most certainly not southern hospitality! I'm more apt to call it Northern non-aggression, we're working on becoming nicer :D

  6. Considering our CTF friendship treaty has been ratified, I figure I should give you an official welcome to CTF visitor message! XD

  7. Indeed, I saw the prologue today in imax, it was dazzling.

  8. My name is Daryl Dixon, you handcuffed my brother to a pipe on a roof prepare to die.

  9. Oh thank you Mrs. P, I really appreciate it!

  10. I bet Dr. Jenner whispered to Grimes that his wife is PREGNANT. just a theory i read on the internets....o_o

  11. Yes it is, TBH I thought it was just one of those stupid sex sitcoms (using the bang in "big bang theory" as sexual innuendo, didn't know it was about nerds and science) but after leaving it on TBS after seinfeld I realized how awesomely hilarious it was, perhaps because I'm nerdy enough to understand the humor and sic fi/comic book debates XD.

  12. I love your avatar, I just discovered that program last night and i LOVE IT! xD

  13. welcome to CTF thatradginga! I'm matt

  14. hi, you're cool. added to my friends list lol.

  15. hey! look who's back on CTF!

  16. how could I forget you Ana! xD well thats a coincidence because I just got a new laptop as well (macbook pro =D) ive been living a hectic life lately I just moved out of my house and sleeping on my grandmothers house until we move in a few weeks. And yes we should definitely skype, I hope i still have you on my skype if not ill re add you.

  17. ANA! ITS BEEN TOO LONG! how are you? and I'm glad you remembered me lol

  18. Yes I vaguely remember you as well for your greek word username :P well welcome back to CTF then!

  19. Welcome to CTF Azura!

  20. Hi kerygma! im matt, you friend added me so i figured i should say hi =]

  21. hey a fellow NYer and fellow Catholic xD welcome to CTf abbeyroad, Im matt!